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    Like I said multiple times on this community (I'm boring 😟), first off make sure that WP and WHMCS stay on two separate hosting packages for security reasons. Why? Long story short if someone cracks your WP also your WHMCS is compromised. The problem is that WP is intrinsically less secure for a number of reasons (very popular among people and lamers, huge number of third party components available...). I'd like to underline another aspect but first let me say that I'm not trying to promote anything or change your idea. I'm just sharing with you my experience with WHMCS. I dislike a lot the use of Wordpress, Drupal or any other CMS to overcome the lacks of WHMCS. In the short run using WP looks a great idea but let's focus on the big-picture this for a second. Having two systems to handle the same website could be a frustrating experience. The idea of having to focus on two separate admin interface doesn't look promising. It's already hard to keep an eye on WHMCS, all servers you have (cP, Plesk, DA...), registrars. With WP we're adding another variable to equation. That's distracting You'll find yourself repeating the same operations on WHMCS and WP so that they always look the same or similar year after year. For example you'll have to produce two "versions" of your template. One that works for WHMCS and the other for WP As if keeping secure and updated WHMCS with all modules, addons and servers wasn't enough, now you also need to take care of WP In conclusion installing WP for sure is the fastest way to get what you need. You just need to work on it for X weeks, install Y and Z and cross your fingers hoping that an update of WHMCS or WP doesn't force you to spend hours to fix something that no longer works as expected. I had to deal things like WP + WHMCS for years and this combo made me waste countless number of hours. Personally I decided to follow another path. Instead of installing another CMS to "complete" WHMCS and waste time and patience in the long run, I added all the missing pieces to WHMCS since it has tons of hooks and API to work with. Take what I just said with a grain of salt. This was just my opinion. Using WP doesn't hurt anyone πŸ™‚
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    aah it's a pity you want a hook, it would just be one line of Smarty code in the clientsummary template. 😞 it's going to be a variation on a hook that i've given you previously... <?php # Change No Domain String In Client Summary Page Hook # Written by brian! function client_summary_change_nodomain_hook($vars) { if ($vars['filename'] == 'clientssummary') { $productsummary = $vars['productsummary']; foreach($productsummary as $key => $product) { if($product['domain'] == "(No Domain)") { $productsummary[$key]['domain'] = "something else"; } } return array("productsummary" => $productsummary); } } add_hook("AdminAreaPage", 1, "client_summary_change_nodomain_hook"); realistically, if you're still using the first hook, then you should just need to add that if($product block of code above to it, but both hooks should work separately if they have to.
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    try... #ticketreplies a.autoLinked {background: #FF99FF;} that would give any link in the reply a pink highlighter background... 😲
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    it's not v7.7.0 standard_cart checkout.tpl as i've just done a comparison and there are multiple differences... but there are no differences between your template code posted above and v7.8b1 standard_cart checkout.tpl
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    if you want to change the reply background color... #ticketreplies .reply {background-color: #f7fafd;} give it another hex code value and if it doesn't work, add important! to it.
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    I don't think you can open a ticket with a custom status - you need to open it, and then change it later... so two thoughts spring to mind... a coding solution might be a TicketOpenAdmin hook (so it runs just as you submit the ticket) - in that hook, you check the value of the dept name or ID; if it's TTD, then you run a update on the db record for this ticket and change it's status from Open to OfficeTTD... that db update could be done by a number of methods, e.g capsule update or Update TIcket API etc. a possible built-in way might be to use Ticket Escalations and get the cron to change the ticket status after x minutes, e.g create a rule for tickets in TTD, that are open, to change their status to OTTD after x minutes - i'm assuming that the ticket status change is not so desperately urgent it needs to be done immediately... but if it does, then you'd need to use a hook. the faith you have in WHMCS is really quite touching. πŸ˜ƒ
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    Have you ever test Official Project management add-on. You can create a project name called Things to Do and then assign different tasks for different staff. You can also add some notes on each tasks or messages for entire project. it is also possible to assign a ticket or create new ticket. Personally I have create some personal rules or strategies to take take advantages of this official add-on. I usually used it every day to follow every daily company tasks or things to do. When a tasks are concluded we can tick as done, we can set time for tasks, so each staff have time line to finish that task. I know it is not exactly what you are looking for, but share this idea can also see what others are doing and learn and improve our ideas. In WHMCS 7.8 we can see % completed on every project, so basically I am using project manager for creating project for clients and also for a lot daily needs: - Client project - Staffs Timesheet - Follow-up company bill payment to never forget pay an bill on time, especially if it is important to be paid on time. So I have Things to Do setup for Support department, Sales Department, and even for Full Admin so every department knows exactly what is pending after login. Good news you can create Task template to applied according to your needs. My case I already have tasks to be followed by Staff until December. So When I go for vacation I know staff knows exactly what to do and timeline for doing that. PS: with project management widget you can set ensure what staff will see after they logged in. Perhaps could be a better third module out there, but with official module you only pay onetime 99 dollar and also you know you will had it until WHMCS exists. Lets wait to see what others are doing πŸ˜‰
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    take a look at the tblemails database table, e.g using phpmyadmin, and see if the table is empty, or doesn't contain any records for users that you know have had emails sent.
