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    I believe (as software engineer I am). WHCMS should make this new SSL monitoring feature fully optional and allowing easy enable/disable settings in the configuration panel or in the configuration.php file in the simplest case. And that is because adding invasive new features must be done with quirurgical precision and always having in mind: maybe some customers does not want what we think they want. No mentioning that evidently the feature was not fully tested before released as stable. Recommending customer to edit files in your theme is not a smart move, since the new SSL monitoring bug is not only estetical problem, there are some backend processes involved... and also because mostly of your customers are not coders and expect a "working product". Next time guys you think in adding a new invasive feature, please consider giving us (your customers) the power to enable/disable as will any idea that maybe WHMCS think is good, but ends being a bad idea. I've been with WHMCS since almost 8 years ago.
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    Some people want to show their client's credit balance when they login to client area, as the option not implemented by default in Six Template here is how to do it: 1) Upload the PHP file from Attachements to -> /WHMCS-Path/includes/hooks/ directory. WHMCS_SixTemplateCreditBalance.zip
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    Hello Good People, Main site was built with WordPress, using a premium theme, with a heavy modification in design. WHMCS part was done using SIX as base, with mostly css modification, some html modification (mostly header and footer). Front end: https://dctit.host/ WHMCS: https://dctit.host/shop/ View Cart page: https://dctit.host/shop/cart.php?a=view Will appreciate your feedback. Kindly let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
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    Lagom WHMCS Email Template - FREE We’ve just released a Lagom WHMCS Email Template, it’s available in our store completly for Free!! With active license of Lagom WHMCS Theme you will gain access to the simple email template management from the WHMCS addon. You won’t need to have any HTML and CSS knowledge, to customize the Lagom WHMCS Email Template to your needs. You can choose from 3 styles: Futuristic Style - live demo Depth Style - live demo Minimal Style - live demo Lagom Extension Configure Header Text Configure Social Links Configure Footer Links Choose Style Live Preview
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    The WHMCS.Community is intended to provide a place for users of WHMCS to discuss, share and interact with each other as well as WHMCS Staff. To ensure we maintain a friendly environment, we ask users to respect the following rules and guidelines. Please let us know via the WHMCS.Community Assitance category should you have any questions or comments, posts in this category are visible between yourself and the WHMCS.Community Team. WHMCS reserves the right to alter these rules from time to time. 1.User Accounts Each person may have (one) 1 forum login regardless of the number of companies you may be part of. Duplicate accounts will be removed from WHMCS.Community Please do not share your user account with others - each person should retain their own username and password Usernames must not be created that contain any of the items listed below: An email address A website address The following words WHMCS cPanel Staff Moderator Admin Any word determined to cause offence or be deemed inappropriate. Usernames or Users that do not comply with these rules may be removed from WHMCS.Community 2. Behaviour on the Community We expect all users to be friendly and polite. While we understand that users will disagree and have different points of view at times, this can be communicated in a civil manner Please do not post rude, insulting or inflammatory posts. Personal attacks, name-calling and insults will not be tolerated on WHMCS.Community. Profanity and inappropriate images (including porn or gross violence) may not be posted anywhere on the WHMCS.Community. WHMCS.Community Staff & Moderators use their sole discretion as to what is deemed unacceptable behaviour in the community and may remove content at any time. Your posts assist other users, please do not delete content if you find an answer, please share this solution to help other users. 3. Advertising on WHMCS.Community Advertising, offers or self-promotion are to be posted only in the Third Party Add-ons section of the community. Community users seeking to hire a developer may post within the Service Offers & Requests section. Advertising is limited to one advertisement per seven (7) day period on a rolling 7-day basis. Additional or excessive advertising will be removed by the moderation team and your ability to post in advertising boards removed. Soliciting and/or self-promotion via the private messaging (PM) system is strictly prohibited. The sale or reselling of WHMCS Licenses is strictly prohibited on the community. Affiliate and referral links may not be used, these links are those that link to a site and contain information crediting the person with that referral 4. Posting and Moderation on WHMCS.Community The WHMCS.Community is moderated by WHMCS.Community Moderators and Staff. When a post is deemed to be in breach of the rules it will be removed and the user advised via a warning. Please do not cross-post across the community. If your topic is better suited to another section one of the WHMCS.Community team will move it to the best category for you. You may report your post if you wish to have it moved by a moderator. For privacy reasons please do not post any personally identifiable information including Usernames, Passwords, Contact Numbers, Email