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    Basically, we're all being forced onto plans that are an order of magnitude more expensive with zero days notice. It's flat out fraud. We paid for a lifetime owned licence and have been paying our annual support fees for a decade, and these greedy bastards have decided that the middle of a pandemic is the perfect time to screw us all over.
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    You're allowing us to spread our $120 a year update payment over 12 easy monthly payments of $849.95? That's really good of you, thanks guys!!!
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    and the related kb article... explains why transferring owned licenses was stopped months ago.... i've still got an owned license, but I haven't used it in years - I haven't paid a penny direct to WHMCS in six years, and knowing the disgrace of what's been going on in the Support department for the last few years, that's not going to change... not removed... consolidated into one thread, but some posts will remarkably fall through the gaps and never be seen again.... I imagine the threads on WHT will be the easiest location to say whatever needs to be said. so true - the more money WHMCS users have to spend on the core product, the less they can spend on addons, customisations etc.... I can see a lot of developers moving on due to this ridiculous change.... and a lot of users switching to nulled options... *sighs* I will need to have a think over the Summer about whether it's worth carrying on supporting this nonsense - these forums have been dying over the last few years due to the neglect / incompetence of those in charge... the product is going nowhere... sadly, neither situation is going to improve any time soon.
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    in v8, the summary stats were removed from the admin display - e.g Pending Orders, Overdue Invoices and Tickets Awaiting Reply - the simple hook below adds them back to the output in a similar location (top of the page)... <?php # Stats Info Bar for v8 Blend # Written by brian! use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; use WHMCS\Billing\Invoice; function admin_v8_infobar_hook($vars) { $pendingstatuslist = Capsule::table('tblorderstatuses')->where('showpending','1')->pluck('title'); $pendingorders = Capsule::table('tblorders')->whereIn('status',$pendingstatuslist)->count(); $overdueinvoices = Invoice::overdue()->count(); $awaitingreplylist = Capsule::table('tblticketstatuses')->where('showawaiting','1')->pluck('title'); $ticketsawaiting = Capsule::table('tbltickets')->whereIn('status',$awaitingreplylist)->count(); $headerreturn = '<div style="margin: 0; padding: 5px; background-color: #1a4d80; display: block; width: 100%; max-height: 20px;"> <div style="text-align: center; color: #fff; font-size: .8em; margin: 0;"> <a href="orders.php?status=Pending" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$pendingorders.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.pendingorders').'</a> | <a href="invoices.php?status=Overdue" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$overdueinvoices.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.overdueinvoices').'</a> | <a href="supporttickets.php" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$ticketsawaiting.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.ticketsawaitingreply').'</a> </div> </div>'; return $headerreturn; } add_hook("AdminAreaHeaderOutput",1,"admin_v8_infobar_hook"); this was originally written for v8.0.0 betas, but the code has now been updated for v8.0.1 (where the $sidebarstats array no longer exists and the values now have to be calculated from database queries).
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    Users of what? I'm thinking crack cocaine.
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    You can't be serious with this statement. WHMCS will run until the PHP version no longer supports it, or some security flaw comes along that you won't offer a patch for, just like the most recent one. As for "spreading the cost out over the year"? Disingenuous at best. Bring consistency for users? You've got to be kidding. This is a money grab, and a way to finally do away with the folks that thought purchase of an owned license would get them actual consistency. Little did we know that the final objective would be to get all users paying far more, "consistently", for you. Disheartening, and I'm sure it's all falling on deaf ears, since any pricing changes here will likely be upwards, and not in favor of any "grandfathered" licenses. We're being "grandfathered" in the Eskimo sense...stuck on an ice floe to drift until it melts.