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    it doesn't use an email template and that email is hard-coded internally to WHMCS... two thoughts.. if you are using PHP Mail for your email settings, I think it will show the client's IP in the header - specifically in the X-PHP-Script setting output... I can't recall if the same applies when using SMTP to send. perhaps you could add just jQuery/JS to the form to add the client's IP value to the message string before it sends to WHMCS ? all that said, there's nothing to stop a user hiding their IP by any number of methods - so there's no guarantee that any value you receive for their IP address, by any method, would be accurate.
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    in terms of Six & SC, I think it's three templates - checkout, clientareadetails and clientregister. impossible, sir ? impossible ?? πŸ˜‰ their logic must be so that it's simpler for a user to change the string from the admin area as opposed to using Language Overrides (as they do everywhere else) - it's a little inconsistent as the more logical way in my eyes would have been to just make it a language string and tell user to use overrides to change it... but multilingual is seemingly not the first thought of those writing WHMCS. πŸ™„ I can't see why not, but wouldn't it be easier to use an action hook... πŸ™‚ <?php # Translate Email Marketing Opt-In String Hook # Written by brian! function translate_marketing_optin_string_hook($vars) { $marketing_message = $vars['marketingEmailOptInMessage']; if (!in_array(Lang::trans('marketingEmailOptInMessage'),array($marketing_message,'marketingEmailOptInMessage'))) { $marketing_string = Lang::trans('marketingEmailOptInMessage'); return array("marketingEmailOptInMessage" => $marketing_string); } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1, "translate_marketing_optin_string_hook"); add_hook("ClientAreaPageProfile", 1, "translate_marketing_optin_string_hook"); add_hook("ClientAreaPageRegister", 1, "translate_marketing_optin_string_hook"); and you'll also need to define the override string for each language that you want to modify... $_LANG['marketingEmailOptInMessage'] = "to be or not to be, that is the question."; so, if I modified the English language overrides file with the above string, English users would then see... if I did the same in the Italian overrides file (translation from Google - don't blame me!)... $_LANG['marketingEmailOptInMessage'] = "Vorremmo inviarti notizie, informazioni e offerte speciali occasionali via e-mail. Per iscriverti alla nostra mailing list, seleziona la casella qui sotto È possibile disdire in qualsiasi momento."; ... Italian users would see... if the user chooses an unmodified language, e.g one that you haven't translated this marketing string to their language, they will be shown the default string from general settings. πŸ™‚ I did give the v7.8 beta a quick look, and I think this feature still works the same as with v7.7 - in that the string is modifiable only via general settings.
