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    You can't be serious with this statement. WHMCS will run until the PHP version no longer supports it, or some security flaw comes along that you won't offer a patch for, just like the most recent one. As for "spreading the cost out over the year"? Disingenuous at best. Bring consistency for users? You've got to be kidding. This is a money grab, and a way to finally do away with the folks that thought purchase of an owned license would get them actual consistency. Little did we know that the final objective would be to get all users paying far more, "consistently", for you. Disheartening, and I'm sure it's all falling on deaf ears, since any pricing changes here will likely be upwards, and not in favor of any "grandfathered" licenses. We're being "grandfathered" in the Eskimo sense...stuck on an ice floe to drift until it melts.
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    You're allowing us to spread our $120 a year update payment over 12 easy monthly payments of $849.95? That's really good of you, thanks guys!!!
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    the most positive spin you can put on the last 24 hours is that someone at WHMCS handled the announcement process very very badly... i'm struggling to think of a worse example of how to announce something like this. judging by the vast number of emails I received this morning, I think a lot of users have now passed the point of no return and will move on elsewhere - I don't blame them. btw - I suspect the timing of the announcement might be linked to it being the first day of the UK tax year.... either that, or it was a remarkable coincidence. absolutely he knows - either that, or he's a puppet who's not really in charge... can't have it both ways. it's too late now, but he would have been better served spending less time hiding behind blog posts, and more time reading/posting in this place, and not delegating the responsibility to others who don't have the authority to say boo! and can only reel out the copy&paste corporate sentences.
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    WHMCS has been a sinking ship for years. This has given me the motivation to move quite a few licenses to other services that honor their word. WHMCS simply cannot be trusted and it is shame. RIP WHMCS.
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    Whmcs must refund for all owned licenses if you force them for monthly basis.
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    Really? So don't do it. If you must increase prices, for any reason, increase it for 50%, 100%, 200%, but not 8.000%, that is just pure greed, robbery, immoral and maybe even evil, I have to say. I don't really have any reasonable explanation for this, and I believe that no one on this planet could really justify 3.000 or 8.000% price increase. You know this is not really possible. This is a web based application. If we do not have upgrades that mean that we do not have that software, since this is a web based application, and when next security issue is found we will not receive a patch. Right? That actually mean that we do not have that owned license any more, and that actually makes this owned license a *. This is a web based software and we bought owned (lifetime) license with promised option to buy renewals, of course also for a lifetime. We wouldn't buy owned license otherwise. You could increase updates and support price for 50% or 100%, or even 200%, but 8.000%... I have no words for this.
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    This is *, go ahead to TrustPilot , g2 and class action soon . Spread this * on Twitter , Web hosting talk and everywhere !
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    yep, their score has gone from 4.6 yesterday to 3.5 today - so it's heading towards the same level it was a couple of years ago before the large number of one-line 5 star reviews started to appear on there... usually from users who haven't reviewed other sites - draw your own conclusions on that one!
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    Basically, we're all being forced onto plans that are an order of magnitude more expensive with zero days notice. It's flat out fraud. We paid for a lifetime owned licence and have been paying our annual support fees for a decade, and these greedy bastards have decided that the middle of a pandemic is the perfect time to screw us all over.
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    Leave a review here: https://trustpilot.com/review/whmcs.com they actively encourage reviews so I say give them as many customer opinions as possible! At least explaining the situation will new potential customers to get a clear picture!
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    Hi Everyone, Never Host All Your Clients With A Single Server Even If It Costs Less!! We have 3 companies and yes this is going to change how we use WHMCS I had been expecting such a change as cPanel prices changed allowing almost no time and raised their price 2019 (While this came all of a sudden and I was going through my OHS and hospitalized. It was a very challenging situation for us and my team members has real tough time discussing with clients know that why they were being given a chance to migrate to Direct Admin at such a short notice else their pricing will increase. This again happened in 2021 JAN and now we have more clients on Directadmin than cPanel We had been working on WordPress Recurring Billing with WooCommerce however that is in a complicated stage currently. We had been using Vision HelpDesk since 2011 for client support and Yes it's very Stable. Vision HelpDesk Support Rocks. We use WHMCS only for Server Management and client billing (3 companies). Now we plan to use - we are working things out - 1. WordPress / PHP based software for Billing 2. Vision HelpDesk For Tech Support 3. WHMCS For Server Management (1 License) 4. Busy Accounting For Accounting based Needs / Zoho Accounting 5. FreedCamp For Task Management (Using since 2018) Please share your thoughts, we are on the same boat...
