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  1. Hi guys, Working on a template, fully customized, does anyone have the hook to display the service list, organized per subcategories, eg: shared hosting, reseller hosting, that'll be available in all WHMCS pages? Would need this as the sidebar would look fantastic with the service list there, for an easier management, and better UI experience. Maybe @brian! ? Or someone else amazing?
  2. Brian, Heard you're an expert! It's all solved - thank you. I had a string for gravatar support, and unfortunately that messed up header.tpl, it wasn't being read as the string wasn't defined as the script wasn't load. My bad. I did check the logs, but forgot to check activity logs, like, the most basic logs... RE: image, yeah, I deleted it, as support helped me checking the logs - what a newbie! :-) Cheers!
  3. Hi guys, So I've been developing a template, started from six, from the new template with the 7.7 changes, all good, until I upgraded WHMCS to v7.7. Now, WHMCS isn't loading header.tpl at all. What file references this? I assume it's an encrypted file that's referrencing this. As you can imagine, it broke my template, completely. Image here: https://i.gyazo.com/6abc7dd7ef72463219e66d0cc4c06305.png Only footer.tpl loads. Header.tpl doesn't load so no sidebar, no jquery (scripts.min.js), etc. It was working fine before the upgrade to v7.7, even though I started this template from six, with the recent changes to v7.7. I've opened a support ticket, I doubt I can get much help from there, I can't provide remote access as well as we're under GDPR in EU. It's a tough situation. Not detecting header.tpl. Even tried to set the title there manually to see if it'd load it at least, no dice. Any idea guys?

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