Addresses and/or Credit Card Numbers As WHMCS.Community is a moderated community we have implemented a Warning System. When a post is removed for breaching the community rules we’ll be sure to let you know. We allocate points to a warning and once you have a set number of points you may be suspended from posting on the community. Users that do not comply with the rules for WHMCS.Community may be banned temporarily. Ongoing temporary bans may result in a permanent ban from WHMCS.Community. The public discussion of moderation decisions is not permitted, these will be removed without notice and may result in a community ban. 5. Signature and Profile Rules Your signature may include links, however, please ensure these are reasonable (no more than 4) and they must not include Referral/Affiliate links. This includes pricing and plan details Signatures may not contain more than 4 lines at a 1024x768 resolution Please do not sell or rent your signature space, your signature is yours alone. Where your signature does not comply with these rules you may be asked to alter or remove it 6. WHMCS.Community Ranks Official WHMCS Staff & Moderators are identified by one of the following ranks located below their profile image, in addition, their posts are highlighted blue WHMCS CEO WHMCS Community Manager WHMCS Customer Service WHMCS Developer WHMCS Marketing WHMCS Staff WHMCS Support Manager WHMCS Technical Analyst WHMCS.Community runs a ranking system, new community members start with the rank of Newbie and can progress based on the number of posts, reputation points and length of time active on the community Some users have a special “Super Users” rank. These members are a select group of elite community members that are long-standing mentors in the community, courteous to other members, always providing technical insight and advice, and generally helping to make our community a better place to learn, troubleshoot and advance. The WHMCS.Community ranking formula is changed from time to time and without notice. The algorithm used is not published or discussed with users to prevent gaming the system 7. Contacting the WHMCS.Community Team You may contact a member of the WHMCS.Community via the WHMCS.Community Assitance board If you would prefer to email you may open a ticket by emailing forums@whmcs.com Thank you for helping to keep WHMCS.Community a great place
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    Don't know if this is the right category to post this in, but I thought I wanted to share this. It's a very small hook that cancels an invoice once the product gets terminated. //<?php use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; add_hook('PreModuleTerminate', 1, function($vars) { $invoiceid = Capsule::table('tblinvoiceitems') ->where('relid', '=', $vars['params']['serviceid']) ->orderBy('duedate', 'desc') ->first(); Capsule::table('tblinvoices') ->where('id', '=', $invoiceid->invoiceid) ->update(['Status' => 'Cancelled']); }); Any feedback is much appreciated.
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    <?php # Remove Terminated Products From Services Array Hook # Written by brian! function clients_services_remove_terminated_hook($vars) { $services = $vars['services']; foreach($services as $key => $service) { if ($service['status'] == "Terminated") { unset($services[$key]); } } return array("services" => $services); } add_hook("ClientAreaPageProductsServices", 1, "clients_services_remove_terminated_hook"); ?> you might need another hook to remove the Terminated link from the sidebar if you're showing that sidebar on your site... or even simpler, you should be able to hide it using custom.css
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    It's absolutely the worst solution. It's commonly used by a lot of small reseller, but it's a very bad idea. If your hosting server will go down, also your own site will be down. Even if it's a planned management. And all customers of yours suddenly will enter in panic mode: "My PRECIOUS site is down, my PRECIOUS email is down, and my hosting provider is LOST and UNRESPONSIVE!!!!!!!" No, definitely you need to keep your own site elsewhere. And your own email service too.
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    in response to the thread below, please find attached two hooks to generate Homepage Panels to output a clients email history (with clickable links) - don't use both, just choose one! 🙂 The "original" version, that I quickly wrote as a demo for the above thread, links each row to open that email in a new tab/window... The updated "popup" version includes a clickable "button" that opens the email in a popup window (as per the Email History page accessible from the secondary navbar menu)... both panels use Language Translations to display the phrases "Email History", "View All" and "View" in the client's language. the date output uses the Global Date Format (as specified in your general settings -> localisation) - you could easily make it use the Client Date Format, but because we only have limited space for date and subject, I thought it easier to use the shorter global format. currently, the hook obtains ALL of your clients email history - if you want to limit that to a certain amount, e.g 100, then you would add a limit to the query... $clientemails = Capsule::table('tblemails')->where('userid', $client->id)->select('id','subject','date')->orderBy('date','desc')->limit(100)->get(); with additional coding, and probably some new Language Overrides, you should be able to identify each email type (based on the subject), and color the "button" links accordingly... i'm not going to include that version here - not least because it would require a lot of coding (which I haven't done!) to thoroughly cover all email templates and languages , but it would be achievable given the required effort.
