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    Dear WHMCS Community, As we, up to now, did not use this community to promote us and our modules, I'll give it a try. To introduce myself: I am the Middleware Department Lead at HEXONET GmbH in Germany. My team is responsible for third-party integrations (WHMCS, Blesta, ...) and for providing tools for custom integrations. With HEXONET (located in Germany and Canada) you can easily resell and manage domains. We do our best to support our customers and to improve/extend in direction of specific customer requests. We are offering all our modules for free and we have no plans to change this. We have: The HEXONET registrar module that is shipped with WHMCS (get in touch with us to get updates as that version is for behind in point of features). Supporting all known WHMCS Domain Registrar Features e.g. IRTP (contact verification), TLD & Pricing Sync, Premium Domains, etc. In general we can also deal with IDN domain names, even though not officially supported by WHMCS. A drop-catching Addon to get Domain Backorders introduced in WHMCS A SSLCert Addon A PremiumDNS Addon A module for high performance availability check A widget offering you a module version overview (to see if there are new versions available) A widget showing your account balance at HEXONET (as we have a prepaid backend system) A module helping you to import domains in case you're starting with WHMCS / transferred to us using a non-whmcs way Find all our modules in our github company space: https://github.com/hexonet. We have big plans in Queue and as said, we do our best supporting our customers. Patching / Extending our modules in general happens in short as of existing CI / CD automation. If you need assistance when starting with us or if you have any related questions, just get in touch with us / let me know. Best Regards Kai
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    I would just put a spacer div between the two buttons and you can adjust the height to suit your needs... <?php # Modify Sidebat Footer Hook # Written by brian! use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $primarySidebar) { $invoicesummary = $primarySidebar->getChild("My Invoices Summary"); if (!is_null($invoicesummary)) { $footer = str_replace(array("col-xs-6 col-button-left","col-xs-6 col-button-right"),"col-xs-",$invoicesummary->getFooterHtml()); $footer = str_replace("/div><div","/div><div style=\"height: 5px\"></div><div",$footer); $invoicesummary->setFooterHtml($footer); } });
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    Here is the translation for new variables for portuguese language; ///// WHMCS 8.0 $_LANG['navContacts'] = "Contatos"; $_LANG['navUserManagement'] = "Gerenciar Usuário"; $_LANG['navSwitchAccount'] = "Trocar Conta"; $_LANG['navAccountSecurity'] = "Segurança da conta"; $_LANG['never'] = "Nunca"; $_LANG['yourProfile'] = "Meu Perfil"; $_LANG['userManagement']['title'] = "Gerenciar Usuário"; $_LANG['userManagement']['managePermissions'] = "Gerenciar Permissões"; $_LANG['userManagement']['permissions'] = "Permissões"; $_LANG['userManagement']['usersFound'] = ":count Usuários Encontrado"; $_LANG['userManagement']['userDescriptor'] = "Endereço de E-mail / Último Login"; $_LANG['userManagement']['lastLogin'] = "Último Login"; $_LANG['userManagement']['actions'] = "Ações"; $_LANG['userManagement']['emailAddress'] = "Endereço de e-mail"; $_LANG['userManagement']['removeAccess'] = "Remover acesso"; $_LANG['userManagement']['pendingInvites'] = "Convite pendente"; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteSent'] = "Convite enviado"; $_LANG['userManagement']['resendInvite'] = "Reenviar convite"; $_LANG['userManagement']['cancelInvite'] = "Cancelar convite"; $_LANG['userManagement']['accountOwnerPermissionsInfo'] = "Proprietários da conta sempre terão permissão total para a conta."; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteNewUser'] = "Convidar novo usuário"; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteEmail'] = "E-mail para convidar"; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteNewUserDescription'] = "Convidar um novo usuário para sua conta. Se o convidado tiver uma conta, ele estará apto a acessar a conta com as credenciais dele. Se o usuário não tiver uma conta, ele será convidado para criar uma nova."; $_LANG['userManagement']['allPermissions'] = "Todas Permissões"; $_LANG['userManagement']['choosePermissions'] = "Selecionar permissões"; $_LANG['userManagement']['sendInvite'] = "Enviar convite"; $_LANG['userManagement']['removeAccessSure'] = "Você realmente deseja remover esse usuário da conta?"; $_LANG['userManagement']['removeAccessInfo'] = "Ele não terá mais acesso a essa conta."; $_LANG['userManagement']['cancelInviteSure'] = "Você tem certeza que deseja cancelar esse convite?"; $_LANG['userManagement']['cancelInviteInfo'] = "O usuário não será notificado desse cancelamento."; $_LANG['userManagement']['permissionsUpdateSuccess'] = "Permissão atualizada com sucesso!"; $_LANG['userManagement']['userRemoveSuccess'] = "Usuário removido com sucesso!"; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteSentSuccess'] = "Convite enviado com sucesso!"; $_LANG['userManagement']['alreadyLinked'] = "O endereço de e-mail informado já esta cadastrado nessa conta"; $_LANG['userManagement']['alreadyInvited'] = "O endereço de e-mail informado já tem um convite ativo."; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteResendSuccess'] = "Convite reenviado com sucesso!"; $_LANG['userManagement']['inviteCancelled'] = "Convite cancelado com sucesso!"; $_LANG['userManagement']['settings'] = "Configurações de segurança do usuário da conta."; $_LANG['userProfile']['profile'] = "Perfil"; $_LANG['userProfile']['changeEmail'] = "Alterar endereço de e-mail"; $_LANG['userProfile']['notVerified'] = "E-mail não verificado"; $_LANG['userProfile']['verified'] = "E-mail Verificado";
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    in Smarty, it would be... {$tldpricing2.pricing.$tld2.register[1]} to return a 1 year registration price, in the current currency. https://classdocs.whmcs.com/8.0/WHMCS/View/Formatter/Price.html probably because they can be more flexible to manipulate than if they were strings. in Smarty, it would be... {$tldpricing2.pricing.$tld2.register[1]->toNumeric()}
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    There's UnblockIP from ServerPing: https://www.serverping.net/clients/cart.php?gid=3
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