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  1. hi, i have no idea i have the 7.7.1 whmcs version. i want to show news announcement on my home page is ti possible? warm regards K
  2. Hi guys, i like to show news announcmets on my front page index.html any ides how to do it with new whmcs version please? warm regards K
  3. thx brian, just got support on it now lets see if what happens :)
  4. Hello Pawel, Do you have any easter sales :) Warm regards Birken
  5. yes i did restore to old database so is so weird that has update history
  6. hi guys, having some issues upgrade i have tried twice first time it went all the way successfully installed please see screenshot. when i click go to admin area i get this page message: Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. i deleted the new installation revert my backup and tried again now i get this message: Upgrade Failed A problem was encountered while attempting to apply the database schema updates. The error message returned by the update process was as follows: Unable to complete incremental updates: Unable to import the 6.0.0 Alpha1 database file. Unable to import /home/wsdegw/public_html/whmcs/resources/sql/upgrade600alpha1.sql: SQLSTATE[42S01]: Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table 'tblupdatehistory' already exists i removed "tblupdatehistory" but another table already exist comes up. any ideas guys whats going on? i have contacted support but takes awhile to get an answer. warm regards Anders
  7. Anders

    currency in lang code

    your quick hack :)
  8. Anders

    currency in lang code

    super thx Brian it works amazing :)
  9. Anders

    currency in lang code

    when they choose a lang it change the currency english will be pounds and german euro and so on...
  10. hi guys, i found that i could put a currency in lang code like this below, but were do i add the code? Selecting Currency ID 2 and the Spanish language http://demo.whmcs.com/cart.php?currency=2&language=Spanish
  11. Anders

    billingcycle as radiobutton?

    fantastic Brian it worked fine :)
  12. Anders

    billingcycle as radiobutton?

    hi guys, successfully change the code to radio buttons :) i used this code from modern cart them {if $pricing.monthly} <tr> <td class="radiofield"> <input type="radio" name="billingcycle" id="cycle1" value="monthly"{if $billingcycle eq "monthly"} checked{/if} onclick="{if $configurableoptions}updateConfigurableOptions({$i}, this.value){else}recalctotals(){/if}" /> </td> <td class="fieldarea"> <label for="cycle1" class="radio-inline">{$pricing.monthly}</label> </td> </tr> {/if} {if $pricing.quarterly} <tr> <td class="radiofield"> <input type="radio" name="billingcycle" id="cycle2" value="quarterly"{if $billingcycle eq "quarterly"} checked{/if} onclick="{if $configurableoptions}updateConfigurableOptions({$i}, this.value){else}recalctotals(){/if}" /> </td> <td class="fieldarea"> <label for="cycle2" class="radio-inline">{$pricing.quarterly}</label> </td> </tr> {/if} {if $pricing.semiannually} <tr> <td class="radiofield"> <input type="radio" name="billingcycle" id="cycle3" value="semiannually"{if $billingcycle eq "semiannually"} checked{/if} onclick="{if $configurableoptions}updateConfigurableOptions({$i}, this.value){else}recalctotals(){/if}" /> </td> <td class="fieldarea"> <label for="cycle3" class="radio-inline">{$pricing.semiannually}</label> </td> </tr> {/if} {if $pricing.annually} <tr> <td class="radiofield"> <input type="radio" name="billingcycle" id="cycle4" value="annually"{if $billingcycle eq "annually"} checked{/if} onclick="{if $configurableoptions}updateConfigurableOptions({$i}, this.value){else}recalctotals(){/if}" /> </td> <td class="fieldarea"> <label for="cycle4" class="radio-inline">{$pricing.annually}</label> </td> </tr> {/if} {if $pricing.biennially} <tr> <td class="radiofield"> <input type="radio" name="billingcycle" id="cycle5" value="biennially"{if $billingcycle eq "biennially"} checked{/if} onclick="{if $configurableoptions}updateConfigurableOptions({$i}, this.value){else}recalctotals(){/if}" /> </td> <td class="fieldarea"> <label for="cycle5" class="radio-inline">{$pricing.biennially}</label> </td> </tr> {/if} {if $pricing.triennially} <tr> <td class="radiofield"> <input type="radio" name="billingcycle" id="cycle6" value="triennially"{if $billingcycle eq "triennially"} checked{/if} onclick="{if $configurableoptions}updateConfigurableOptions({$i}, this.value){else}recalctotals(){/if}" /> </td> <td class="fieldarea"> <label for="cycle6" class="radio-inline">{$pricing.triennially}</label> </td> </tr> {/if} and just replaced it with the code in standard_cart, please see attached image but the price dont change when clicking a radio button? the price though change when i continue to next page. does any one have any idea how to make the price change when clicking on radio button? warm regards Birken
  13. Anders

    billingcycle as radiobutton?

    hello, thx steven for your time :) yes is the shopping cart billingcycle i want to make radio buttons for in the SIX theme. i am not a coder just copy and paste any instructions for idiots? i cant find configureproduct.tpl in six theme? Warm regards B
  14. Hi guys, just wonder if somebody know how to make the dropmeny billingcycle to radio buttons for Six theme? warm regards B
  15. Hi guys, when somebody order a .se domain they need to add there personal Identification Number what is fine but where does is the informtaion acctully end up? is it possibel for that input filed to follow all the way to the checkout where the customers add "personal details and billing information to checkout"? also same for the VAT input filed. warm regards Birken

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