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    Yes it does. The pricing clearly specifies Max. Active Clients. Unlimited clients/customers/accounts (call them how you like) was $40 a month before the increase, that $40 month is now capped to a max of 1000 active accounts. And it goes up to $300 a month for up to 10,000 accounts. Over that, you need unlimited it seems. The unlimited one is not even listed anymore because they are ashamed of telling everyone how much it costs. Think the following scenario. An active account is a person with 1 domain on his account and nothing else. That license costs more than the profits for that account. Not even going to mention someone with trials or free products, they also count as active. Any account in your WHMCS installation with 1 single product/service active counts towards the license. 10,000 for the Internet or global business is nothing. The service is worth to you? What service? WHMCS runs on my servers and pay for those servers costs, and every account or customer I register, I had to work and pay for them. WHMCS did not gave us a single account or customer and they are not paying the costs to run my website or software. This is like Windows trying to charge you for Office based on the amount of hours you had the software open regardless if you actually did something or not, or based on the amount of Word documents you create or emails you receive on Outlook. WHMCS is a software, not a service. And they assume an active account is giving you money monthly, because they surely want a profit from every active customer in your server. And I'm old enough to know how this story ends. Eventually they will try to also count subaccounts as active accounts, and then maybe even charge extra based on the amount of money you make or active products you have. At some point, they will try to charge for every single add-on and extra feature because this is clearly the path they are heading with the software.
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    Hello Everyone, I am pleased to advise that a Hotfix is now available for this issue and can be obtained via the below link. Please unzip this attachment and place the files in your WHMCS directory. If asked to overwrite any files please do so. This hotfix applies to WHMCS 8.2.1 only
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    Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 8.2.1 release - published on 13th July 2021, that can impede the collection of server meta data and account usage data for multi-Plesk server configurations.
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    Version 3.3.2 Fixed Problem with form submit after agreeFixed Problem with bootstrap 4Updated About PageAdded Auto Updated On This Module
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