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    Use AfterCronJob hook point to query tblcancelrequests and delete records based on your logic.
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    We use a custom webdesign for 90% of our website, which was build by hand with Bootstrap. For the rest we use WHMCS' system (for ordering and such). Now I was wondering if it's possible to display prices for several products and services on our main website, which is not WHMCS? Now we edit/change everything, when needed by hand, but we would like this to be automatic. So, as for my question, is it possible to include WHMCS coding into our current pages, so we call upon $variables anywhere we want? Thank you. Regards
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    Well a small update. I modified productsinfo.php a little bit (and renamed it so it doesn't get overwritten in the future because of updates). I didn't want to display the currency as EUR, so I did the following: //$price = formatCurrency($price); And it works. I now have another small issue, but I don't know if I can change it at all. I want to display the lowest price for a hosting package, so I entered the corresponding PID. However it will display the price per year, because the product isn't available monthly, quarterly, but only per year. I tried doing the following: $price = $data[$billingCycle/12]; (added /12) But that didn't work out. Is there a way to create a re-calculation like price/12? Thank you. - - - Updated - - - Nevermind. I was close already. Just retried it with: $price = $data[$billingCycle]/12; And now it works. And yes, I will keep this in mind when using other products (as I mentioned I renamed the file to be used with hosting only). ) //edit Well using it twice on a page slows it down considerably. At least I noticed it straight away. Guess I will change it back my original coding, so I need to change it by hand. Won't happen much, so no harm done. I will use this however on the TLD page. Very useful for it!
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