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  1. The Newsletter Addon for WHMCS is designed to automate the monthly e-mail notification users receive regarding recent news, upcoming scheduled outages, and promotions that are active. The system has a Text Input block to allow content specifically generated by the Admin as well as a checkbox configuration for additional inclusions (such as the last 3 announcements, outages that are coming up, etc.). Cost is $4.99/quarterly Currently, the Announcements option includes the last 3 announcements from the previous month, any promotions running through the current month that are not set as 'Hidden' in the promotion description, any Scheduled Maintenance (including which server it is on), and optionally ResellerClub-Mods Domain Promotions. Schedule is set for a specific day (configurable as Sunday-Saturday) before the 8th day of the month. More information, or to sign up, visit https://www.virt-host.com/Software-Addons-Newsletter-For-Whmcs.html
  2. Status Update: IRC Provisioning System 0.9 beta has been released. This is anticipated as our final 'beta' release. Our changes in this release targeted Security Improvements and ease-of-administration. See the Change Log below for more details. Changes IRC Provisioning ServerClient 0.9 [-]  Improved Security to prevent SQL Injection. [-]  Removed reference to outdated configuration settings. IRC Provisioning Addon 0.9 [-]  Fixed a problem with the License Management System. [-]  Added the ServerClient Configuration link under Server Summary to make creation of the configuration.php file easier. IRC Provisioning Module 0.9 [-]  Fixed a problem with the License Management System. [-]  Improved Security to prevent SQL Injection. Visit https://www.virt-host.com/Software-IRCProvisioning-For-Whmcs.html for more information.
  3. We're up to 0.7 Beta of the IRC Provisioning System. The System, which was renamed because it now includes an Addon Module, Provisioning Module, and ServerClient (which runs from the individual server the accounts generate on) has made quiet a bit of progress. 0.7 Beta brings the Addon Module Reporting Systems, which are still in development, but have added the following functionality: Changelog Product Summary - Lists the Products you have configured for the IRC Provisioning Module, as well as a count of active accounts for each service. Server Summary - Lists the Servers you have configured for the IRC Provisioning Module along with a count of active services and max services (as configured in the Server Setup), and the Data Center (if configured) 0.7 Beta also brings some changes to the ServerClient system, which operates on the individual servers themselves. The most recent change corrects an issue with File Attributes. This change is key to protect some of the files created by the ServerClient during Client Creation (specifically, two files are created in the users' home directory for the ServerClient to update details with, and for the User to know their IP Address (if dedicated)). 0.7 Beta had minor changes to the Provisioning Module itself, removing a few items from the User' Details page that are not yet ready for live/production use. More changes are coming soon. Anyone interested in using the IRC Provisioning System can find it at https://www.virt-host.com/Software-IRCProvisioning-For-Whmcs.html
  4. Progress Update We're now in the early stages of Beta Testing. Version 0.2 beta has been released to testers for review and to identify bugs. We're still accepting additional Beta Testers, if anyone else is interested in joining the Beta Test team. For more information on where the Package is, or to join our Beta Test team, visit http://www.virt-host.com/Software.html
  5. Progress Update (if anyone is interested)... The Provisioning Module for WHMCS is at 85% complete. The Server-Side Client is at 80%. So far, the following are fully functional: 1. WHMCS Module: Activate, Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate, Change Password, Change Package 2. Server-Side Client: Activate, Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate, Change Password There's still more to be done, but for now progress can be seen on http://www.virt-host.com/Software_Modules_IRCProvisioning_For_Whmcs.html
  6. Status Update: The past two weeks have flown by with a lot of progress on the Provisioning Module, the Addon Module (administrative/information at the present time, though likely to be released in the future), and the Server Backend. The overall system is coming together quiet nice. As of right now, all functions on the Provisioning Module (through WHMCS) are doing what they should. I've got a bit of 'testing' to do on ways to potentially break the system, but so far it is looking good. The 'Addon' module is my administrative information section, allowing me to make sure things are working as they should. In the future, the Addon will be released to allow administrators to quickly pull up details on the various users (by server, by type, etc.). I'll be working the details out on it in the coming weeks, after the initial release of the Provisioning Module. Beta Testers: I am currently anticipating the module being ready for 'testing' in about a week to ten days (barring any problems on my side). I'm working out bugs directly on a test machine now, making sure things are working as they are designed. Once that phase is done, I'll be ready to start beta testing. When I get to that step, I'll post a link/e-mail address here for potential testers to reach out to me for the system. Testers will, at the completion of the testing, receive an ongoing discount for the Module if they decide to keep it. I appreciate any feedback anyone has about the current images (posted above), what they'd like to see, or what they think is a waste. Thank you, -John
