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    why? are they going to have a survey or a vote on what to add ?? (even if they did, how many users would vote??) no - they will already know what's going to change, and the user base will either have to like it or lump it.
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    untested in latest versions, but it worked in v7.4 and not much has changed with that model code...
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    Change it like follows: if ($( "div[menuitemname='My Services Status Filter'] a[class='list-group-item active']").attr('menuitemname') != 'Active') { $("a#Primary_Sidebar-My_Services_Status_Filter-Active").trigger("click"); }
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    Yes, that true all they need to do is fix bug and no feature on the next version. I don't care is encode I can work with that
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    I don't want to sound petulant but every time people talk about what is needed in WHMCS, the thread usually focuses on the app, admin interface, templates and open source. We have people asking to replace Smarty, Laravel or whatever with -insert any library here- just because it's newer and used by -insert any popular CMS/CRM here-. We don't need that. It'll make things worse not better. That's my opinion.
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    you tried the SQL query above? because that error is saying that the column still doesn't exist in tblhosting.
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