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  1. thx again for your super good answers 🙂
  2. Hi guys, i wonder if is possible to use whmcs for invoicing and create recurring billing items only? and how much can be disable and hidden on whmcs clientarea page to not show anything about hosting an domains? Warm regards A
  3. Hi, i want a product that has nothing to do with hosting but it will send invoices remindes and so on... how can i create a recurring non hosting product that has it own order confirmation mail and its own invoice mails and welcome mail. Warm regards Anders
  4. Hi guys, i have created a product (that is not a hosting) with its own welcome mail and this product will have it own custom invoices. 1. custom invoices created, 2. custom first reminder etc.. but how do i add the custom invoices to a specific product? i manage to add the custom Welcome Email to the product as that was just to select in dropmenu at Edit Product details. Warm regards Anders
  5. Hello everybody 🙂 i want to export a client to a another whmcs and also clients website to another server. any ideas guys how to? Warm regards Anders
  6. Hi guys, customers get a mail like this see below, it says it expire in next 31 days and also say 1Days. any ideas why and what is a normal setting for domain notfication? The domain(s) listed below are due to expire within the next 31 days. domain.com - 10th Aug 2020 (1 Days) To ensure the domain does not expire, you should renew it now. You can do this from the domains management section of our client area here:
  7. Hello Kian thx for the info, could you please give some info what third party modules and an example of hook how to achieve it? Regards A
  8. hi guys, anyone out here know anything about how it could be done? warm regards B
  9. Hi guys, i have an annual product for ex. $100 but i wish the customer to pay 50% first and then he will pay the rest after when job finished. this is a recurring product not just an invoice, is this possible somehow? warm regards B
  10. i want to send an email that say the trial finish 5 days
  11. hello, i am using the email marketer thing for trial 30 days. just wonder what settings should be? i have added these setting please see screenshot. is that ok?
  12. thx brian, i think i just going to redirect main domain to the /whmcs/ folder, any recommendations how to redirect main-domain properly?
  13. Hi guys, i am installing new theme so i want my new whmcs theme to be on frontpage in public_html folder now my whmcs is in /public_html/whmc/ any ideas how can i do this on a live whmcs environment? Reagrds A
  14. yeaa you are the best is working fine i am using single product code.
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