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    Google+ is an option in the social tab in general settings (along with twitter and fb) and was closed earlier in the year - that's why WHMCS will be removing it.... it's unrelated to Google Sign-In.
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    Hi there! I can confirm that this was a known issue however, this has been fixed as of version 7.7.0. To resolve this issue, I recommend updating WHMCS to 7.7.1 or later. For reference, the case number assigned to this was CORE-6650.
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    This module enables the association of WHMCS clients and affiliates. When assigning an agent to a client, the agent will earn commission on all the client's following orders. Contact details for the agent are displayed on the client's dashboard, effectively making the agent the client's dedicated reference for sales support. Key features Associate clients with agents When an agent is assigned to a client, he will earn commission on all the client's subsequent orders, regardless of the client having visited the referral link. The module is built on top of WHMCS's affiliate system, so the rules set by the administrator for payouts and commission percentages will still apply. Clients can access their dedicated agent's contact details from their WHMCS dashboard to request support on ordering new services. Tools for agents to boost sales and assist their clients Agents have access to a dedicated page with a list of the clients they manage and the commissions earned from their sales. For each managed client a dedicated subaccount with limited privileges is created for the agent: this way agents can sign on as the client and manage orders and services on their behalf. Agents can autonomously assign themselves new clients by sending them a link to a dedicated page where they can confirm the association. Clients have the option to revoke their agents access to their WHMCS account at any time, without preventing the agent from earning commission on their orders. Info and requirements · Client/Affiliate association · Admin tools for assigning agents to clients · Agent Commission on every client order · Agent Sign On as Client · Supports PHP 5.6 to 7.2 · Supports WHMCS V7.4 and later Here it is in the WHMS marketplace: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4935
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    with this being a custom template, your first port of call should really be it's developer - but generally, you might be able to edit /includes/linkedaccounts.tpl and tweak the layout in there... or perhaps by adding custom CSS coding to custom.css .social-signin-btns { display: block; text-align: center; width: 50%; margin: 0 auto; }
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    or just rename it's extension to .php9 or whatever - that's going to be quicker and safer than deleting it.
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    That is correct. You can play around with these numbers to place the image where you need.
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    it should just be a case of adding another break return before the signature... $values["custommessage"] = "<p>Hello $firstname $lastname,<p>Your account was recently successfully accessed by a remote user. If this was not you, please do contact us immediately<p>IP Address: $ip<br/>Hostname: $hostname<br /><br />$signature";
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    in my code, there will be a hidden tab character - remove it and see if that helps... if ($paymentmodule == 'banktransfer') { $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/imza.png', 15, 150, 75); }
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    <?php /* Client area login notification for WHMCS modified by brian! */ use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; function hook_client_login_notify($vars) { $userid = $vars['userid']; send_login_notify($userid); } function send_login_notify($userid) { $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] ; $hostname = gethostbyaddr($ip); $userinfo = Capsule::table('tblclients')->select('firstname', 'lastname')->WHERE('id', $userid)->get(); $signature = Capsule::table('tblconfiguration')->where('setting', 'Signature')->value('value'); //greet them foreach ($userinfo as $userrow) { $firstname = $userrow->firstname; $lastname = $userrow->lastname; } $command = "sendemail"; $adminuser = "YOUR ADMIN USERNAME HERE"; $values["customtype"] = "general"; $values["customsubject"] = "Account Login from $hostname"; $values["custommessage"] = "<p>Hello $firstname $lastname,<p>Your account was recently successfully accessed by a remote user. If this was not you, please do contact us immediately<p>IP Address: $ip<br/>Hostname: $hostname<br />$signature"; $values["id"] = $userid; $results = localAPI($command, $values, $adminuser); } add_hook('ClientLogin', 1, 'hook_client_login_notify');
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    @cluster just from an official point of view here, there are no official plans to backport the Stripe Integration with SCA support into 7.4, which has been end of life since November 30th, 2018 and as other posters have indicated you would need to upgrade to WHMCS V7.8 once it has been released, I would also note that there where some changes to the system requirements around Ioncube Loaders in version 7.5.0 when we introduced support for PHP 7.1 & PHP 7.2 WHMCS v7.5.0 requires Ioncube Loader 10.1 or higher. The Automatic Updater verifies this requirement for you in v7.4.2. If you are using the Automatic Updater and are not yet on v7.4.2, then you will not see the v7.5.0 update but only v7.4.2. Use the Auto Updater to first update to v7.4.2. After this, v7.5.0 will be visible and the Automatic Updater will be able to verify all requirements before proceeding to this latest version. Steps for performing an upgrade can be found at https://docs.whmcs.com/Updating
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    let's do this in 2 stages... firstly, a simple SELECT query for you to run on tblhosting to see if there are any applicable products that match your criteria... SELECT tblhosting.* FROM tblhosting WHERE tblhosting.domainstatus = 'Suspended' AND tblhosting.regdate >= DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 15 DAY) if you run that in phpmyadmin or similar, you should get a list of services that match the query, e.g they're in suspended status and are within 15 days of their registration date (0-15)... if you want over 15 days (15+), then change to <= ... to exactly 15 days, use = if you're happy with those results, then you could move to the second stage and change their values - as with all UPDATE/DELETE SQL queries, backup the database before running such queries. ⚠️ UPDATE tblhosting SET tblhosting.domainstatus = 'Cancelled' WHERE tblhosting.domainstatus = 'Suspended' AND tblhosting.regdate >= DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 15 DAY) and change the >= to whatever you used in the select query.