  7. I've been working on a new IRC Provisioning Module that can create IRC and IRCd Shells on a server. It has the ability to create accounts/shells with variables including the Total number of Shell Processes to allow, the Storage limit to impose, the Connections allowed from the shell (incoming and outgoing), and more. Bouncer support is also included in the form of ZNC settings which will automatically create support tickets for each of the module calls for that type of account. The module runs in two parts: The Billing Side Module - This portion of the system utilizes the 'Server' module configuration to allow the easy configuration of products for specific limitations. It can then feed information from those settings back to you (including current usage) so that you can visibly see where things are. The UsageUpdates are designed to run once a day, but can be configured to run more frequently via settings on the Server Side system. Photos attached below of progress thus far. Options/Configuration Account Type: ZNC, IRC, IRCd Process Limit Storage Limit Network Limit (ZNC) Connection Limit (IRCd) Support Department -- Used for auto generated tickets, currently only used in the ZNC configurations. Photos of the configuration page listed below. [*]The Server Side System - This portion of the system is designed to connect to the Billing System's database to obtain requests and update records. Configuration on this aspect will allow you to use either the Primary SQL Database login, or a secondary (custom) login with limited permissions. This system will check for Usage Updates, as well as Create, Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate, Change Passwords, and Install software packages. This system relies on both bash and php capabilities on the server it is installed on. Images/Screenshots (so far) ZNC Configuration Settings for setting up a ZNC product. IRC Configuration Settings for setting up an IRC Shell product. ZNC Product Account Details as visible from the Client side of the portal. IRC Shell Product Account Details as visible from the Client side of the portal. Note: Changed passwords through the Shell itself will NOT change the values listed on the billing system. However, passwords changed through the Client Side of the portal will change on the shell itself. ZNC Product Administration displays the details for the account (specifically, for ZNC's, the number of connections. Since our Username and Server details are visible already, displaying them again here didn't make sense to me. This displays the configuration details as set up in the Configure Product images above. IRC Shell Product Administration displays the details for the account. Again, since the Username and Server details are listed below, the only things we really need to list are the limits set up through the Configure Product page (that apply to this type of account). Pricing to be determined. More than likely a Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual structure with a base license and sub-licenses for the servers. Still working that part out.
  8. I had about a 10 minute delay today before one of my cleared. I've got another client with special characters in his name in PayPal (My WHMCS has it without the special characters) that fails every time. Don't think that's related though.
  9. Radsy!, I'm not sure if you've had any resolution to this issue yet, but I've found the source of the problem I was encountering. It's related to the domain associated with my Admin Account. It has a - (as my username does) in the domain, which seems to be causing problems. I tested with an external address (gmail, to be specific) and found there to be no issue with the formatting of the message. I believe this is related to the WHMCS send mail function, and I've reported it as such. If you're having the same problem I was (with random ='s showing up everywhere), I'd suggest you test with another e-mail address to verify that the problem you're having is the same as mine. Hope that helps. -John
  10. Agreed. Perhaps they should have left that as a configurable option so that we decide what we see... I'd like to see them bring back the specific dates associated with Domain Renewals on the Domain Sync as well...
  11. Bubka3, Great idea. I should have thought about that myself. I've sent him a PM. -John
  12. Support Desk staff, if you roam the forum, can you please take a look at PAI-908528... It's been 6 days. You've replied once.
  13. I hate to be the one to bring bad news, but this hasn't resolved the e-mail formatting issues I've reported. And, it's now been 5 days with my Support Ticket in place with ONE reply and no action...
  14. I'm hoping this is just something I missed, but since updating three days ago, all of the e-mails I receive related to my install have serious formatting issues. I've got ='s in places, -'s in places, #'s in places, and it just doesn't make sense. Showing up on my Helpdesk notifications, my Daily Cron sync, and my Domain Sync, that I've noticed so far. I haven't checked any invoices yet. Support ticket was opened yesterday, but no response yet. Anyone else having this issue? Edit: Upgrade from 5.1.4 (second version) to 5.2.2. -John
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