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    that is true and makes much more sense that what the docs say. hmm... I wonder if a cron hook that runs after the client status sync, but before the pruning task (I assume they occur in that order), that sets a client with a positive balance to Active status.... under those circumstances, I don't think the pruning task would touch it... though whether that would impact on active client numbers and your license level i'm not sure. this is one of those features that I would never enable... though if I did need it, i'd probably write my own pruning task hook where I determine the conditions and skip the default cron task option... if the PreDeleteClient had an abort option, then that could be useful here, but then we're down the road of submitting another feature request.
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    Of course and it is actually really easy. Years ago I had a WHMCS page that was showing on Google Maps the location/address of all the authorized resellers of a provider (it was taking data from a specific client group). Openstreet is pretty much the same.
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    Sure, a module can do nearly anything if it can be coded . 😉 Check their develop page, specifically the show the map pages.
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    A feature request? I should think something like this deserves a bit more attention that a 4 year wait to see if it's an issue that needs fixing (or is in fact a feature that needs discussion).
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    Does this mean you need a Support contract to be able to change server? I mean will they still accept support tickets like this when the support contract expires of my live long license? Wouldn't it be better when the license check is Domain and DNS based in stead of IP address based. After all the IP address can be retrieved from a simple DNS query with PHP's dns_get_record which can do both A and AAAA. I mean why would it need to be manual with a support ticket? Is that to force us to have a license with support?
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    I didn't have that information but they were quite slow and unattentive to new customers, but at least its a point to start. We could code everything from scratch, which remains an option for a bit later, but for start seems like a fair deal. I think it would work for at least a year at least. Maybe until tan someone else will do something new. yes optimism dies last ... 😄
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    I take it you're a new employee and/or user of WHMCS. 🙄 https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/css-styling/ all.min.css would get overwritten during an update - the user should add any client area custom CSS to the theme's custom.css file... but always keep a backup of it.
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    Short term, month to month yes monthly is cheaper but I was looking at long term, years out -- look at my math again. Over 5 years if paying $19, it is $1140 compared to $624 . They lost over $500 in potential income for one owned license during that time. And thus is why owned / lifetime / one time pay licenses mean jack cheese to me and have not used them and with this probably wont. I'd rather pay them that $500 and perhaps then the company may not do stuff like this. (but obviously each company is different) Not sure if that is directed at me, but I never claimed it was or wasn't deception. I think stopping renewal of support / updates is a bad / wrong move -- unless they are discontinuing WHMCS it self. I do not disagree with you and I have posted on other threads here or WHT about SaaS WHMCS. At that point, if I am still using WHMCS, I would be switching to Blesta or something else -- even if I have to spend money or time and build modules or even building the system I have been thinking about for a while. Heck I can barely stand them having call homes as it is. Even before this I had started building modules that could potentially be used within other systems with coding to their own ways of doing stuff. For my use case, Blesta would only need 2 or 3 modules built to cover everything in use now and could probably get away with just 1 and figure something out for the other.
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    <?php use \WHMCS\Module\GatewaySetting; $setting = GatewaySetting::where('gateway', '=', '{gatewayname}')->where('setting', '=', '{settingname}')->first(); var_dump($setting->value); // Unencrypted value $setting->value = 'THIS WILL BE ENCRYPTED IN THE DATABASE'; // This will be encrypted before saving to the DB $setting->save();
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