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    @Hickman.io Is there a http_client.log file in the /logs folder that may need to be set to 0655 or 0777
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    the capsule equivalent would be... $orderid = Capsule::table('tblorders')->where('invoiceid','{YOUR_INVOICE_ID}')->value('id'); if you wanted ordernum instead, you would change ->value('id') to ->value('ordernum')
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    This query provides Order ID and Order Number using Invoice ID as input parameter. SELECT id, ordernum FROM tblorders WHERE invoiceid = '{YOUR_INVOICE_ID}' LIMIT 1
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    SMS Manager is an advanced SMS System which offers you the ability to automatically send SMS Messages to your clients on certain events (such as: SMS for client login, SMS for new invoice, SMS for overdue invoice, etc.). This system also gives you the ability to provide your customers and admins with two-factor authentication, which will send a code to your clients/admins phone upon login, and before proceeding to the client area/admin area, you would need to enter the provided code. The SMS Manager offers many features which are beneficial to many companies who use WHMCS as their billing system. 1. Client Login - Send an SMS to your client when someone logs into their account 2. Client Registration - Let your clients know that their account is setup and that they will receive SMS Alerts 3. Client Password Change - Alert your client when their password has been changed to their client area 4. Client Affiliate Activation - Notify your client that their affiliate account has been activated 5. Client Two-factor Authentication - Allow your clients to enable two-factor authentication offering them another layer of security via. SMS 6. Invoice Created - Alert your client that an invoice has been generated 7. Invoice Paid - Thank your client for the payment 8. Invoice Reminder - Let your client know that the invoice is almost due 9. Invoice First Overdue - Let your client know that their invoice is now overdue 10. Invoice Second Overdue - Remind your client that the invoice is overdue 11. Invoice Third Overdue - Send another reminder that the invoice is still overdue 12. Module Create - Notify your client that their service is now active 13. Module Suspend - Alert your client that the service is suspended 14. Module Un-suspend - Notify your client that the service is now reactivated 15. Module Password Change - Alert your client that their service password has been changed 16. Cancellation Request - Let your client know that you have received their cancellation request 17. Domain Registration - Let your client know that their domain is successfully registered 18. Domain Transfer - Let your client know that you have transferred their domain name to your company 19. Domain Renewal - Notify your client that their domain has been renewed 20. Support Ticket Open - Notify your client that a support ticket has been opened on their account 21. Support Ticket Response - Notify your client that you have responded to their ticket 22. Support Ticket Close - Notify your client that the support ticket has been closed 23. Enable and disable individual features from the above list 24. Set your own personalized message for each SMS message which is sent 25. Search clients, and view all sent SMS Messages 26. Resend SMS Messages which have previously been sent 27. Send manual SMS Messages to any mobile number with a custom message 28. Sender ID - Display your company name as the sender of an SMS Messages 29. Set mobile numbers for your admins, so that they can use two-factor authentication when logging in to the admin area 30. Clients can opt-out of SMS Notification 31. Clients can enable/disable two-factor authentication 32. Admin chooses which SMS Messages a client can/will receive Currently supports: Clickatell Text Marketer BulkSMS Sendpk Screenshots: Click Here Sale Price: Owned License: $21.99 Click Here The next ten (10) people who purchase this SMS Manager Module will get 5.00 off the Sales Price. To get this 5.00 discount, you must use this discount code, SMSManager, when you order.
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    In my own opinion, I feel people are blowing it way out of proportion. Only the hosts that are offering hosting for $1 will suffer, and so they should. All you need to do is add the $0.10/12 or $0.20 into the hosting package or absorb the pennies, surely you are profiting enough to lose a maximum of 20 cents per account. I completely agree that jumping from per server to per account pricing is absurd, the way they've done it is terrible i.e. overnight. Nonetheless, it's not a huge issue, if you like cPanel and respect them, deal with it, else find somewhere else to take your business. WHMCS will have to react to this change since they are apart of cPanel. However, WHMCS already counts the users on each server under the "Product/Services -> Servers" area. Not sure how that will work with external license providers, such as BuycPanel and others. Just my 2c 🧐
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    I really hope cPanel reconsider those price policy as it's ridiculous. and will seriously damage the hosting industry. Also, please WHMCS don't take the same measures.
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    This is a sad day for the hosting industry. cPanel has a monopoly in the industry and they are squeezing out whatever they can. This is not a price hike, it's holding us hostage.