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    your problem is partially caused by ignoring one important bit of advice that Kian gave you... 🙂 as things stand, you're displaying your company logo and signature images in exactly the same place... with these pdfs, you have to think in terms of print, not web - so they are relative positions, based in mm, for x location (across), y location (down) and width (of image)... so your logo is 15mm across (from left), 25mm down (from top) and 75mm in width. if you were to change the signature location to 15,50,75, it should be below the logo (you might have to play with the 50 value depending on your logo size and the 75 value depending on the width of this signature. if ($paymentmodule == 'banktransfer') { $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/imza.png', 15, 50, 75); } note that in my code i'm using $paymentmodule and not $paymentmethod - $paymentmethod uses the display name of your gateway for the gateway settings, it's probably "Bank Transfer" unless you've changed it - but for BT, $paymentmodule will be equal to "banktransfer". i'd also suggest adding that status must be paid to that IF statement as I don't see the point of adding the signature to an unpaid invoice (unless i'm missing the point of adding this signature!).
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    Hi Everyone, Providing threads with little information about the issue you are experiencing makes it harder for not just WHMCS Staff to help you but other WHMCS.Community members as well. When you don't provide a detailed overview you may end up with either a lot of questions being asked of you to determine the root cause and gather more information or no answer to your question at all. This can be frustrating and lead to you having a negative experience on the Community. The purpose of this thread is to help other WHMCS.Community Members help you quickly and effectively. 1. Do a quick search WHMCS.Community has a wealth of information that has been gathered in the last few years that means there might already be an answer to your question. Before posting, take a moment to do a quick search in the top right-hand corner of the community. Other than search WHMCS has some other great resources to these include our Documentation , Guides & Tutorials & our Developer Documentation to name a few. 2. Thread Title - Make it relevant The thread title is the first thing people see when browsing the community, this is your chance to provide a quick snapshot of the issue, so a subject matter expert can jump in and help you Thread titles like the below are more useful: Broken payment gateway page after installing 3rd party module. How do I set my configuration.php file to read-only clientarea.php returns error 500 Setup > Products > Domain Registrars broken with PHP 7 Than thread titles like these: Payment Gateway Broken Permissions to Read Only Error 500 Domain Registrars broke 3. Make use of tags - Include your version Hot Tip: Put the WHMCS version number you are using as a tag e.g 7.3.1 Tags are just as important as the title these are used as filters and are another way to quickly and easily determine what the thread is about. Tags like Domain Registrars, eNom, OpenSRS, Payment Gateways, eWAY, PayPal, Stripe, Client Area, Invoices are all useful tags remember to separate your tags with commas. Putting useful tags is one way you can help people understand what you need help with and for people who know that functionality to help you quickly If you'd like to learn more about tags check out 4. Detail & Reproduction Steps Detail is of paramount importance, the more detail you provide the better include information such as: The error messages you are receiving on screen, in module logs, or server logs, remember to say which log it's in Note: For users with admin panel access enable display errors under Setup > General Settings > Other > Display Errors, If you cant access your admin area add the following line to the end of your configuration.php file $display_errors = true; Provide detailed reproduction steps The action you where taking The screen you where on The error/output you received The output server/module/gateway logs showing What module/server/gateway you are using What you expected to happen What actually happened What you have done to try and resolve the issue Tell us about your environment - everyone has a slightly different setup, remember to include things such as Your WHMCS Version number Your PHP version & IonCube Loader Your PHP Memory & Timeout Limits (when relevant) Are you running Linux, Windows, Mac? What Distro If your issue is with a template or a template display issue Try the default Six theme To do this, use an URL such as http://www.yourdomain.com/whmcs/?systpl=six Try the default Standard_Cart theme To do this, use an URL such as http://www.yourdomain.com/whmcs/?carttpl=Standard_Cart Anything else that you think is relevant 5. Use the CODE box when pasting code or log outputs When pasting any code into a thread remember to click the code icon box first it's in your editor toolbar at the top of the thread. We recommend using the code box when pasting logs as well. 6. Remove personal information This might sound obvious but you'd be surprised how often people forget! Please remember to remove/hide/blur any personally identifiable information such as Usernames, Emails, Passwords & IPs from text logs & images. Posting this information on the community is a security risk. If you forget to do it or you come across any personal information please use the Report Post button in the top right to alert our moderation team to it. 7. Seeking support elsewhere? Have you already opened a ticket? Remember to include your Ticket ID this will allow our WHMCS.Community Staff to check your ticket and let the support team know that you've got a thread on the community as well. 8. Problem solved? Tell us how Remember, when your problem is solved please take the time to let us know in the thread, provide details on how it was solved and anything relevant this will help future community users experiencing a similar issue get the answer quickly! That's it! Thanks for reading! That's all we have for now we hope this helps you get the most out of the Troubleshooting Issues board Have I missed something out? Ideas for how to make threads even more useful? Let me know in the Feedback Thread linked below!
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    by the way, does this core on 7.8 maintenance, meas G-mail sign in will be removed? CORE-13155 - Remove Google+ Social Media Integration https://docs.whmcs.com/Changelog:WHMCS_V7.8

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