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    This is coming in any case, and was already in the planning, I'd suggest. It's not based on how many leave, it's simply a climb to increase until it stops growing enough, to see how far they can push that before it slows sales and retention.
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    Imagine this - You buy a brand new car. You own the car. You intend to keep it for many years. After a couple of years, the car manufacturer announces that your car can no longer pass annual state inspections without a $200/month maintenance subscription fee. Your car still works fine. You just wouldn't be able to use it. Can you imagine that happening? That scenario would be identical to what WHMCS has done here.
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    Maybe that is on purpose. Keep increasing and pushing until the low-end budget companies are gone. They will either be very profitable with only high paying accounts, or make enough money until it's not a viable business model and just sell the whole company. People seem to forget the same investor group owns several hosting companies, and they also own WHMCS and cPanel which is what most small hosting services use to compete against the companies they own. What is better than controlling the software your competition is using? Increasing pricing forces all those lower end hosting companies to increase their pricing as well to their end users. At least those that stick. The writing was on the wall when the same group purchased both cPanel and Plesk. Then WHMCS.
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    No, they didn't forget about you at all, they explicitly identified you as a member of a class that was generating little or no revenue for WHMCS and set out to change that. They have admitted that officially in remarks like this from the CEO: You can't just pay occasionally, you have to pay all the time, even if you already bought the product outright. Heaven forbid you should only pay for what you actually get, they want more and more and more. This is what being owned by vulture capitalists gets you. They think they can't lose with that policy, either they continue to receive the same zero dollars per month from you, or you capitulate and pay monthly. I believe that the actual result is they will make less, with the "intermittent access" payers like me refusing to go monthly on principle, and the reputation damage from a lot of disgruntled customers hurting them more widely. You don't want the core of your business enmeshed with a company you can't trust, and you can no longer trust WHMCS.
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    Domains disable on their own... unless it's you to pay for the renewal. With other services, you can decide to manage them manually (Auto Release module): so service will expire, but it wil be you to decide if and when suspend/delete them. But, according my experience: big customers with big services will be as slow to pay, as you'll leave them. If you will wait six months to be paid, they'll became to pay after seven months. Then eight months. Then nine... And they became lightning fast to pay when "important services and domains" stop to work. So, in expiring domains you have a very good argument to force your customer to pay: someone need to pay, and it have to be done at the right time. If it's not so, the domain stop do be alive. (BTW: it happened that, in the past, very big companies lost important domains for missing payments... so this is a very good argument with any company. If you need a reference, cite the history of mediaset.com domain... 😉 ) Good luck!
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    Exactly. It’s not the amount that matters. I would have liked to switch right away but I’d rather do it right, even it it means sending some terribly undeserved money to WHMCS. I think we can switch before the next payment probably. We still want to put in more work so it’s not just a change but a clear improvement for our customers. WHMCS is in for a nasty surprise when all the serious companies make the jump in the next few months.
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    I agree, it'll be a few years at least until the dust truly settles! Not everyone has in-house capabilities to make a switch initially IF they want to! Whmcs/ioncube going out of business should be in everyones DR plans though and people should have mitigation incase their billing software situation went bad/got hacked/major security flaws but the same as you see people complain paypal shut them down and they can no longer operate - you're seeing people saying they're stuck! We're taking our time as we are in a good position to meet and exceed what whmcs offers us currently with the same amount of cash we'd pay in the 22/23 tax year! Provided we're done by October we'll break even by the same time next year! We could in theory switch today but we want to fully customise our new home to be a huge improvement! For me, the money is irrelevant it's the disrespectful way in which it was done that wildly offends me
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    I suspect because most licenses are owned licenses and they need money quickly.
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    Technically the took your investment in your licenses and made them valueless. I would not continue to make the differentiation you are making. They did some math, and figured out how many people will leave, figured out how much money will come in via the remaining customer base at new pricing versus previous, and cared only about the money. In 2021, success seems to simply yield greed for more. Anybody with a conscience would not have simply discarded the customers that got them here, which clearly are all of us with the owned licenses. Class and integrity in business are scarce in 2021. Greed is in great abundance.
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    If you're using the multiPHP selector to have your site run as PHP7, but the system defaults to PHP5.6, that may be it. Make sure the cron is being called correctly, as in: /opt/cpanel/ea-php73/root/usr/bin/php -q /path/to/whmcs/cron/here Of course, that sounds more like you have the old cron file from that error. 😉
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    I wish these people would be honest and just tell the truth: Such as: 'Hey we are greedy bastards, so we are jacking you all up, even the most loyal customers we have had from the start, because this is a money grab' or 'If you bought a lifetime license, you're fu*ked!' maybe even 'you can still use your lifetime license forever (or until the next php version bricks it, [insert owners' laughter here]' or better still... 'You dum-dums who bought into our company years ago, what were you stupid fu*kers thinking?' We ALL hope you get what you deserve for this move. Remember Sirius not honoring lifetime licenses? We all hope this happens to your company 10000% over https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/consumer-products/subscriptions/971878-siriusxm-to-pay-96m-to-end-lifetime-subscription-class-action/
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