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    and more importantly all.min.css - all.css is just for reference and isn't used.
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    by using the custom.css file ? remember to take a backup though, as the auto updater might try to overwrite it if the folder is still called Six. https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/css-styling/ technically, you could do it using a hook, but that shouldn't really be necessary. chances are the /store/sitelockvpn folder will be missing from your custom template.
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    Thanks Waiting For Response From WHMCS
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    I wouldn't recommend this unless you have a backup prior to your update. If you don't have a backup it would be best to update using WHM for now and await WHMCS's response. This could be a bug in WHMCS or due to some changes required to your settings.
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    Solved the problem! WHMCS must have added additional cron job calls to control panel during the upgrade for some reason. As soon as I removed them (3rd and 4th) and left only cron.php call (and pop.php for email import) , we received the final email notification.
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    Jack, That makes sense. I was using a custom version of Six. A quick switch to the default version brought the VPN landing page back. I'll just need to update the CSS in the new version so that the theme colors that I want to use are set. By chance do you know of a different way to apply custom CSS without touching the default template so that updates like this don't get implemented when I perform future upgrades? Thanks, Mark
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    We use @ModulesGarden WordPRess Manager and love it. You can handle everything wiht it
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    yes - either by editing theheader template or using an action hook. the hook below should change the logo based on client groups - it needs to be given a filename (ending in .php) and uploaded to /includes/hooks <?php # Compamy Logo Based On Client Group Hook # Written by brian! function client_group_logo_hook($vars) { $client = Menu::context('client'); $groupid = $client->groupid; if ($groupid > 0) { $logo = "assets/img/logo".$groupid.".png"; if (file_exists($logo)) { return array ("assetLogoPath" => $logo); } } } add_hook("ClientAreaPage", 1, "client_group_logo_hook"); it assumes that the logos for each client group are... uploaded to /assets/img/ - although you can put the images anywhere and adjust the path in the hook... the filenames of the logo images are in the format logo{groupID}.png - so the logo for client group #1 will be logo1.png; the logo for client group #2 will be logo2.png and so on. if the logged in client is a member of a client group, and if the image file exists, then the logo variable will be updated to the correct URL - if they are not logged in, or a member of a client group or if the image doesn't exist, then the hook does nothing and the default logo / text will be shown.
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    it would be better to use a ClientLogout hook to avoid repeatedly having to edit the template after an update - which is what I gave @sokalsondha on the day he posted.
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