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    @bigsean My issue (I think?) seems to be okay now after I installed the Payment Gateway hotfix, but I still have no idea about the others, and I haven't installed them. If @brian! says to install them in that order then I'll probably try that too. Frankly, as @brian! also mentioned, I can't understand why they don't update the core when new hotfixes are released or bump the minor version so we can just install the damn things from the admin. This makes it a huge pain and we never know there's an issue or a hotfix until a CUSTOMER points it out, which obviously is very non-ideal. Hope they do something about it someday. As full-featured as WHMCS is it'd be nice if they started making it less clunky.
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    Make sure that you are using a valid emails here: Setup >> General Settings >> General tab >> (Email Address) field Setup >> General Settings >> Mail tab >> (System Emails From Email) field
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    That’s correct because the order should be paid first then it will accept the order Now you need to solve the payment issue first
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    This issue is not related to the hook by the way. Your order is now "Active" or still pending? I'm asking about the Order Status not the Order Item! You can check it from the main page of "Orders" tab >> List All Orders
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    Yea because (isPaid) function doesn't run successfully. Can you share a screenshot from the Activity log (Utilities >> Log >> Activity Log)
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    Share a screenshot to understand you better and try to solve the issue
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    same file .. take a backup from your current file then replace the code
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    Yea this is the old hook which working on the old versions on WHMCS But you need to replace this code with the updated one to be compatible with the new version of WHMCS But take care, it's working only for hosting orders not for domain registration/transfer orders Here is the update code: <?php /* * * Auto Accept Orders * Created By Idan Ben-Ezra * * Copyrights @ Jetserver Web Hosting * www.jetserver.net * * Hook version 1.0.1 * **/ if (!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); /********************* Auto Accept Orders Settings *********************/ function AutoAcceptOrders_settings() { return array( 'apiuser' => 'admin', // one of the admins username 'autosetup' => true, // determines whether product provisioning is performed 'sendregistrar' => false, // determines whether domain automation is performed 'sendemail' => true, // sets if welcome emails for products and registration confirmation emails for domains should be sent 'ispaid' => true, // set to true if you want to accept only paid orders ); } function AutoAcceptOrders_accept($vars) { $settings = AutoAcceptOrders_settings(); $ispaid = true; if($vars['InvoiceID']) { $result = localAPI('GetInvoice', array( 'invoiceid' => $vars['invoiceId'], ), $settings['apiuser']); $ispaid = ($result['result'] == 'success' && $result['balance'] <= 0) ? true : false; } logActivity("Order isPaid: ".$ispaid,0); if(( $settings['ispaid'] && $ispaid)) { $result = localAPI('AcceptOrder', array( 'orderid' => $vars['orderId'], 'autosetup' => $settings['autosetup'], 'sendemail' => $settings['sendemail'], ), $settings['apiuser']); logActivity("Order Accept", 0); if(is_array($result)){ foreach($result as $index=>$value){ logActivity("$index:$value",0); } } } } add_hook('OrderPaid', 1, 'AutoAcceptOrders_accept'); ?> Reference: https://github.com/Jetserver/WHMCS-Auto-Accept-Orders/issues/1
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    editing clientareahome.tpl would be the easiest way - you could do it with css in a custom.css file, but then you'd be left with a space in the output... ... but if you edit the template, you'll be able to resize the remaining tiles for fill the space, or alter their content to suit your site. with some effort, you could probably remove/resize them using jQuery, but editing the template will be simpler.

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