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    oh absolutely - as soon as it's transferred, there is no difference whether it was registered or transferred... WHMCS will (subject to the cron running) create a renewal invoice for it at the appropriate time, e.g x days before it's next due date.
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    Nope, a dispute is not necessary. Registrant just needs to prove his identity to Registrar, and the Registrar is required to give him some way to manage his domain. Every TLD and every Registry have his own rules, but check i.e. ICANN rules about common gTLD: ruled obligations are between registrar and registrant, the reseller may stay in the middle, but if he disappears registrar and registrant have direct intercourse. I.e. about Publicdomainregistry (Directi): registrant just need to go to this page: https://publicdomainregistry.com/compliance/ and compile the form to get in touch with Registrar and get the control of his domain. And EVERY Registrar on this planet have some kind of procedure like this.
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    Thanks for posting this! I'd believed WHMCS when they said it was no longer possible to create custom APIs so it's nice to see how I can still manage it.
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    Hi all, This thread appears to have reached it's natural conclusion and is drifting away from the original topic of the price changes. As a result I've tidied up the off-topic posts and will now close this thread. Thanks 🙂
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    It is a "feature" of WHMCS that causes billing errors. It can't be disabled and there's no workaround. According to WHMCS having empty invoices or ones with wrong amounts is an elegant solution to avoid another problem (I won't explain it). The funny thing is that this crazyness doesn't even anything. The problem they were trying to address with this solution still occurs.
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