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    Yes, I think over many years we saw whmcs do the total opposite of what seemed "right" or "popular" and tell us it was highly requested lol Each to their own, we certainly don't control what they do - we just pay to use the software! It's diverged beyond where we feel comfortable to trust it is still suitable and/or that we can afford to remain. Funnily enough, within 3 weeks of swapping one service we realised we hadn't been collecting VAT anywhere nearly correctly and we spent about 30 man hours sorting this years invoices in addition to the usual routine. It was also embarrassing explaining to customers why the invoice amounts had gone up by small amounts since changing billing systems. Will try and have a look at the invoices later when I get chance but I'd say that'd probably be the path of least resistance personally- I can't see whmcs chiming in to say it'll be changed or anything other than submit a feature request to be honest.
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    I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying it's not that bad for the usual interpretation of flow whmcs seem to implement! I'm quite shocked that it's not based of of the clients favourite colour and what they had for lunch a week ago! The sane approach for me would be to bring the early services up to the last date (5th of March in your example) and then bill for them all from that date - however depending upon locality this may not be an option and it could be a case of whmcs finding a middle ground to appease as many as possible (Again I'm not sure, just guessing) The only whmcs we have now is a live install and I'm pretty sure the dev installation is gone now as we've done the groundwork for migrating away- I'm just offering some alternatives for your conundrum with your client, I've lost all motivation to meddle with whmcs and wonder where it went wrong. I suspect they'll ask you to open a feature request and tell you it works "as intended" on this specific topic!
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    Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 8.4.0 release - published on 18th January 2022, that can result in an "Service Not Found" Error on the popup window when moving domains between Client Accounts.
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