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    That's the plan. The day I get rid of WHMCS and stop supporting all the nonsense I'll open source that. The only two problems are: I need to find a way to ensure that some unethical competitors don't steal the code for scammy stuff or to damage me. I have already experienced it multiple times for things ranging from SEO to my own blog and code I posted for free on Github. Shameless people. They stole my stuff, tried to take me down on Google and few weeks ago they even had the nerve to ask me to link to their website with rel="follow" so that I can pass my SEO juice to them 🤯 It's like the man who stole your car comes back to ask if you can pay for the annual vehicle inspection I'm not proud of my code in BX. The code is stupidly convoluted but that's not my fault. This is what happens when you work with the many bugs and silly things of WHMCS. It's like trying to tune an F1 car for Monaco GP and find out that it will be driven in a rally competition followed by drag race and moto GP 🤦‍♂️ The module is a cluster**** of super-long if() and hacks needed to prevent WHMCS from doing stupid things. I don't see how someone can understand/change it. I have troubles myself and every update of WHMCS forces you to play the russian roulette 😨🔫 I don't think so. How can you do that when WHMCS purposely issues invoices that make absolutely no sense? I mean, it even asks customers to pay wrong amounts. Of course you can find ways to fix such problems externally but the thing is that there will be a disrepancy between what you're recording and the reality. Fines and troubles are just around the corner.
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    the hook below should work.... <?php # Change MarketConnect Addons Links Hook v1.0 # Written by brian! function change_marketconnect_addons_links_hook($vars) { if ($vars['templatefile'] == "configureproduct") { $oldurl = '/clients/store/professional-email'; $newurl = 'https://www.google.com'; $cartaddons = $vars['addonsPromoOutput']; foreach ($cartaddons as $key => $addon) { if (strpos($addon,'container-ox') !== false) { $cartaddons[$key] = str_replace($oldurl,$newurl,$addon); } } return array("addonsPromoOutput" => $cartaddons); } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1, "change_marketconnect_addons_links_hook"); the only two things that you should need to change are the values for $oldurl and $newurl - $oldurl will be the current value in the href (which you can see by viewing the source of the page in the browser), and $newurl will be the URL that you want the link to use.
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