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    <?php # Stats Info Bar for v8 Blend # Written by brian! use Carbon\Carbon; use WHMCS\Billing\Invoice; use WHMCS\Clients; use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; use WHMCS\User\Client; function admin_v8_infobar_hook($vars) { if ($vars['template'] == "blend") { $show_active_clients = true; $show_active_services = true; $show_expired_domains = false; $show_overdue_invoices = true; $show_pending_cancels = false; $show_pending_orders = true; $show_ticket_swaiting = true; $show_todo_items = false; $show_time = true; $headerreturn = '<div style="margin: 0; padding: 5px; background-color: #1a4d80; display: block; width: 100%; max-height: 20px;"> <div style="text-align: center; color: #fff; font-size: .8em; margin: 0;">'; if ($show_pending_orders) { $pendingstatuslist = Capsule::table('tblorderstatuses')->where('showpending','1')->pluck('title'); $pendingorders = Capsule::table('tblorders')->whereIn('status',$pendingstatuslist)->count(); //$pendingorders = Capsule::table('tblorders')->join('tblinvoices','tblorders.invoiceid','=','tblinvoices.id')->where('tblorders.status','Pending')->where('tblinvoices.status','Paid')->count(); $headerreturn .= '<a href="orders.php?status=Pending" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$pendingorders.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.pendingorders').'</a> | '; } if ($show_overdue_invoices) { $overdueinvoices = Invoice::overdue()->count(); $headerreturn .= '<a href="invoices.php?status=Overdue" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$overdueinvoices.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.overdueinvoices').'</a> | '; } if ($show_ticket_swaiting) { $awaitingreplylist = Capsule::table('tblticketstatuses')->where('showawaiting','1')->pluck('title'); $ticketsawaiting = Capsule::table('tbltickets')->whereIn('status',$awaitingreplylist)->where('merged_ticket_id','0')->count(); $headerreturn .= '<a href="supporttickets.php" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$ticketsawaiting.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.ticketsawaitingreply').'</a> | '; } if ($show_todo_items) { $todolistitems = Capsule::table('tbltodolist')->whereNotIn('status',['Completed'])->count(); $headerreturn .= '<a href="todolist.php" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$todolistitems.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.todoitemsdue').'</a> | '; } if ($show_active_clients) { $activeclients = Client::where('status','Active')->count(); $headerreturn .= '<a href="clients.php" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$activeclients.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.activeclients').'</a> | '; } if ($show_active_services) { $activeservices = Capsule::table('tblhosting')->where('domainstatus','Active')->count(); $headerreturn .= '<a href="'.routePath("admin-services-index").'?status=active" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$activeservices.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.activeservices').'</a> | '; } if ($show_pending_cancels) { $pendingcancels = Clients::getNumberOfOpenCancellationRequests(); $headerreturn .= '<a href="cancelrequests.php" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$pendingcancels.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.pendingcancellations').'</a> | '; } if ($show_expired_domains) { $expireddomains = Capsule::table('tbldomains')->where('status','Expired')->count(); $headerreturn .= '<a href="'.routePath("admin-domains-index").'?status=expired" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$expireddomains.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.expireddomains').'</a> | '; } if ($show_time) { $current_time = Carbon::now()->translatedFormat("l, j F Y, H:i"); $headerreturn .= $current_time; } $headerreturn .= '</div> </div>'; return $headerreturn; } } add_hook("AdminAreaHeaderOutput",1,"admin_v8_infobar_hook"); i've slightly changed the hook so that each element can now be disabled/enabled in the settings, e.g if you didn't want to show 'Pending Orders', then you would change... $show_pending_orders = true; to... $show_pending_orders = false;
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    You completely missed my point John. The program has always been marketed as requiring the licenses to be sold bundled with hosting services even to this day your reseller program page confirms this. This is the reason I have ruled out your reseller program for the last 11 years. Theme Metro are bundling the license with templates, not hosting services. So why have they been approved?
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    You must be new here. They don't care about loyal customers but money. Many of us here are loyal to the brand for years and have tried to help others, as well wasted countless hours trying to make WHMCS better. We always got silence. WHMCS will not change because a few customers whine about pricing. Their already huge and are making more profit every year. They don't want lousy customers paying a few bucks a month. I don't think you understand what WHMCS wants as a company. They want to move into a leased SaaS model, one you will have to pay them a share of your profits, for every customer and every thing you sell. Why else do you think they even launched something like the MarketConnect...
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    Chris, Do you consider a price increase of 85x to be reasonable? Also on the new pricing, once you go 1 customer over 10k, your price goes from $249 to $849? Can you just admit what's going on, which is a huge, greedy cash grab. I've never even heard of a price increase of around 8400% before. There is literally no justification for it, you know it, we all know it.
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    the most positive spin you can put on the last 24 hours is that someone at WHMCS handled the announcement process very very badly... i'm struggling to think of a worse example of how to announce something like this. judging by the vast number of emails I received this morning, I think a lot of users have now passed the point of no return and will move on elsewhere - I don't blame them. btw - I suspect the timing of the announcement might be linked to it being the first day of the UK tax year.... either that, or it was a remarkable coincidence. absolutely he knows - either that, or he's a puppet who's not really in charge... can't have it both ways. it's too late now, but he would have been better served spending less time hiding behind blog posts, and more time reading/posting in this place, and not delegating the responsibility to others who don't have the authority to say boo! and can only reel out the copy&paste corporate sentences.
