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    Hi @ServWise.com, To migrate your VAT Numbers from the custom field to the native field, please navigate to Setup > Payments > Tax Configuration. Then click the Migrate button. https://docs.whmcs.com/Tax_Configuration#Custom_Field_Migration
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    it might be worth asking on the cPanel forums about this - perhaps not specifically about the WHMCS aspect (as adding a button is trivial), but just the generic idea of linking to a third party cPanel in this way.
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    Tom, I bought WHMCS so I wouldn't need to learn whatever language they're using *this week* in order to get on with actually using the system for it's intended purpose, which used to be billing and provisioning hosting. Now I'm forced to learn hooks so I can eliminate things I don't want or need, or something as mundane as being able to add in a menu link. This should be simple to do with built in functions rather than having me learn or hire someone to do what should be native to the app, especially when the pace around here to change things is a frequent as it is. They need to take notice (and pity) on those of us that don't code PHP for a living, and make things possible for the largest segment of it's customers, rather than having us hire or purchase addons, seeing how often the authors vanish or fail to keep current to the latest greatest WHMCS version. "Pretty much anything you want to do can be done through hooks and APIs. Now, if only WHMCS would properly document those.." Seems even they can't keep up. 😉
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