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    Not sure about you, but I did not agree to profit sharing. Someone having 10, 100, 5000, or a million clients does not mean WHMCS loses money because their costs do not go up when mine do. The only potential for costs on their side going up is support and if that is the case then they can simply limit the number of tickets per month or per year. Plenty of businesses that do software limit the number of tickets and I would prefer that over seat pricing any day. Seat pricing is needed in some cases, like where the demand is low for a product.
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    Yes, that's correct. I think, for myself at least, it's being forced off the owned license that's really sticking in my throat. That, and the way it was done were not at all friendly towards long term customers. It was a kick in the teeth, and they're basing cost on something that has nothing to do with the operation at their end and costs them nothing. We are being charged more simply because we're using it and have seen some success in business, so it's a money grab (and increases will continue).
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    In terms of alternatives I'll throw in WooCommerce. We've been doing a lot of WooCommerce projects in the last years and always thought about migrating from WHMCS to WooCommerce. As we did all our hosting integrations for InternetX, LiveConfig (control panel) and Proxmox ourselves anyway it won't be too hard to migrate that into some custom WordPress/Woocommerce plugins. We already built a prototype using ACF Pro, CPT UI Extended, Admin Menu Editor Pro and AdminColumns Pro and are pretty surprised how good this all works. Especially since WooCommerce combined with Germanized Pro here in Germany does really work better in terms of privacy / DSGVO than WHMCS ever will. Combined with ElasticPress, WooCommerce Custom Orders Table and maybe even WooCommerce Product Tables this should even work for larger providers. In fact I know one of our partners (50.000+ hosting clients) moved from Blesta to WP/Woo some time ago and is still happy with its custom solution. It might sound a bit unconventional at first, and it's not for everybody. You definitely need to be able to code your own WordPress plugins. After some intensive testing in the last days I'm pretty sure all WHMCS can do can be done with Wordpress, WooCommerce, some premium plugins and some custom built plugins. And after all, it's all Open Source and not as much of a "lock-in" as WHMCS is.
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    We are exclusive only to top-quality custom software development. 😉
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    I was being a bit of a nuisance and getting in there before whmcs announce the per email sent charges 🤪
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    Much higher than they deserve! Especially as they hide from the community
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    No support, fine, we all have google...BUT... when an update in an addon mod makes your version not compatible or unusable... that is a problem. I have quite a few addons and I am constantly upgrading things to work together...when one of these is no longer available, it means things soon break.
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    Same here. Fyi get into a chat on their website and they'll tell you a discount code you can use if you get one of the lifetime packages. I just got 10% off the $750 lifetime Blesta package. :)
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    If making more money does not mean more sales, which you are entirely correct, then why does WHMCS assume more active users means more profits for us? If you hire 100 people and have huge expenses, that is on you. Even if you only make $1 at the end of the month after paying all your staff. If WHMCS keeps hiring people and as such need to milk us customers more, I find this unfair, I don't need their useless support. Which is truly useless. Now they are telling me they will refuse to sell me future updates because they want to change how they bill me and make my license obsolete. I find their tactic despicable, trying to take others people business as hostage. They said more than once they would honor owned licenses. Now they are giving us the middle finger. I don't like being lied like that. They are now costing me more time once I need to move everything out of them. They will not receive one dollar from me ever again, that is for sure and sadly developers doing WHMCS modules will not either. The damage is done. Once you lose confidence, the market is done. People will not forget their tactics, not in 15 years. And changing their name and brand will not work either on a world with social networks and Internet. Why could they not just keep making money out of new customers? They seriously had to betray every person that purchased and supported them in the initial years.
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    WOW Brian! You contributed so much and you are not even in the hosting game? I will not waist my time on WHMCS again because we are leaving , but I would like to give a BIG thank-you here for all of your kind ,precious, free and better-than-WHMCS-support 's support
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    @WHMCS John any jobs going? Bigfoot seems much more on the ball than the support staff? I'm sure many will stay if you appoint him as chief spokesperson! If not, for £1300 a month he will train you!
