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    That we need a release or two of PURE bug fixes? The last I don't know how many releases are loaded with new bugs and to me it's like 'ok, which version do I pick that will have the least amount of bugs that effect our customers?' and I'll go with that version. For example, 7.10.2 had a bug that causes the admin and the customer to not be able to update a billing address for credit card payments. So, that's fixed in v8.0 which introduced it's own set of new bugs. Now, we were hoping to upgrade to 8.1 so that we could finally get the 7.10.2 bug fixed and now see numerous reports of bugs on the 8.1 release. It seems like WHMCS just has a calendar saying we're going to release x number of updates this year, on these set dates, no matter what and then they're all pushed out. Personally, I'd be more than happy to pay all year and only receive 1 or 2 updates for the year as long as they were of high quality - to fix numerous bugs. Why not sit down and take the time to do things right? I highly doubt that even 50% of your customer base wants or needs these new MarketConnect features and SSL monitoring and other 'features' that you're adding so often.
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    Just to add one thing to this as I have been running WHMCS for at least 15 years. Yes new features are nice but when your developers are spending time making the "Admin" SEO friendly, yes that's right, a place which search engine spiders can't even access has been given SEO friendly URLs and yet the front end isn't even properly SEO friendly without a huge amount of custom hackery (try getting google to properly index anything other than your default language in a vanilla WHMCS) and it has actually gotten worse, not better with newer versions. That says it all in my book.
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    Did you try https://opensrs.com I use this guy before when i did hosting
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