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    Like I said multiple times on this community (I'm boring 😟), first off make sure that WP and WHMCS stay on two separate hosting packages for security reasons. Why? Long story short if someone cracks your WP also your WHMCS is compromised. The problem is that WP is intrinsically less secure for a number of reasons (very popular among people and lamers, huge number of third party components available...). I'd like to underline another aspect but first let me say that I'm not trying to promote anything or change your idea. I'm just sharing with you my experience with WHMCS. I dislike a lot the use of Wordpress, Drupal or any other CMS to overcome the lacks of WHMCS. In the short run using WP looks a great idea but let's focus on the big-picture this for a second. Having two systems to handle the same website could be a frustrating experience. The idea of having to focus on two separate admin interface doesn't look promising. It's already hard to keep an eye on WHMCS, all servers you have (cP, Plesk, DA...), registrars. With WP we're adding another variable to equation. That's distracting You'll find yourself repeating the same operations on WHMCS and WP so that they always look the same or similar year after year. For example you'll have to produce two "versions" of your template. One that works for WHMCS and the other for WP As if keeping secure and updated WHMCS with all modules, addons and servers wasn't enough, now you also need to take care of WP In conclusion installing WP for sure is the fastest way to get what you need. You just need to work on it for X weeks, install Y and Z and cross your fingers hoping that an update of WHMCS or WP doesn't force you to spend hours to fix something that no longer works as expected. I had to deal things like WP + WHMCS for years and this combo made me waste countless number of hours. Personally I decided to follow another path. Instead of installing another CMS to "complete" WHMCS and waste time and patience in the long run, I added all the missing pieces to WHMCS since it has tons of hooks and API to work with. Take what I just said with a grain of salt. This was just my opinion. Using WP doesn't hurt anyone 🙂
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    Welcome to WHMCS.Community YeapGuy! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.
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    try... #ticketreplies a.autoLinked {background: #FF99FF;} that would give any link in the reply a pink highlighter background... 😲
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    I totally agree with @Kian. Firstly have to say I an not an advanced user and also not a programmer, but the first decision I took from the beginning is to have my website and WHMCS on separate hosting, and no way to move it, only a link from my website to WHMCS hosting. Not only regarding security (for security issues I am using a Managed VPS on a big reputable hosting provider to reduce risks and also I know it is not 100% safe). WHMCS platform deals with sensitive information, like clients profile, gateway payment, etc, and this platform should be online >99%, so why to mix things and increase the risks of have all mess up and a change of system down due to possible some conflict and some wrong maintenance not planned. You could loose money because future client finds your website down, and currently clients you had acquire starts thinking if your website or sometimes down, you are not so good like they though. WHMCS has updates 2 or 3 updates during every year, so why takes risks involving another system together. Taking Kian advice will avoid possible future issues, that will compensate costs regarding one more hosting account.👍
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    it doesn't use an email template and that email is hard-coded internally to WHMCS... two thoughts.. if you are using PHP Mail for your email settings, I think it will show the client's IP in the header - specifically in the X-PHP-Script setting output... I can't recall if the same applies when using SMTP to send. perhaps you could add just jQuery/JS to the form to add the client's IP value to the message string before it sends to WHMCS ? all that said, there's nothing to stop a user hiding their IP by any number of methods - so there's no guarantee that any value you receive for their IP address, by any method, would be accurate.
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    @peaceharbor that indicates your child six theme is out of date 🙂 Updating it to match the default six theme and applying your customisations should help
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    We are pleased to announce the launch of the WHMCS 7.8 public beta. New features in WHMCS 7.8 include support for Multiple Pay Methods for Clients, a New and Improved Server Sync Tool, Free Time-Based Token Two-Factor Authentication, Client Area Password Generator, Server Setup Auto-complete, Automated Ticket Attachment Pruning and more... Join the beta to try it out today! To learn more about what's new, please visit the WHMCS 7.8 Preview Site Take part in the beta Be among the first to try out the new features and functionality by getting involved in the beta today. Our public beta program gives you direct access to try our early pre-production releases and help test and contribute to the development process. To get started, you can download WHMCS 7.8 or upgrade to it using the Automatic Updater today. As always, Beta releases are intended for testing only and are not recommended for production use. Download | Release Notes | Upgrade Instructions | Changelog
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    Welcome to WHMCS.Community nathphotographs! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.
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    I wasn't taking for granted that you had tried to delete the currencies from inside WHMCS.... there are many ways to delete them - some not advisable... 🙂 I assumed that the queries used on that page, both pricing table and search results, would only be in the current currency and not all of them - seems a little unnecessary to me if it's doing that.