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    Check out our current promotions available to MarketConnect users:
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    Dear Customers, We are thrilled to announce that WHMCS is joining the WebPros family. Following in the footsteps of Plesk and cPanel, WHMCS becomes the latest company to join WebPros exciting and growing group of companies that power the web hosting industry. Established in 2005 by CEO Matt Pugh, WHMCS is the leading web hosting billing and automation platform. WHMCS was started with the idea that selling web hosting could be made better for consumers and more efficient through automation. By combining customer management, billing and support tools into a single package, coupled with easy extensibility, today we help over 40,000 businesses scale and succeed in today's competitive web hosting market. In 2012, WHMCS partnered with cPanel to enable us to work more closely and deliver a better experience to our many mutual customers. Today's announcement and news means we'll be able to work even more closely with cPanel, as well as our good friends at Plesk and SolusVM, giving us the opportunity to enhance the integration between all our products to create a more seamless and integrated experience for everyone. "I am looking forward to working with the teams at WebPros to deliver better software and user experiences to both our direct customers and the customers of our customers" said Matt Pugh, CEO of WHMCS. "I also want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our customers for putting your trust in us over the last 15 years and bringing us to where we are today." "For us, it's business as usual.", said Matt. "The same team remains in place, and we will continue to deliver the same high-quality product and experience you've come to expect. We have always strived to provide the most powerful, feature rich and reliable platform for you to operate your business from, and this commitment remains as strong as ever." Based in the UK and with offices in Houston TX, WHMCS employs a team of 28 people and powers over 40,000 businesses with a combined end user base of over 75 million customers in more than 140 countries. For discussion, please use Original Announcement: https://blog.whmcs.com/133551/whmcs-is-joining-webpros
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    Hey all, I've noted this thread in the internal case log and have asked internally if we can look at the priority on this one πŸ™‚
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    why avoid it? WHMCS make no coding checks on the modules listed in Marketplace (and they don't claim to), so it's just a convenient directory of links to third-party developers of modules that you purchase at your own risk - there's no difference between getting a module listed in Marketplace, or finding an addon via Google... as soon as users understand that, and visit there with their eyes wide open, the better it will be for them. the golden rules to follow are:- only install third-party addons when absolutely necessary. obtain them from trusted developers. if a developer gives poor support, post a review in Marketplace to warn others - more so, if you believe a module has caused a security issue. don't update WHMCS until you know there are updates available for all installed addons. WHMCS are not going to be able to resolve this situation, so the market will decide and the more true reviews there are posted on Marketplace, the better it will be for everyone.
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    Hi Everyone, Providing threads with little information about the issue you are experiencing makes it harder for not just WHMCS Staff to help you but other WHMCS.Community members as well. When you don't provide a detailed overview you may end up with either a lot of questions being asked of you to determine the root cause and gather more information or no answer to your question at all. This can be frustrating and lead to you having a negative experience on the Community. The purpose of this thread is to help other WHMCS.Community Members help you quickly and effectively. 1. Do a quick search WHMCS.Community has a wealth of information that has been gathered in the last few years that means there might already be an answer to your question. Before posting, take a moment to do a quick search in the top right-hand corner of the community. Other than search WHMCS has some other great resources to these include our Documentation , Guides & Tutorials & our Developer Documentation to name a few. 2. Thread Title - Make it relevant The thread title is the first thing people see when browsing the community, this is your chance to provide a quick snapshot of the issue, so a subject matter expert can jump in and help you Thread titles like the below are more useful: Broken payment gateway page after installing 3rd party module. How do I set my configuration.php file to read-only clientarea.php returns error 500 Setup > Products > Domain Registrars broken with PHP 7 Than thread titles like these: Payment Gateway Broken Permissions to Read Only Error 500 Domain Registrars broke 3. Make use of tags - Include your version Hot Tip: Put the WHMCS version number you are using as a tag e.g 7.3.1 Tags are just as important as the title these are used as filters and are another way to quickly and easily determine what the thread is about. Tags like Domain Registrars, eNom, OpenSRS, Payment Gateways, eWAY, PayPal, Stripe, Client