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    So, let me get this straight..... We took a chance years ago to support a budding WHMCS by shelling out for a lifetime license. THEN, we pay our annual support fees for YEARS, NOW, we are being forced to pay monthly? What the hell man, this is how you treat your early adopters and supporters? This is very cPanelish in that loyal customers are just being made to swallow higher prices as a reward for their loyalty.......
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    just a heads up that yesterday evening I figured out a viable method to reset any user's password... it works! 🎉 over the weekend, i'm going to try to turn it into a workable solution for others to use from the admin area.
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    in v7 and earlier, you could right-click on the "Login As Client" link and open it in a new tab - useful if you need to see both admin and client areas at the same time. in v8, "Login As Owner" now uses a form and you can't right-click on it to open a new tab... *sighs* 🙄 so the simple hook below will open that link in a new tab by default... <?php # Login As Owner Open In New Tab Hook # Written by brian! function admin_login_as_owner_hook($vars) { if ($vars['filename'] == 'clientssummary' && isset($_GET["userid"])) { return '<script>$("#frmLoginAsOwner").prop("target","_blank");</script>'; } } add_hook("AdminAreaFooterOutput", 1, "admin_login_as_owner_hook"); you could edit the clientssummary.tpl template too and just add the target link to the form code.
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    that's a panic attack - nothing to be frightened or overly concerned about... I mean it's not ideal if you have them whilst driving, but it's just the body's way of telling you that you're under stress / emotional and potentially bottling it up. if it helps, it happened to me back in early 2010 - never while driving, but when I went shopping or the theatre (bizarrely!) - genuinely the most frightening situation as I thought I was going mad. I went to the doctor about it and the short-term help was beta-blocker medication for anxiety... although I never finished the prescription as I only took them occasionally - I still keep the box nearby to remind me of those times.... I can look back and laugh at it now. ðŸĪŠ the longer-term solution (had to wait 4 months for an appointment) was being referred for counselling - that effectively became bereavement counselling as the situation was ultimately caused by being an executor of a relatives estate, and not spending time dealing with their death emotionally because I was too busy running around like a blue-arsed fly handling the will, legalities, funeral etc... part of those sessions dealt with spotting the signs of the attacks and training myself to deal with them. to be honest, I haven't really had a problem since... and I don't worry about it reoccurring, because I know if I sense it about to happen, then I can deal with it before it ever gets to the stage of real anxiety - certainly work and/or covid (unless I get it!) shouldn't trigger any issues on that anxiety front, and so the only stresses in my life are on issues that I can't control - so why waste my time worrying about them? I read in another thread that your stress is work/covid related - covid is going to be around in one form or another for the rest of the year at least (it might be another 6 months before I get both vaccine jabs), so you're going to have to find ways to deal with it... I mean, when I blacked out in the local shop in 2010, I just embarrassed myself... if something happens to you while you're driving, that's more serious with potential consequences for others. 🚑 you have to remember that if you've now reached the stage of having panic attacks, then it's unlikely to go away by itself - you need to address the root cause or at least release the stress valve a little... maybe that's talking to a doctor, or calling a helpline, friends/family etc... depends what options are available to you where you live. I wish you well. 🙂
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    I'll have to stop you right there, John. The same thing goes for regular clients. In theory, you could just change their details. It's just a hell lot easier to delete everything than to have hundreds of inactive users (all with unique email addresses). ... And so can a client. But - if the client wants their account deleted, we should (and must) delete it. If a user (not a client) actually decides to contact us and asks us to have their account removed, why shouldn't we be able to delete it? Sorry, but I just can't wrap my head around why a 'Delete User' button and/or API function has been made. Reasoning? We're forced to delete data about a client if the client requests it. Not doing so is punishable with huge fines. In 2018, WHMCS made a lot of steps to make it look like they cared about GDPR - and then they basically ruined it with a single update and can't understand why we feel something is wrong. Please, please, please, please (!!!!!) let us know why it has now taken 3 releases (I reported it before GA) and there's still no solution to this. It's really just a matter of deleting the user the same way that a client is deleted. Sorry about my tone in this reply, my it really frustrates me. You can't make a release that is so GDPR focused back in 2018 and then ruin it two years later saying: "You know, you can just manually edit out the personal information for each user" - WE COULD VERY WELL DO THAT WITH CLIENTS AS WELL BEFORE 2018, It's just a lot easier NOT having to do that.