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    yeah, as I posted in another thread, i'm coming round to that conclusion too. yeah I saw your hook code - in the version I could see, I saw absolutely nothing wrong with the code, nor could WHMCS object to it... mind you, there was a capsule use link that was going unused, so maybe it was doing something to the db that I can't see in the version I saw. ๐Ÿ™ˆ why? the ways things are going, the last one to leave at night can turn the lights out on this place... this will be just one of those situations that get discussed privately by those interested.... if a user runs a SQL query to set clients as inactive, what can WHMCS do? if they write a hook that makes a new client inactive by default, what can WHMCS do ?? granted, if an account when from 15,000 to 248 some questions might get asked, but how could they tell 100% it wasn't a genuine change ?? answer in the short-term, not easily... perhaps with future versions... besides they seemingly weren't actively chasing paying users who were using JS to remove the WHMCS branding link (not that will matter much in the future). anyway i'm long past caring what WHMCS think about anything - they've conceded the moral high ground on everything.
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    After getting the email, I was fine with the $39.95/month for unlimited users but today I visited the page and saw that the pricing is now tier priced starting at $44.95 for 500-1000 clients and goes up from there. I'm am now not happy as I was with my previous post.
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    For those of you in a similar position as me, with a lot of users that have never paid, you can use this script to connect to your api and set them to inactive. https://github.com/Dh42/whmcs-make-inactive/
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    not guilty guv... grabs passport... realises it's still illegal to leave the country... hides! ๐Ÿ™ˆ
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    there are two different settings... Client Status Update and Automatically Delete Inactive Clients they're independent of each other in the sense that you can enable client status update, but disable the deletion of inactive clients... yeah, i've been testing this and i'm coming around to the idea that it might just be a straight active client count... which leads to two thoughts... 1) that it's ripe for exploitation, and 2) I bet it will be fine-tuned in the v8.2 betas to avoid the potential exploitation.
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    make you review here: https://ch.trustpilot.com/review/whmcs.com it's really a disaster such a customer relationship management. i still can't beleive it.
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    Tell your "leadership" that they are ruining your company by doing this and that at least 50% of us will move to a different platform. And you'll likely lose another 25% after 20 more alternatives are created that actually respect their clients and don't * people.
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    Hoping they suffer the same fate as Sirius when people bought their 'lifetime license' and didnt honor them. Buckle up whmcs, buckle up. https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/consumer-products/subscriptions/971878-siriusxm-to-pay-96m-to-end-lifetime-subscription-class-action/
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    After a stupid mail, your owned license it nothing valuable any more even a monthly license. Can not believe and go for alternative.
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    I think our friends at WHMCS are just wearing their masks too tight, you know the brain needs oxygen right? It kinda looks like your taxing the bigger providers at a huge rate to help the smaller? They'll definitely need to raise prices it went from penny's each month to thousands, literally.
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    Chris, Do you consider a price increase of 85x to be reasonable? Also on the new pricing, once you go 1 customer over 10k, your price goes from $249 to $849? Can you just admit what's going on, which is a huge, greedy cash grab. I've never even heard of a price increase of around 8400% before. There is literally no justification for it, you know it, we all know it.