Area, Invoices are all useful tags remember to separate your tags with commas. Putting useful tags is one way you can help people understand what you need help with and for people who know that functionality to help you quickly If you'd like to learn more about tags check out 4. Detail & Reproduction Steps Detail is of paramount importance, the more detail you provide the better include information such as: The error messages you are receiving on screen, in module logs, or server logs, remember to say which log it's in Note: For users with admin panel access enable display errors under Setup > General Settings > Other > Display Errors, If you cant access your admin area add the following line to the end of your configuration.php file $display_errors = true; Provide detailed reproduction steps The action you where taking The screen you where on The error/output you received The output server/module/gateway logs showing What module/server/gateway you are using What you expected to happen What actually happened What you have done to try and resolve the issue Tell us about your environment - everyone has a slightly different setup, remember to include things such as Your WHMCS Version number Your PHP version & IonCube Loader Your PHP Memory & Timeout Limits (when relevant) Are you running Linux, Windows, Mac? What Distro If your issue is with a template or a template display issue Try the default Six theme To do this, use an URL such as http://www.yourdomain.com/whmcs/?systpl=six Try the default Standard_Cart theme To do this, use an URL such as http://www.yourdomain.com/whmcs/?carttpl=Standard_Cart Anything else that you think is relevant 5. Use the CODE box when pasting code or log outputs When pasting any code into a thread remember to click the code icon box first it's in your editor toolbar at the top of the thread. We recommend using the code box when pasting logs as well. 6. Remove personal information This might sound obvious but you'd be surprised how often people forget! Please remember to remove/hide/blur any personally identifiable information such as Usernames, Emails, Passwords & IPs from text logs & images. Posting this information on the community is a security risk. If you forget to do it or you come across any personal information please use the Report Post button in the top right to alert our moderation team to it. 7. Seeking support elsewhere? Have you already opened a ticket? Remember to include your Ticket ID this will allow our WHMCS.Community Staff to check your ticket and let the support team know that you've got a thread on the community as well. 8. Problem solved? Tell us how Remember, when your problem is solved please take the time to let us know in the thread, provide details on how it was solved and anything relevant this will help future community users experiencing a similar issue get the answer quickly! That's it! Thanks for reading! That's all we have for now we hope this helps you get the most out of the Troubleshooting Issues board Have I missed something out? Ideas for how to make threads even more useful? Let me know in the Feedback Thread linked below!
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    WHMCS and Symantec would like to invite you to this exclusive 60-minute live webinar: PROFIT BY SELLING SSL & TLS 1st November 9am PDT | 11am CDT | 4pm GMT Join WHMCS and Symantec's Trust Strategist Jeff Barto as he covers everything you need to profit from selling SSL / TLS, from the very basics of technology, onward to demonstrating a compelling customer need, and upward to improving the bottom line by offering SSL / TLS Certificates within your portfolio. During this session, you will learn: - What SSL / TLS are and how they work - Different options for SSL Certificates plus use cases for each - The timely need for security with your customers’ websites - How to maximize profit and be successful with SSL / TLS ABOUT JEFF BARTO Jeff is a trust strategist and website security advocate. He’s passionate about establishing and projecting fundamental trust on the internet. Jeff leverages the synergy of his decades of experience in technology marketing and IT/security at BBDO, infoUSA, Applied Materials, Symantec, HP, and Norton. Having spoken in keynotes and panels at ISSA and InfraGard events, World Hosting Days, the Online Trust Alliance’s trust summit, and a host of e-Commerce focused events such as Internet Retailer, Online Retailer, and shop.org, Jeff delivers an impassioned and motivating perspective for maximizing the business value – and rewards – of trust, confidence and security.
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    Hi, The error you are encountering indicates there are orphaned products in your WHMCS database (ie. products which are assigned to a non-existent product group). To identify the problematic product, the Utilities > Logs > Module debug Log tool can be used Please enable it, reproduce the problem, disable it again and then review the data to identify the problematic product. More detailed instructions are published at http://docs.whmcs.com/Troubleshooting_Module_Problems This can be resolved in two ways: Delete the orphaned products from the tblhosting table. OR Insert a new record into tblproductgroups with the same id as the missing product group (tblproducts.gid) value. Call it something like "Orphaned Products" so you can deal with the product as you see fit via the Setup > Products/Services> Products/Services page.

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