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    If deleting currencies helped, this is likely a MySQL issue as doing so would reduce the number of queries needed to display the pricing and process the request. The likely next step would be a general tuneup of MySQL on your server. As a starting point, you may want to set max_connections to a low value like 50 and increase based on your available RAM. Other important setting are wait_timeout (at least 600, so MySQL doesn't drop connections too soon), table_definition_cache (at least 5000), sort_buffer (2-4M seems to be good), read_buffer (2-4M seems to be good) and max_allowed_packet (16M is usually fine). Note: in MySQL, "M" means megabytes. Once this has been done, restart MySQL and let it run for at least 48 hours. Then you can look into something like MySQLTuner to do an automatic check and see if it makes any suggestions on improvements: http://mysqltuner.com/ As always with MySQL, the above are just general starting guidelines. Ultimately, the best possible performance will require a thorough review and optimization by a qualified database administrator, but this should at least be a good start.
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    We're now at version 2.2.72 and I'm starting to hate European Union 😑 Crazy Europe Monaco is not an EU Member State but it's part of France territory for VAT purposes therefore it works like an Intra-EU country. As if it wasn't enough it uses French VAT numbers that start with FR prefix even though its country code is MC. VIES wants VAT Numbers with FR prefix but Italian Revenue Agency wants MC for electronic invoicing. Isle of Man is another country, place, territory, planet, star, universe, TV series (I don't care anymore) that loves to complicate things. It's a tax haven blacklisted (or gray listed) by EU and a territory of UK that is going to leave EU (how? when?). What about Greece? Its ISO code is GR but loves to call himself EL. Austria? AT? Nope, ATU. San Marino? Let's just say that they love to "talk" with Italian Revenue Agency of a specific italian city! Cyprus British overseas territory? I stop here. Apart from my rant, the good news is that the latest version of BX handles Monaco and Isle of Man properly. All other stuff like Greece and Austria were already supported. I perfectly understand why WHMCS doesn't want to deal with billing. Wise choice! 👍
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    yeah, looks like the array is slightly different than it was years ago... it's fixable, but i'll leave it until v7.8 comes out of beta, just in case there are further cart changes in that release that affect this.
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    The template system used by WHMCS makes it easy to add extra variables wherever extra information should be displayed. In this example I'll demonstrate how to add the Client ID to the invoice page. This same process can be used to display any bit of available client data to almost any client area page. 1. Locate the template relating to the page you wish to modify. In this example I'm using viewinvoice.tpl. Template files are located in the /templates/*your active template*/ directory. I recommend making customisations to a custom template to ensure they are maintained following an update. More details are located here: https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/getting-started/ 2. At the top of the file, add the following code: {debug} Save the file and upload it to the server. 3. Visit the page in your browser, and you'll see a popup appear. This contains all the template variables and language strings available on this page. Identify the variable you want to use, in this case it's the $clientsdetails array I need because it contains the userid: 4. If the variable to use is a simple key-value pair, then it can be output simply by adding the merge field like this to the template file: {$filename} However in this example the client userid is contained within an array. So the format to add to viewinvoice.tpl is: {$clientsdetails.userid} Add the merge field into the template wherever you'd like to display the extra variables. I've added it beneath the client's name: 5. Once you're happy, remove the {debug} tag, save and upload the template file. Et Voila! The Client ID is now displayed on the invoice page: ProTip: This also works for email templates too! Sent the email to a client, then view the message via Utilities > Logs > Email Log. For further reading, please refer to https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/variables/ Feel free to modify it to suit your needs and I hope it helps! 
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    If you meditate it a minute or two, you will discover that the new price structure charging for EVERY extra panel... IS NOT A FEE. IT LOOKS MORE LIKE A TAX: cPanel will charge YOU some kind of tax for having too many accounts in YOUR server, where enabling a new account does not represent any extra job or effort for them, because the new account is just a collection of configuration files sharing the same engine that is already installed. Wanna know another issue this new price creates? If a company owns dozens of cPanel servers with a varying rate of new/exiting customers, how can one sleep peacefully if the monthly subscription of lots of its servers will vary every month? Just imagine the chaos with the PayPal subscriptions. This means having to closely monitor the monthly expenses and due dates to add enough funds to cover the payments, or recreating those subscriptions from time to time due to the price variations. This absolutelly don't happen with the current price scheme.