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    In 2016 I have questioned the WHMCS team about this function, I found the reply:
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    Accept Order can be used when you accept an order - inside the hook, you could either run a SQL database update query or use the UpdateClient API to change the group value... you could also do a query to check if that client has unpaid/overdue invoices for your conditionality. InvoicePaid can be used after an invoice is marked as paid.
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    to auto-tick the "Published" checkbox on NEW announcements only, you can use the following hook... <?php # Auto-Tick Published Checkbox on New Announcements Hook # Written by brian! add_hook('AdminAreaHeadOutput', 1, function($vars) { $id = intval($_GET['id']); if (!$id) { return <<<HTML <script> $(document).ready(function() { $( "input[name$='published']" ).prop('checked', true); }); </script> HTML; } });
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    Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 7.8.2 release - published on 6th September 2019, that can result in an error when visiting the pwreset.php file directly: Call to undefined function WHMCS\CALinkUpdateCC This is caused by the introduction of new Friendly URLs for the password reset path /password/reset/begin Attempting to access the old location at pwreset.php results in this error. This hotfix applies only to 7.8.2
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    do you think the timing of launching a beta testing period one week before Christmas might have had something to do with that? 🙄
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    See the following modification <?php # Remove Products From Services Array Hook # Written by brian! function clients_services_remove_terminated_hook($vars) { $hideStatus = array ('Terminated', 'Cancelled'); // add status which you want to hide here.. $services = $vars['services']; foreach($services as $key => $service) { if (in_array($service['status'], $hideStatus)) { unset($services[$key]); } } return array("services" => $services); } add_hook("ClientAreaPageProductsServices", 1, "clients_services_remove_terminated_hook");
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    WHMCS 7.7 Release Candidate Now Available We are pleased to announce the release of the WHMCS 7.7 Release Candidate. This marks the end of feature development and is the final stage before releasing the final and stable version of WHMCS 7.7. We encourage you to download, install and try out the latest version. Some feature highlights are itemised in the image above. To learn more about what's new, we invite you to visit the WHMCS 7.7 Preview Site. Take part in the beta Be among the first to try out the new features and functionality by getting involved in the pre-production testing today. Our public beta program gives you direct access to try our early pre-production releases and help test and contribute to the development process. To get started, you can download WHMCS 7.7 or upgrade to it using the Automatic Updater today. As always, Beta releases are intended for testing only and are not recommended for production use. Download | Release Notes | Upgrade Instructions | Changelog
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    Naaaah, don't worry. Even though having WP and WHMCS on separate hosting accounts is more secure, they're not made of paper 🙂 You can plan to change this structure calmly later on but don't procrastinate too much.
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    Ok, so I'm 99% sure that's the problem. It looks like this has been an issue caused by the latest update to Imunify360. It looks like they've released an update that should resolve this behavior, however it has only just been released and isn't available on all the mirrors worldwide yet. Because of this, the following update may not be available to all of your servers, but you can try and apply this update by running the following command via SSH:
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    First off if possible don't use WP + WHMCS. You can get the same results directly with WHMCS. Having to deal with 2 separate systems is a time consuming activity. You have to maintain both them, you double the risks, it's unintuitive since you'll have two separate admin interface & database. Last but no least you are forced to keep both templates to look the same. Anyway this is my personal opinion. If you want to use WP + WHMCS, you can make them look the same by editing head, header, footer template files and playing with CSS. Here you can find the documentation. There are also plenty of threads on this community with tutorials. Keep in mind that it could be a quite long process if you are not familiar with WHMCS, CSS and Smarty but it's doable. Skilled people usually need 1-2 hours to get pretty decent results.
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    i'm sure it is - i'm lucky to come at WHMCS speaking English so a lot of the things that you see naturally, I probably won't even notice unless pointed out or I have reason to investigate. 🙈 ha that annoyed me when I first started using WHMCS 5+ years ago - whenever you see (s) in the output, you know the developers are being lazy because it's not rocket science to count the item in question and code the output correctly. 🙄
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    I was wondering how is everyone handling the lack of hosting renewal notices in WHMCS (there's a 5-yr-old feature request for it) and the lack of a "renew hosting" button. I have a third-party module that handles this but it's been extremely buggy over the years. There must be some other solution. Or do you people simply accept that WHMCS will send an invoice with a big red "Unpaid" text on it, with no further explanation and that's the hosting renewal notice? How do you handle when a customer wants to renew in advance? Or a change in billing cycle, from monthly to yearly for instance? I wonder if I could create a button in the client area that opened a ticket automatically for these requests. It's really weird that a hosting automation platform has a ton of renewal notices and options for domain renewals, and nothing for hosting renewals.