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    As I already wrote in my reply to your review, I'm already working to add this feature ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Im using whmcs for 15 years, i have perpetual licence, obviously. in that time the only compitition was hostbillapp, which turn his bussiness model to bigger customers, its a very solid rock solution if you can pay it. Plesk buys cpanel. And then Cpanel buy buycpanel.com , and they closed it. Cpanel increase his licence model, from 20 $ to 150 $ each server in our case, and obviosly we moved to Directadmin for hosting and install Cwp for dedicated (free solution). bye bye cpanel in several servers, Cpanel buys whmcs, and you see what we will do I will create a post with alternatives, but Blesta is 99 % opensource code, i love that.
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    Yesterday they (WHMCS) sent me a email for paying for Support on my owned lic! So today I paid them for that invoice, JUST about 30 minutes after this whole mess started. Well six hours later they gave me a full refund! If that's not a big F*ck You, then I don't know what is. Its time we move on
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    This is really crazy. We will switch to blesta. We could live with a price increase of a couple percent, but 450% is ridiculous. And these eciting plans wthey have, they cannot even deliver a corretly working Credit invoie module or a modult so i can send all my customers one invoice permonth i have to buy a extra plugin to have this aranged. Really WHMCS going the Cpanel way was expected when you were taken over. We'll switch to and other system which also support European Payments and domain registrues.
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    On the DirectAdmin Website, under "Extras", they are mentioning two similar billing solutions: Blesta, and the relative new WiseCP. https://www.wisecp.com With WiseCP you can even get a free version with up to 25 endcustomers. I just did a testinstallation, and can say that it looks like a much more better designed WHMCS, and its easier to setup, whereas it has pretty almost the same functions. I think I will stay with WiseCP.
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    i am very interested in joining a class action against them if anyone else is.
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    That it true right now Blesta and ClientExec is happy that whmcs did this now they going to get clients
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    Click n here https://whmcs.community/discover/unread/ you see alot about this
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    And they will reinvest that money into making Blesta a better product!
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    And yet you can reply without being rude. As we have an owned with unlimited licence, unbranded, we have NEVER been subjected to or needed to know about this in the past. The email we got literally said our owned licence was expired from now, with little or no links to the asset information you have linked to.
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    LIFETIME doesnt mean lifetime to WHMCS. LIFETIME means 'until we need more money & decide to pull your plug' We invested so early in a lifetime license, based on being sold by WHMCS staff it would NEVER expire. That was a lie. Today it expired. This is what loyal customers to you get? We are the ones who shelled out the money to support you in the early days, now you screw us over. This is really bad. Shame on you.
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    Yes, you are right. I am going to exhaust the active license and in the meantime prepare for migration. I am reading about Blesta. Also, since WHMCS is betraying the trust I have been showing to them since 2008(!!!) I will make sure to mention that in Trustpilot.
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    Love your work - Please send an email with whatever platform you move to! It will be a big factor in my decision!
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    Iโ€™m just SHOCKED by the total disrespect. I have literally NO WORDS. Iโ€™m definitely seeking for an internal solution for our needs. I can no longer TRUST such a disrespectful company. Just disgusting.
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    My annual support expires in just over a month. This is a 450% increase in fees for me, in the middle of a pandemic. WHMCS are nothing but thieves and liars...
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    I have a "Support" person telling me I should go and look through the various tpl files to work out what all the missing language variables are that they failed to include in the 8.1 language files As if this wasnt a big enough absolute piss take that same "support" person has already confirmed that a number of the areas are actually hardcoded and not in the tpl files I have never encountered a company so determined not to help their paying customers - its a bloody joke!