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    No problem. I had a ticket reply earlier where it was noted. The eagerness of WHMCS support to get admin access and file level access concerns me. My client data is not worth risking for the sake of the support troubleshooting to identify a bug/issue.
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    it can be done... 🧙‍♂ïļ the OP has been given the working solution. 🎁
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    Who would prefer a opt in, or opt out option for the "value added" content that seems to be added whenever someone comes along with a golden handshake? With the recent inclusion of yet more 3rd rate party software creeping into the software we license. Is it becoming too annoying? I personally feel like it's becoming like logging into a minefield of spam - Litterally everywhere is a paid addon, within a piece of software I pay monthly for the ability to semi-automate a few tasks. Does anyone else feel it should be opt in, rather than "Gimme more $" at each click? Infact, do any of you guys use them and find it at all beneficial? If so which ones?
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    Such a shame. I remember when a new WHMCS version was exciting, reported bugs were fixed and features where added based on user feedback.
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    You That 100% true Jack all I see add more & more affiliated services
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    You are horribly dense aren't you? You confusion passion with anger.
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    Like a price increase and removal of your lifetime license? 😉
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    @AALayer if you ever want to sell your whmcs.design domain give me a shout! It'd be perfect for an up coming project! Basically an image hosting site, where people can upload their photos of infected genitals. For science. Mostly.
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    Not sure about you, but I did not agree to profit sharing. Someone having 10, 100, 5000, or a million clients does not mean WHMCS loses money because their costs do not go up when mine do. The only potential for costs on their side going up is support and if that is the case then they can simply limit the number of tickets per month or per year. Plenty of businesses that do software limit the number of tickets and I would prefer that over seat pricing any day. Seat pricing is needed in some cases, like where the demand is low for a product.
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    Be very aware of HostBill. I sold my license with them. They do all sort of tricks and change their licensing price by the month. They have changed pricing 100 times before. Their trick now seems to be that your purchase the modules but if you then later want the updates you need to buy them again. That way you keep buying the module every year if you want updates. And technically the software is worthless without the modules. Instead of just charging a fixed yearly update, this model is even more deceiving. I also reported huge security vulnerabilities to their developer before and they claimed it was not an issue but how cPanel worked. Its not an issue when you can take over another customers DNS and hijack their entire domain? Well, that should tell you something about them. The developer them silently fixed the issue without telling anymore but insisted it was not a security a hole and then they decide to charge for that. The person behind Hostbill is a crook and some people even claimed he was probably a junkie based on how many times he changed pricing, sometimes even the same day. Hostbill also seems to be based on a stolen WHMCS version 4. They now changed the code enough to have no differences but initially even their documentation was a plain clone copy. I would never trust Hostbill for anything serious. The owner is unstable. And could tomorrow just decide to close down the business and you will find the whole website removed. He is that unstable.
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    And they will reinvest that money into making Blesta a better product!
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    As of this afternoon I have tasked a member of our team to find a suitable replacement for WHMCS. We invested in WHMCS during the early years and now we are getting screwed over and forced to pay more money for a product we already paid for and continue to pay for every year. We feel this move by WHMCS is going to cost them money rather then make them money
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    My annual support expires in just over a month. This is a 450% increase in fees for me, in the middle of a pandemic. WHMCS are nothing but thieves and liars...
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    I posted the hook below previously in the v8 beta forums.... of course, the thread has got deleted.... when will i ever learn not to post code in the beta forums? <?php function admin_custom_css_hook($vars) { $head_return = '<style>.col-md-8 {width: 100% !important} .tasks {display: none;}</style>'; return $head_return; } add_hook("AdminAreaHeaderOutput",1,"admin_custom_css_hook");
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    So WHMCS honors legacy reseller agreements, but they don't honor owned sold licenses? Amazing, really. I'm baffled.
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    Imagine this - You buy a brand new car. You own the car. You intend to keep it for many years. After a couple of years, the car manufacturer announces that your car can no longer pass annual state inspections without a $200/month maintenance subscription fee. Your car still works fine. You just wouldn't be able to use it. Can you imagine that happening? That scenario would be identical to what WHMCS has done here.
