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    Hi @MoisesPerez, We too have seen this announcement (Microsoft is planning something similar for Office365 as well). We are tracking this internally to look at addressing it in 2020.
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    ignore what I said about resorting them, it wouldn't make any difference - I forgot that WHMCS will default to choosing the smallest available cycle. 🙄 if you're going to do this in the template, you could just add the code below to the beginning of the template... {assign billingcycle "annually"} and that should default the product to choosing the annual option - if it's available or another cycle hasn't been chosen in the URL.
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    I feel 10x stupid... I just happened to have all the extensions turned off on Chrome and all of a sudden the ?deptid=1 started working... I'm not sure which extension it is yet, but it was one of them making me the fool. I never would have thought of an extension in Chrome, causing an issue with this, but it sure was... However, your help made me find a better way to do it anyway with the multi_view, so I am very thankful for your help!
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    Hello everyone. I just got my WHMCS license and I went to configure it. Now, I've got an issue. This is it, it's on the home page. How do I get rid of it?
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