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    Send Mass Mail Note down every email that gives "Sending Failed" in a PHP array In AfterCronJob iterate over the array to move the "Sending Failed" customers in a Client Group named "dead people" Make sure that "dead people" Client Group is NOT selected when you send new Mass Mail Repeat the process 2 times then stop because I'm too lazy to continue and find a better solution Keep playing with invoices 😪
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    Same old way, jQuery. <?php add_hook('AdminAreaHeaderOutput', 1, function($vars) { $output .= <<<HTML <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#intellisearchval").closest('div').append('<img src="https://katamaze.com/templates/kata/img/stuff/nyan-cat.png" style="height: 27px;width: 180px;">'); }); </script> HTML; return $output; }); Here's the output: AdminAreaHeaderOutput provides variables you need to inject your code in specific pages. As for jQuery, just play with selectors.
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    I can see a new version of WHMCS 7.9.1 includes this fix. I have installed it and run the CRON via the command line as per the troubleshooting guide. **I can confirm that the cards now process as they are supposed to** Thanks!
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    You get used to it after a while.. Take a look at the feature request section. https://requests.whmcs.com/ some stuff has been in there as long as this request and nothing. Eventually you just stop asking and hope they don't break the product with each update.
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    @zomex and @brian! - thank you both! I'll go to work and make those updates per your guidance.
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    Hello, This is used by WHMCS, the variable being used within the files to ensure that the path to WHMCS is correct. It would not be recommended to remove it as it will be there for a reason. It was added a few versions back and has not always been part of WHMCS. I think anyone who is going to check your source code for signs that WHMCS is used will find many other tell-tale signs so removing it won't really stop someone being able to find out. For example the file names (all.min.css, scripts.min.css), the structure of HTML, the page URLs etc are all easy to notice signs for someone who is familiar with WHMCS. Regards, Jack
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    it will be obvious to anyone familiar with WHMCS checking the site that you're using WHMCS - not least because you've got a Powered by WHMCS branding link on it... yeah, I know it's not visible in your custom template, but I can see it in the source code (and if I switch the site to use Six).... plus there are other ways too that you could tell it's WHMCS. but to the question if you need it - let's put it this way, there's no reason to remove it. 🙂
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    Sorry, I forgot to include Capsule. Use this: <?php use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; require __DIR__ . '/init.php'; $gmailPassword = "MyPassword"; $command = 'EncryptPassword'; $postData = array( 'password2' => $gmailPassword, ); $results = localAPI($command, $postData); print_r($results); $results['password'] contains your password en encrypted format. You can insert this into the database like this: <?php use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; require __DIR__ . '/init.php'; $gmailPassword = "MyPassword"; $command = 'EncryptPassword'; $postData = array( 'password2' => $gmailPassword, ); $results = localAPI($command, $postData); $newPass = $results['password']; $changePassword = Capsule::table('tblconfiguration')->where('setting', 'SMTPPassword')->update(['value' => $newPass]);
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    Hi, I'd suggest creating a free product which the customer can order. That way you capture their contact information and could use product custom fields to capture the necessary information for you to create the quote.
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