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    Thanks guys, I did experiment with that figure before posting - sorry, I should have mentioned that - and at least on my version, it doesn't work. Logically, though, it shouldn't because, the code is looking to see if the whole post is less than 350 characters. If it is, it displays the whole post, otherwise it displays the summary, but the character count for the summary isn't set by that 350 figure. I assume it's hard-coded somewhere, presumably as announcement.summary. Incidentally, the character count for both announcement summaries is 341, though the word count is different.
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    I used the same thing a while ago, since you its not tested, I have tested it and it does work.
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    Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 7.6.1 release - published on 28th August, 2018 - that causes the domain synchronization task not to be performed at the scheduled time. This could result in domains remaining in Pending Transfer status, or keeping inaccurate expiration dates.
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    Hi all, I have spent some more time in the feature request system and found lots of other relevant request regarding this problem. There are at least 22 feature requests with a total of 156 votes. In a nutshell all of them showing the same problem - in WHMCS there is no real distinction between contacts, sub accounts and main contact / master account holder. Actually there should not be a main contact / master account holder at all... The system should be built around companies with contacts /sub accounts that works in the company, the company itself should not have any direct contact information - It should serve just as a "container" to hold all the company contacts, products, services, domains, invoices and transactions# All the other information should be in a contacts /sub accounts level Let's go over the client profile: Profile tab: All the red markings represent information that is not relevant to the company - but rather at the contacts /sub accounts level. All the remaining information is relevant to the company information / setting. Contact tab: =========================================================== Again - there should be a strict and clear distinction between the company and the contacts /sub accounts and between contacts /sub accounts to contacts /sub accounts. This is something that should reflect on the ticket system, email template, quotes, invoices etc. ========================================================= This is the list of relevant feature requests I found - but there are probably more. Please vote for them + add your comment to this post so it will catch the eyes of WHMCS as the full project that it represent: 41 votes - Custom fields for additional contacts: https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/custom-fields-for-additional-contacts 21 votes - add custom client fields for sub-accounts too https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/add-custom-client-fields-for-sub-accounts-too 1 votes -Allow contacts/sub-accounts to update their details https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/allow-contacts-sub-accounts-to-update-their-details 7 votes - Support ticket notifications - limit to contact participating https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/support-ticket-notifications-limit-to-contact-participating 14 votes - Client Contact Ticket Management https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/client-contact-ticket-management 2 votes - Contact name in email templates https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/contact-name-in-email-templates 2 votes - Additional Contact Permissions https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/additional-contact-permissions 1 votes - Support Tickets - Contact Filter https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/support-tickets-contact-filter 1 votes - contacts should have the same disable field options as client details https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/contacts-should-have-the-same-disable-field-options-as-client-details 9 votes - Disable Email to the main account e-mail https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/disable-email-to-the-main-account-e-mail 1 votes - Company Access Controls https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/company-access-controls 1 votes - Client Contact Notes https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/client-contact-notes 17 votes - Send invoice related mail to Invoice contact only (if exists) https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/send-invoice-related-mail-to-invoice-contact-only-if-exists 2 - votes - Clients Marketing Email-Newsletter Opt-Out Facility II https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/clients-marketing-email-newsletter-opt-out-facility-ii 1 votes - Fully conceal financial information from account contacts/sub-users where permissions specifically require it https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/fully-conceal-financial-information-from-account-contacts-sub-users-where-permissions-specifically-require-it 3 votes - Allow assigning Contact to ticket https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/allow-assigning-contact-to-ticket 6 votes - Improve email personalization https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/improve-email-personalisation 15 votes - Include email addresses that were added via CC to opening ticket and all replies https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/include-email-addresses-that-were-added-via-cc-to-opening-ticket-and-all-replies 6 votes - Sub-accounts only viewing tickets they create https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/sub-accounts-only-viewing-tickets-they-create 2 votes - Sub-Account Modify Password Permission https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/sub-account-modify-password-permission 2 votes - Two-Factor Authentication for Sub-Account https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/two-factor-authentication-for-sub-account 1 votes - Support Tickets: Improved display of who you're communicating with https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/support-tickets-improved-display-of-who-youre-communicating-with

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