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    Based on history of unpopular changes like this, there won't be, at least until the initial anger has faded. Historically, Cpanel and WHMCS will allow us to beat our fists against the glass for a week or two, then quietly mop up the community. The only reaction you might get will be a brief and infuriating "announcement" about how this is needed to continue to bring great things to users, and keep improving our excellent support" and so on. It will likely include something about how owned license holders were getting a far better deal because the leased users were paying more, so to bring it in line and make it fair for those paying loads more (even if it's their own doing), we will force them to pay what you pay, even though they bought the whole thing up front. Totally fair. Uh huh.
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    I'm not that surprised. I think @brian! , @bear and me included, said this for years now. Likewise, I would have no problem if they just increased their support pricing which in the end is still a subscription as I tend to always pay and keep up to date with the security patches. This new email is very deceiving because they basically say you can keep using the software, but you will not receive further security patches which is basically telling everyone "Your owned license now is worthless...). If the software was open it would be a different story but we all know that WHMCS is locked and the second there is a security hole (which is a question of time) you will have no other option but to move to their subscription option. This is something I will not do. One because I will not move to a per-customer license model, my business cannot work under that model when I even lose money for some active accounts. And Covid hit us hard, I'm hardly paying bills every month and WHMCS expects more money, cPanel expect more money, I'n done with those companies that try to squeeze my growth. The more users I have the money they want, even when I'm the one paying the server bills every month, and I never use their support. It costs the same if I have 1 customer or 10,000 because I'm the one running my hardware and paying the bills every month, not them. Their software works the same. Second, WHMCS is going the vendor lock approach for years now. Anyone in their right mind would be insane to use a locked software for their business and company because WHMCS can tomorrow say, now its $1 per customer a month and your options are none but to keep paying their fees. And per the email I received they had no warning or notification, the price change is effectively immediately. They had no intention to even let existing customers buy support packages...The email was very aggressive. It basically claims my license is not obsolete. I'm not that sad either because WHMCS is doing us all a favor. We just to move and their competitors will use the new cash flow to improve their products. Yes, we don't have all the modules but it's a question of time until a third party starts to develop a module for other products. Nobody wants a subscription closed product. I know exactly what will happen to WHMCS, in a year from now they will increase their subscription pricing. Then again... Their module market will start to die as developers move on making the whole product less worth and as they need more money they will just try to lock users into their services. WHMCS is going the subscription/service model. They are not interested in people running the software on their servers. Eventually they will not even offer a self-hosted version. The boat was sinking for years now folks. WHMCS is not going to change their tune as a company. I personally have expressed them plenty of ideas and things they could change, it's very clear to me the company is going losing customers by the day and just like cPanel has lost a chunk of their market to better open products like Virtualmin (just to name one), WHMCS is also losing income. Their reaction instead of trying to gain more market is a reactionary one, they are starting to adjust their business model by squeezing existing people pockets. This rarely works. They will maybe earn a buck here and there from some people that have no choice but to keep using WHMCS, but I suspect those that can, will leave. I think in the end they are doing some of us a favor by kicking us out. I only regret having invested so much time in customization and coding, most of the time on trying to fix and implement workarounds because their code is behind IonCube. I will never get that time back but I will certainly not buy more WHMCS module or fix one single line of code in the software anymore. For me, it now has no future, as eventually they will kill the self hosted all together. They will probably start by killing the hooks and API first. Then implement even more change to make it less developer friendly. WHMCS wants to be a shopify service. Not a software for you run in your servers.
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    it might be worth opening a ticket with WHMCS Support - they might not touch it as it's a third-party issue (I assume), but on the other hand, they may have come across it before and at least be able to give you more of a clue as to what the issue could be. if you get your license directly from WHMCS (login required) - https://www.whmcs.com/support/ if you get your license from a reseller / host (no login required) - https://www.whmcs.com/reseller-support/ the problem with this place, and expecting a reply to a question like yours, is that they would need to a) come across this thread, b) be using, or have knowledge of, SolidCP, c) have experienced or be aware of the specific issue and d) know the solution.... I don't think a lot of users visiting here will even read the thread, so would not get past step a). however, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 🙂
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