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    Bingo !! 😞 .... Thank you for your order. There is no need any activation from my side, but the problem is which site are you seeing 😞 .... Yesterday I moved server and thus I updated my nameservers. Some friends around the world, that I asked to check it, they're seeing the new server. But still, I'm seeing the old site. In anycase the links are the same. Can you see anything at: https://www.christeris.com/products-services/whmcsbb.5/product-purchases If yes, then click activate to enter your domain. I'm not using any license manager or license check, is just how that script works. When you enter the domain name, you'll be able to download it.
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    It isn't, though it should still keep up with renewal dates for billing. To sync expiry, you need to run the Namesilo script separately. WHMCS has shown no interest in having theirs also do NS expiration date sync, from what I've seen. Love to be wrong about that.
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    Hello, Demo is here: https://whmcs.christeris.com/community.php Official site: https://www.christeris.com/ Maybe I'm retired, but nobody lets 35 years work. Thank you Chris
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