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    yep - they first announced it in April. make yourself a cup of coffee and have a read of the thread below (there are others like it)... ☕ .. and then checkout their Trustpilot reviews.
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    Let's wait and see. WHMCS already proved to everyone they don't keep their word on agreements. It would not surprise me if they consider the DEV license a separate license from your owned one at this point and just decide to suspend it. They already decided to stop supporting owned licenses without a warning, why would anyone here expect them to support DEV licenses that were free anyway.
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    Even if building something custom costs you more initially, it does pay out over time and as opposed to WHMCS it's an investment as it's yours. WHMCS CEO seems to be very naive on this because: 1. Companies at those sizes, are very unlikely to use things like the MarketPlace and all WHMCS modules. They probably do not use most WHMCS features in the first place. 2. Why would they pay thousands a month for a software they cannot change or customize the code? 3. Even if it costs them $25,000 or $30,000 to develop something custom in house, the fact is that it will pay itself over time rather quickly. He mentioned 5 years, most people here use or used WHMCS for that or more. $1200 a month over the years is far more. 4. Initial development is high, but then it only requires minimum changes to keep up with bugs, patches and adding a new feature here and there. 5. WHMCS features are very, very old, most things are very poorly done, reason why some probably don't even use those features. Even $10,000 will get you something developed that is far better than WHMCS and it's yours. WHMCS here thinks people use all modules which is not the case. I suspect most people only sell a few things and only use a few modules and main features. 6. You don't even need to code everything. You can just use OSTicket for support and integrate the database with your custom billing just to name one example. The same example can be used for many other parts... You don't have to code everything from scratch when there are solutions already for some things. 7. You would only create some parts like billing and automation that you use, not the whole WHMCS software which is far more complex because it tries to serve different type of customers and users. WHMCS is clearly here trying to milk small companies and people, this is why they said most of their customers will not be affected as they are around 500 accounts which is probably true. But this also speaks very badly for WHMCS. People already see hosts that use WHMCS as low quality and cheap, because bigger brands left. I actually read some people that said they would not order anything from a site using WHMCS before. Now they are just increasing that perception that WHMCS is used by poor companies as even middle-sized brands are going to move away. They are trashing their own product with a move like that. Sure, script kiddies will not use WHMCS anymore because its more expensive but neither will be anyone serious about their business. I have no idea what kind of market they plan to attract with this.
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    A similar thing happened to me many years ago, but I got revenge and I always do. You can take advantage of their limited coding skills to reverse their hack attempts. It's super funny as few days later they start crying for help on sites like webhostingtalk, lowendtalk, stackoverflow and sometimes even here ðŸĪ­
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    lol, nice, even if I grew up there. Also not lost on me that they fairly recently did away with the yearly support renewals for $99 and went to 6 months for $59.95. That feels like a way not to add $20 to yearly costs (which would amount to little), but as a token to explain the change while shortening the waiting period for when this shoe dropped that folks would need to move to leased. This feels like it was planned for some time now.
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    WOW Brian! You contributed so much and you are not even in the hosting game? I will not waist my time on WHMCS again because we are leaving , but I would like to give a BIG thank-you here for all of your kind ,precious, free and better-than-WHMCS-support 's support
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    I wish these people would be honest and just tell the truth: Such as: 'Hey we are greedy bastards, so we are jacking you all up, even the most loyal customers we have had from the start, because this is a money grab' or 'If you bought a lifetime license, you're fu*ked!' maybe even 'you can still use your lifetime license forever (or until the next php version bricks it, [insert owners' laughter here]' or better still... 'You dum-dums who bought into our company years ago, what were you stupid fu*kers thinking?' We ALL hope you get what you deserve for this move. Remember Sirius not honoring lifetime licenses? We all hope this happens to your company 10000% over https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/consumer-products/subscriptions/971878-siriusxm-to-pay-96m-to-end-lifetime-subscription-class-action/
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    WHMCS has been a sinking ship for years. This has given me the motivation to move quite a few licenses to other services that honor their word. WHMCS simply cannot be trusted and it is shame. RIP WHMCS.
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    They are honoring the lifetime agreement as per the email. Just pray you don't need any support or updates in the future, that's where we're all screwed. Very clever to sneakily abuse the support license model to essentially make the owned license a brick. So why bother to say 'if you have an owned license you can continue to use it'? What's the point? Very very sneaky. Terrible way to reward the folks who bought into you early to prop you up......
