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    I've created an API key and setup properly the mailchimp API on WHMCS. Although the opt in is not working for new clients. I've tried the including the new client both with WHMCS api calls (AddClient) and trough WHMCS interface, none of them worked. I've not found any logs, except for the activity log which shows that the user opted in for e-mails.
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    Hi @pRieStaKos, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I can confirm there is a single meta hotfix file for all 7.8.3 hotfixes. I've ensured that all the cases are now linking to the latest file.
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    I've submitted a bug report to WHMCS and will post any updates here.
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    sentq I need this as well. However, the code above didn't work for me. Please and thank you!
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    the jQuery solution definitely still does - I doubled-checked that before posting the above yesterday. 🙂 for example, in the screenshot below, i've changed the SSL link to go to the BBC News site - not a good place to buy SSL certificates, but it proves the point that the red padlock links are changing on the services (and domains) pages! using this technique, that link can be changed to a local page, e.g a specific cart group, a sales page on your site or as above, an external site - it can even be disabled so that the whole row just links to its product/domain details page. ideally, someone should convert it to a hook, but as a proof of concept, it definitely still works in v7.9.1 actually, in an ideal world, there would have been a field in general settings where you could have added a specific sales URL yourself - but sadly, over the last few years, the default position of WHMCS is for them to make decisions on the users behalf and not give their paying users choices.
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    the thread below is the solution I posted a year ago for v7.7 - the jQuery tweak certainly still works in v7.9.1, but i'm not sure about the template changes option. it's almost as if the feature was added to increase MarketConnect revenue for WHMCS. 🤑
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    I am running version 7.7.1 and this red padlock is still an issue. Why did you not give us the option to disable this? This is causing confusion from our customers and we look like idiots. My curl on the server is fine and does not return any errors. Its your code thats wrong. All of our customer sitessites that have SSL certificates are showing up with the red padlock! unacceptable. So can we have a proper solution now? please provide a hotfix to clean up this mess.
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    let us not forget that they are effectively adding banner adverts in the admin area on 'normal' pages - e.g., on the products page, there is a banner link to CodeGuard if selling the service isn't enabled in MarketConnect... in fact, the only way I can see to remove that banner (other than using an adblocker) is to activate CodeGuard in MarketConnect... the more people using CodeGuard, the more $$$ WHMCS earn. I am growing so tired of seeing features that haven't been asked for, enabled by default with no option to turn them off.. this SSL feature is just one of many similar issues.... I could give a list, but we all know what they are.
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    Exactly this ^^^ A cURL call with verifypeer and display the response isn't exactly a cutting edge feature (although WHMCS still manage to foul it up with inadequate testing), just a thinly disguised attempt to drive more MarketConnect SSL business to them in cases where users are silly enough to use it. Of course if it actually did something useful, like look for SSLs that are present in client accounts and sync the renewal dates like they do for domains, then it would be different. After all, evidently they did name it "SslSync" so the unwitting might even be led to believe that's what it does. But as of now it's just worthless fluff that apparently doesn't work properly, can't readily be switched off and is generally opaque 😐
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    That is why I wait for the WHMCS "live customer testing" period to advance for a month or so until things stabilise at which point they have either produced a maintenance release or a bunch of hot fixes. I agree entirely! But they want you to use their Market Connect to resell their SSL's. The more they can force users to channel their business through them the better.....
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    This solution is known since Beta. But you will have still the check up in the Background for nothing. This feature needs to be deactivated . Greetings Christian
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    This SSL check is definitely an unwanted nuisance.. can't think of any good it actually does. Easy solution is to just use the template files for clientareaproductdetails.tpl clientareaproducts.tpl clientareadomains.tpl clientareadomaindetails.tpl From the latest 7.6 branch of WHMCS.
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    do you think the timing of launching a beta testing period one week before Christmas might have had something to do with that? 🙄

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