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    In some countries (eg. Italy) it's on a monthly basis if you earn a lot of money. Back on topic, there's a very important detail that is missing: VIES. Let's suppose that you register your VAT Number in Germany and that you sell a product that costs 100$ Italian customer (individual) pays 100$+ 22% IVA Italian customer (business) not registered in the VIES system pays 100$ + 22% IVA Italian customer (business) registered on VIES pays just 100$ (no tax) German customer (individual) pays 100$ + 19% MwSt./USt. German customer (business) not registered on VIES pays 100$ + 19% MwSt./USt. German customer (business) registered on VIES pays 100$ + 19% MwSt./USt. Rest of Europe Exceptions: Spain: Canary Islands (Las Palmas, Tenerife) UK: Mann Island, Channel Islands Overseas territories (damn France and Netherlands) Italy: Livigno, Campione d'Italia, Lugano Full list I'd suggest you to stay away from countries with electronic invoicing or that are going to adopt it. Let me give you an example with Italy (it has electronic invoicing). Here is what happens just with italian customers! Individual pays 100$+ 22% IVA Business not registered on VIES system pays 100$ + 22% IVA Business registered on VIES pays 100$ + 22$ IVA Business listed on FTSE MIB stock exchange pays 100$ * State-owned business pays 100$ * State-controlled business pays 100$ * State-partecipated business 70% or higher pays 100$ * Public Administration pays 100$ * Livigno, Campione d'Italia, Lugano 100$ (I'm not 100% sure!) San Marino I have no f**king idea 🤮 Can someone annex this country? Vatican City... Dear Pope, we need to talk The rest of EU and the world * You must verify their identities in "awesome" ways
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    My MacBook recently had to be sent off for repair and I’ve been forced to use my iPad to answer support etc. However, every time I view a client page in the admin area, the client drop down search bar that appears at the top of each client page, forces me to sign in (using the fingerprint touch) on the iPad. It’s really annoying and laborious. however, I’ve been using WHMCS for about 12-13 years, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember there used to be an option to turn off the client drop down/search appearing (for performance sake). But for the life of me, I cannot now find that option. am I missing something? Help appreciated. Thanks.
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