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    This price increase, including the abolition of support for owned licences, is an absolute impertinence. I am curious how WHMCS wants to justify this, because this is how WHMCS is doing away with itself.
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    <?php # Stats Info Bar for v8 Blend # Written by brian! use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; use WHMCS\Billing\Invoice; use Carbon\Carbon; function admin_v8_infobar_hook($vars) { if ($vars['template'] == "blend") { $pendingstatuslist = Capsule::table('tblorderstatuses')->where('showpending','1')->pluck('title'); $pendingorders = Capsule::table('tblorders')->whereIn('status',$pendingstatuslist)->count(); $overdueinvoices = Invoice::overdue()->count(); $awaitingreplylist = Capsule::table('tblticketstatuses')->where('showawaiting','1')->pluck('title'); $ticketsawaiting = Capsule::table('tbltickets')->whereIn('status',$awaitingreplylist)->where('merged_ticket_id','0')->count(); $todolistitems = Capsule::table('tbltodolist')->whereNotIn('status',['Completed'])->count(); $current_time = Carbon::now()->translatedFormat("l, j F Y, H:i"); $headerreturn = '<div style="margin: 0; padding: 5px; background-color: #1a4d80; display: block; width: 100%; max-height: 20px;"> <div style="text-align: center; color: #fff; font-size: .8em; margin: 0;"> <a href="orders.php?status=Pending" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$pendingorders.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.pendingorders').'</a> | <a href="invoices.php?status=Overdue" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$overdueinvoices.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.overdueinvoices').'</a> | <a href="supporttickets.php" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$ticketsawaiting.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.ticketsawaitingreply').'</a> | <a href="todolist.php" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$todolistitems.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.todoitemsdue').'</a> | '.$current_time.' </div> </div>'; return $headerreturn; } } add_hook("AdminAreaHeaderOutput",1,"admin_v8_infobar_hook");
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    This change in WHMCS makes things difficult. We have customers who need a new password to access WHMCS, when we perform the reset, the customer says that he did not receive the email or that the reset process does not work (probably the customer does not know how to do it). In short, we have no way to save a password for the customer and providing it by phone, chat or email, the customer has no way to enter the WHMCS to make payments. Honestly, I don't know which brilliant mind thought this change was a good idea. Please, allow admins write a new password for a user.
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    even if there was a hotfix, WHMCS doesn't automatically tell you about it's existence... i'm going to have a look again at doing something about this. if you got a ticket opened an hour ago, that was me testing your form - and yes I did see the oops error... FWIW, if I do the same on my v8 dev, no similar error occurs and the ticket gets created.... the value of 0 is passed to the userid column rather than null. oh I so miss the days when bug reports were posted through this place and you then had an idea where the errors are and could look out and work around them... instead of finding out either a) when you got them yourselves or b) when the changelog suggests that they think they've fixed it. now you're in a position were your guest ticket might not work correctly - and the WHMCS solution might come in the next 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 weeks or might he held back for v8.1 and you're then almost obliged to update to fix it. i've said it before - WHMCS are one of the worst communicating companies i've ever seen... in many ways, they've got worse over the years and I bet nothing changes in the New Year.
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    technically, you don't *need* to edit the template - you can use a hook to change the URL in that link. you should just need to change 'a.logo' to 'a.btn-warning'; the URL you are linking to (and optionally whether it opens in a new window or not) and limit the hook to only work on the domain registration page. <?php # Change Hosting URL Hook # Written by brian! function change_hosting_url_hook($vars) { if ($vars['templatefile'] == 'domainregister') { return "<script> $(function(){ $('a.btn-warning').attr({href:'https://www.google.com',target:'_blank'}); }); </script>"; } } add_hook("ClientAreaFooterOutput", 1, "change_hosting_url_hook"); there is only one button of that class on the page, so that simplifies the coding - if there were more, then more specific identification of the particular link would be needed... or WHMCS could just start adding unique IDs to all their links! 🙄
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    i'll guarantee that there is at least one existing bug that hasn't been fixed in v8.0.3 - I saw its error in the activity log on Monday (in v8.0.2) by chance and it's seemingly caused by one of the Six templates trying to use a feature that is now prohibited by the Smarty Security Policy.... you gotta love how the internal testing was so thorough that they don't even know when/how/why a template that they wrote is breaking the arbitrary security policy that they imposed.
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