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    your name will also go on ze list! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YMVPXmaKds
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    Welcome, WHMCS will be the perfect software for a new hosting service. Just ask any questions you have here.
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    My name is Christian and I want to start a small hosting company soon. Currently, I still have to change some things about the appearance of WHMCS so that my offer complies with German laws. I hope that I can get some help and suggestions here in the community. Until then with kind regards Christian
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    Welcome to the community! The main thing is not to be shy and ask the questions you are interested in, there are many people who will be happy to help you
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    Hello Christian, Welcome to WHMCS community.
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    Hello there Christian! welcome to the forums
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    Hi Christian. Welcome to your new business and good luck!
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    Hey @Tom Wilson Thanks for your post! You can indeed assign an affiliate to an existing order To assign an affiliate to an order which has already been placed and shows no referral, go to Orders > List and locate the order you want to assign to the affiliate. Once located, click on the Order ID number to open the details for that order. Now click the Manual Assign link in the Affiliate section, and you will then get a popup with a dropdown where you can choose the affiliate you want to assign it to, and then click Save to apply it.
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    Sorry for necro-quoting but I'd like to say something especially now that I saw your signature... ... and this announcement. Basically you are suggesting that we are all a little bit ungrateful to WHMCS. Let me put things into perspective. You can afford to thank WHMCS team for the simple reason that you have never been affected by their many inexplicable decisions and general immobility. Your job consists in creating templates. What could go wrong with that? Nothing compared to what companies like Modulesgarden, me or any other developer faces on a daily basis. Have you ever invested 3 months of your time to figure out how to overcome a critical bug that exists from years? A bug that would take minutes to fix but WHMCS doesn't seem to care. Now imagine this happens every day and that on every new release of WHMCS you have to start over facing new bugs that adds up to old ones. Do you think is normal that a company of the size of Modulesgarden is forced to face this sort of things on every major release of this software? I had shivers down my spine on every update since I was pretty much sure I had to re-test old bugs & workarounds and face new ones. Not to mention reinventing the wheel due to WHMCS discontinuing features to introduce new defective ones. You don't know anything about that since you never committed yourself to coding modules on this platform. I assure you that is a painful experience. You can never sit down and have a normal day. There's always a new bug or a poorly designed feature to face. Templates don't give this sort of problems. Just think about it. Where all developers gone? Why WHMCS has so many abandoned modules? Most devs moved to another markets. You can count the remaining few on the fingers of one hand and they keep disappearing. That being said, now we have this massive price increase during covid and for no reason. Usually when companies increases prices, they explain you the reasons. What we have here? Nothing. Same bugs, same immobility, same attitude and the certainty that they will continue to ignore us. Thanks team WHMCS? I'll pass. As for providers, they've been milked from years. First by Plesk then cPanel and now WHMCS. They can't even freely migrate somewhere else as WebPros will surely buy every competitor as soon as they become tasty. The only solution I see is looking for an open source & free software that doesn't exist yet.
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