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    Hey, I designed and created a Game Server Hosting design in Figma, that I would like to showcase, it's not a live coded site or a site I intend to use. I am probably gonna sell it, but I want you peoples input on it. Contains: 5 pages (9 windows) High Quality Images 21 Custom Icons Any thoughts on it?
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    UPDATE 😁 I finally have time to release the whole version of the site, unfortunately the site is not finished yet
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    Hi, We will be very happy to assist you with this project. Please contact us at https://www.whmcsservices.com/customwhmcs.php Hope to hear from your
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    Hi Joel! How would you like your module to be created by a dedicated team with over 10-year expertise in WHMCS custom software development? This can be easily arranged - all you need to do is get in direct contact with our advisors to discuss the scope of your project in some further detail.
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    Hi joelj, We have checked your requirements yes we can make the custom hook WHMCS addon module for you. Please contact us here for custom development. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks
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    Hi joelj, We can help you to built that module. We are one of the best WHMCS custom module development companies. It will be great of we can talk more via skype. Our skype handle is - sushanttrikha. Or you can submit your requirements at our website - www.whmcsdigital.com
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    Before we go in-depth on what must-see new updates this week has brought so far, we would like to offer a quick reminder to all those hoping to score some extra savings at our Marketplace. Did you know we make different bargains available every single day? For example, the following modules are today being offered at a 25% cheaper price: Quotes Automation For WHMCS IBM Cloud Virtual Servers For WHMCS Google Cloud Virtual Machines For WHMCS So next time you're in a mood for some excellent "Deal Of The Week" and "Deal Of The Day" opportunities, be sure to check back at least once a day! 1. Quotes Automation For WHMCS 2.2.0 To assist you through the sensitive ordering processes even more fluently, Quotes Automation For WHMCS has just received a handful of extra novel features, finely complemented by full-scale WHMCS V8.4 compatibility. The 2.2.0 update introduces, among other things, the practical capability to choose whether clients need to log in before viewing the quote, or can access the details without doing so. Learn more about the latest update of Quotes Automation For WHMCS! 2. SMS Center For WHMCS 3.12.0 Much to our delight, you can now enjoy all the supreme benefits of Releans and Zettatel gateways right inside your system owing to the all-new SMS Center For WHMCS 3.12.0! Even with support for WHMCS V8.4 on the list of just added improvements, there’s still more major changes to be spotted in the modules’ operation. For instance, you can now disable the two-factor authentication exclusively for clients who, for some reason, have not yet provided the required phone number. Learn more about the latest update of SMS Center For WHMCS! 3. Making headway with WHMCS V8.4 tests Over the last 7 days, we managed to roll out as many as 26 new WHMCS V8.4 compatibility updates, including that of modules so interesting as Virusdie For WHMCS and Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure S3 For WHMCS. See the full record on our Forums! Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
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    It's very unlikely someone will be able to help with so little information about your issue. I don't understand it, sorry 😁 You mean you cannot log into your WHMCS customer to make a payment? What error do you get?
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    Hi @brian!, I can make instant currency update on the page, but when I browse the special pages, the foreign currency continues to show the default currency amount. How can I make the selected currency default on all pages?
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    So WHMCS honors legacy reseller agreements, but they don't honor owned sold licenses? Amazing, really. I'm baffled.
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    Hello I can't get to payment o make a account
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    I appreciate your feedback @Bigol'tastynuggets I have provided the path that you need to follow and that is the limit of what I can do, I have raised this issue with our Partner Manager and he has advised that people can reach out to him via a ticket, as was indicated this is a legacy reseller arrangement which has since been retired, you are welcome to discuss this with Johnny directly. Additionally, as this thread has now gone well and truely off topic from its original topic around the change in pricing structure, if you wish to continue discussing reseller arrangements I can split that off into its own thread.
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    Today we have released WHMCS 8.4.1 which contains bug fixes and usability improvements for the 8.4 release. WHMCS 8.4 features a new faster checkout experience for WordPress Hosting, access to SSL Certificate Site Seal Code within the WHMCS Client Area, the ability to create and manage Email Aliases with OpenXchange, improvements to the automatic updater and more. For more information about all of the new features in WHMCS 8.4, visit the What's New in WHMCS 8.4 Microsite. Getting the...View the full blog post
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    No one from staff really "worked" in this board, though they occasionally reply here. For support, you need to contact support directly.
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