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  1. Anders

    Changing the client area logo

    is not cached i also followed url to see if the image was there and it was. hook do you have one ready :)
  2. Anders

    Changing the client area logo

    Hello, for some reason i cant change logo any ideas what wrong i am using this code: {if $assetLogoPath} <a href="{$WEB_ROOT}/index.php" class="logo"><img src="{$WEB_ROOT}/templates/mytheme1/img/logo.png" alt="{$companyname}"></a> {else} <a href="{$WEB_ROOT}/clientarea.php" class="logo logo-text">User Area</a> {/if}
  3. Anders

    is any more shortcodes?

    Hi, any ideas how can test if this mail will work on existing trial account? regards A
  4. Just want to check if this is how should work, i order a product "A": for £10/month and i activate it before payment gone thru manually on whmcs. i now upgrade product product "B": for £20/month i activate manually in whmcs. what happens is the invoice still stay the same £10 but on invoice the product has change to number "B" but with the product "A" price £10 also when i do the upgrade in whmcs the amppont is 0.00 Kr Very confusing i hope you understand my explanation. and the upgrades were made on the same day the order was made. Steps to Reproduce create a new hosting account activate manually before payment goes thru now upgrade the hosting account it will not add any extra cost on upgrade invoice will show first price but the hosting plan will change but not the new price.
  5. brian sorry, it was a difference in features, client area template settings in module of cpanle extended. is all good now :)
  6. Hello Brian, i am using your amazing hook see below but for some reason it does not add my text button on ID 4 it add it on all the others as you also can see i use ID 4 a copy from my whmcs (https://mysite.com/whmcs/cart.php?a=add&pid=4) any ideas is so weird <?php add_hook('ClientAreaProductDetailsOutput', 1, function($service) { $serviceID = $service['service']->Id; $productID = $service['service']->packageId; $groupID = $service['service']->product->productGroupId; if (in_array($productID, array('2','3','4'))) { $output .= '<div class="alert" role="alert"><div class="row"><div class="col-sm-1"></div> <div class="text-center"><a type="button" href="index.php?m=stiew12" style="padding: 5px 40px; color:#fff;" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" target="_blank"><i class="fa fa-pencil" aria-hidden="true"></i> site</a></div></div></div>'; } if ($output) { return $output; } });
  7. thank you sir worked fine :)
  8. good morning :) how and where can i make the url to link to the product /clientarea.php?action=productdetails&id please see screenshot
  9. thx brian :) cpanel is showing so i thought why not whmcs
  10. Hello, in product/services email template and available merge fields is a shortcode {$client_password} is not showing the password in the email is showing: ******* but it showing hosting cpanel password {$service_password} in the mail, how can i show client password in the mail?
  11. Anders

    is any more shortcodes?

    You are the best :) i will try.
  12. Anders

    is any more shortcodes?

    Good morning Sir Brian :) that is what i am struggling with to create a professional trial upgrade email. So user will have a 30 day trail and i will use the Email Marketer you showed me in a previous message, so i was thinking that it will send to trial customers 7days before the end. and in the mail could be there account and how they can upgrade and a short code to the upgrade page or something. i don't know if this is the right way to go+ warm regards A
  13. Anders

    is any more shortcodes?

    yes for email and website if exist, for email i wonder if is any more then the once show in bottom of the emails. i am struggling with creating email for the trial customers i am blank in the head 😶
  14. Hi guys, i am trying to find all the TLD logos these once showing on this page https://docs.whmcs.com/Domain_Pricing_Matrix were can find them all? regards A
  15. Hi Brian, if you have time could you show i can change the price for all the products in the "ClientAreaPageCart hook to manipulate the pricing array" warm regards A

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