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    Copying contents from other sistes puts your SEO efforts at risk. Copying from competitors is even worse. If you need any SEO advice for WHMCS feel to contact us. This includes @WGS that loves to copy contentents from our site 😂
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    it's doable in the template as it's just going to be a series of if statements... alternatively, using a clientareapagecart hook to loop through the array and add the relevant html code to each optionname might work.... too late in the day to start coding it now, but I can't see any obvious reason why that wouldn't work.
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    t1, t2 etc. are SQL aliases. I use them to avoid writing verbose queries. Without aliases 569 chars: SELECT tblclients.firstname, tblclients.lastname, tblclients.companyname, tblproductgroups.name AS product_group, tblhosting.name AS product_name, CONCAT(tblproductgroups.name, " > ", tblhosting.name) AS product_name_and_group, tblhosting.firstpaymentamount, tblhosting.amount, tblhosting.billingcycle, tblhosting.nextduedate, tblhosting.domainstatus AS status FROM tblhosting LEFT JOIN tblproducts ON tblhosting.packageid = tblhosting.id LEFT JOIN tblproductgroups ON tblhosting.gid = tblproductgroups.id LEFT JOIN tblclients AS t4 ON tblhosting.userid = tblclients.id With aliases 425 chars -25%: SELECT t4.firstname, t4.lastname, t4.companyname, t3.name AS product_group, t2.name AS product_name, CONCAT(t3.name, " > ", t2.name) AS product_name_and_group, t1.firstpaymentamount, t1.amount, t1.billingcycle, t1.nextduedate, t1.domainstatus AS status FROM tblhosting AS t1 LEFT JOIN tblproducts AS t2 ON t1.packageid = t2.id LEFT JOIN tblproductgroups AS t3 ON t2.gid = t3.id LEFT JOIN tblclients AS t4 ON t1.userid = t4.id This way I can keep JOINs short.
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