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    This is a sad day for the hosting industry. cPanel has a monopoly in the industry and they are squeezing out whatever they can. This is not a price hike, it's holding us hostage.
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    Welcome to the May 2019 WHMCS.Community Wrapup, highlighting some of the most popular content during the month, asking for your feedback and giving a sneak peek of whats ahead for the community. Feel free to reply to the thread with any questions you have! @WHMCS ChrisD WHMCS.Community Manager WHMCS.Community May 2019 Statistics at a glance: 378 new members joined WHMCS.Community 320 new topics where created 1,049 replies were crafted by WHMCS.Community Members WHMCS.Community Leaderboard Brian leads the board on 28 reputation points, closely followed by Kian on 25 and our own WHMCS John rounding it out on 5 points. Remember to keep using Post Reactions to help surface the best content in the community. On our Blog - Grow your revenue with an Affiliate Program Your biggest marketing asset can be your own customer base - people trust advice from family and friends who have actually used your services more than anyone else. So given that, one of the best ways to grow your business is often by offering an affiliate program that incentivises your own customers to promote your brand and services. Check out the full post from @WHMCS Lia on the WHMCS Blog Here Introducing our Newest Gearhead This month we expanded our Gearhead program to include @Kian as our newest member. A GearHead is a member of the community who is a champion of the WHMCS software. A GearHead is hand-picked by the WHMCS.Community Staff. We look for individuals who are long-standing activists in the community, courteous to other members, always providing technical insight and advice, and generally helping to make our community a better place to learn, troubleshoot, and advance. We're always looking at possible new members for the program. Could you be next? ICYMI - WHMCS Live Chat Update In case you missed it, we've released a new update to WHMCS Live Chat, featuring improved chat widget themes, performance & speed enhancements both in the widget and when accepting chats, new sounds updated language packs and more! WHMCS Live Chat is developed in partnership with ChatStack, bringing WHMCS users a powerful integrated live chat solution that includes a Windows Desktop Client to monitor visitors and handle chats, + iPhone and Android Apps for while on the go. Lean more in the post below Popular Content from May Thanks for reading! That's the WHMCS.Community Wrapup for May 2019! As always the WHMCS.Community Moderation team are here to assist you please feel free to make a post in the WHMCS.Community Assistance board for private one-to-one discussions or post if you'd like a public discussion please feel free to post in the Feedback board
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    Check out our current promotions available to MarketConnect users:
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    Hey all, I've noted this thread in the internal case log and have asked internally if we can look at the priority on this one 🙂
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    why avoid it? WHMCS make no coding checks on the modules listed in Marketplace (and they don't claim to), so it's just a convenient directory of links to third-party developers of modules that you purchase at your own risk - there's no difference between getting a module listed in Marketplace, or finding an addon via Google... as soon as users understand that, and visit there with their eyes wide open, the better it will be for them. the golden rules to follow are:- only install third-party addons when absolutely necessary. obtain them from trusted developers. if a developer gives poor support, post a review in Marketplace to warn others - more so, if you believe a module has caused a security issue. don't update WHMCS until you know there are updates available for all installed addons. WHMCS are not going to be able to resolve this situation, so the market will decide and the more true reviews there are posted on Marketplace, the better it will be for everyone.
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    WHMCS and Symantec would like to invite you to this exclusive 60-minute live webinar: PROFIT BY SELLING SSL & TLS 1st November 9am PDT | 11am CDT | 4pm GMT Join WHMCS and Symantec's Trust Strategist Jeff Barto as he covers everything you need to profit from selling SSL / TLS, from the very basics of technology, onward to demonstrating a compelling customer need, and upward to improving the bottom line by offering SSL / TLS Certificates within your portfolio. During this session, you will learn: - What SSL / TLS are and how they work - Different options for SSL Certificates plus use cases for each - The timely need for security with your customers’ websites - How to maximize profit and be successful with SSL / TLS ABOUT JEFF BARTO Jeff is a trust strategist and website security advocate. He’s passionate about establishing and projecting fundamental trust on the internet. Jeff leverages the synergy of his decades of experience in technology marketing and IT/security at BBDO, infoUSA, Applied Materials, Symantec, HP, and Norton. Having spoken in keynotes and panels at ISSA and InfraGard events, World Hosting Days, the Online Trust Alliance’s trust summit, and a host of e-Commerce focused events such as Internet Retailer, Online Retailer, and shop.org, Jeff delivers an impassioned and motivating perspective for maximizing the business value – and rewards – of trust, confidence and security.
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