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    it should be waiting for the next cron run to occur - so if you're running the cron hourly, then it should occur within the next hour; if you running the cron every 5 mins, then it should have already begun.
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    Have not tried, but using the WHMCS\Module\Addon\Setting internal class may work. Otherwise, getting basically the same via a capsule call would do what you want: $Setting = Capsule::table('tbladdonmodules') ->where('module', $modulename ) ->where('setting','moduleSettingName') ->value('value');
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    Hi everyone, Here goes a small contribution: ever wanted to connect to a remote API? Add //Documentation: http://guzzle3.readthedocs.io/docs.html //Declare an alias to Guzzle in your project file's use Client to access Guzzle: use \Guzzle\Http\Client; $client = Client('https://' . $url . '/api/{version}', array( 'version' => 'v1', 'request.options' => array( 'auth' => array($user, $pass, 'Basic'), ) )); Anyone contributing on this? All the best!
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