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    try the following - pretty sure i've posted it before, but can't find the thread or specific post )might even be in this thread lol)... <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $primarySidebar){ $filename = basename($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], ".php"); $parseFile = explode('.', $filename); $client = Menu::context("client"); $clientid = intval($client->id); if ($parseFile['0']!=='clientarea' || $clientid===0){ return; } $primarySidebar->addChild('Client-Balance', array('label' => Lang::trans('availcreditbal'), 'uri' => '#', 'order' => '1', 'icon' => 'fa-money')); $balancePanel = $primarySidebar->getChild('Client-Balance')->moveToBack()->setOrder(0); $balancePanel->addChild('balance-amount', array('uri' => 'clientarea.php?action=addfunds','label' => '<h4 style="text-align:center;">'.formatcurrency($client->credit,$client->currencyId).'</h4>','order' => 1)); $balancePanel->setFooterHtml('<a href="clientarea.php?action=addfunds" class="btn btn-success btn-sm btn-block"><i class="fa fa-plus"></i> '.Lang::trans('addfunds').'</a>'); });
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    The script has been updated with two new features. First. You can perform Termination or Suspension. Second. The previous version of the hook worked only for products/services using a server module (eg. Plesk, cPanel etc.). Now it works also with "basic" services not assigned to any server module. In other words services with no Create, Suspend, Unuspend and Terminate button. In this case the script updates the status accordigly. I'm also planning to make the hook work with multiple conditions like in the following example: Product ID 10 suspended after 10 minutes Product ID 12, 13 and 14 suspended after 8 hours
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    Free trials for a limited period is a good marketing strategy to capitalize on the leads you get. The problem with trials is that the smallest unit of time for WHMCS is the day meaning that for example you can't provide a trial for VPS that last for a couple of hours. WHMCS can't "think" for a period of less than a full day. The following action hook allows to automatically terminate the given products/services after a certain number of minutes. It runs AfterCronJob hook point that normally triggers once every 5 minutes. Visit Setup > Automation Settings and make sure that cron.php runs every 5 minutes as suggested by WHMCS. The hook will do the rest. It also logs terminations in Activity Log. Get the Code ยป
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    https://docs.whmcs.com/Changelog:WHMCS_V7.6 if you want to edit the template, you could always use {$smarty.now} to add a timestamp as the hostname... not random, but unless you get 2 users ordering at exactly the same time, it should work... alternatively, you could use a ClientAreaPageCart hook, generate a random string, optionally check that it hasn't been previously used in the db, and then pass it back to the template as $server.hostname - but if you've already edited the template to add the other NA values, then you might as well just edit the template one more time! ๐Ÿ˜€
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    change 'order' => '1' to.. 'order' => '15', and remove... $balancePanel->moveToBack(); $balancePanel->setOrder(0);
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    On a different note, the documentation on changing existing panels appears very poor. This has worked for me to change sort order & colour on the existing domain registration box: Hope this helps anyone else updating their homepanels! PS: Similar to the query raised here https://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?104951-Updating-default-panel-colors-on-client-area-homepage , but as the thread is over 180 days old, it can't be updated.
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    Oh excellent, thanks so much! Is that how that is done, great! Obviously I haven't spent much time coding in the WHMCS environment. I was also able to put a conditional for the credit balance so it only shows if the balance is above zero! If anyone needs that my final is this, the balance also shows on the main/home page as well but not on non billing related pages: add_hook('ClientAreaSecondarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $primarySidebar){ $filename = APP::getCurrentFileName(); $client = Menu::context("client"); $clientid = (int) $client->id; $action = $_GET['action']; $allowed = array('invoices', 'quotes', 'masspay', 'addfunds',''); if ($filename!=='clientarea' || $clientid===0 || !in_array($action,$allowed)){ return; } if ($client->credit <= 0.00) { return; } Thanks again brian! !!!
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    you could modify the hook code and change... $filename = APP::getCurrentFileName(); $client = Menu::context("client"); $clientid = (int) $client->id; if ($filename!=='clientarea' || $clientid===0){ return; } to... $filename = APP::getCurrentFileName(); $action = $_GET['action']; $allowed = array('invoices', 'quotes', 'masspay', 'addfunds'); $client = Menu::context("client"); $clientid = (int) $client->id; if ($filename!=='clientarea' || $clientid===0 || !in_array($action,$allowed)){ return; } if you do this, then the credit balance sidebar will only show on the invoice, quotes, masspay and addfunds pages.
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    Updated the ActionHook to add multi-language support WHMCS_SixTemplateCreditBalance_1.1.zip
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    Lol what for an addon ?! You juste have to put : To your file clientareaaddfunds.tpl No need hook for that ^^ Regards
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