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    Today we released Lara v7.8.0, which is compatible with WHMCS v7.8.0 (released 2 days ago ) .
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    Some people want to show their client's credit balance when they login to client area, as the option not implemented by default in Six Template here is how to do it: 1) Upload the PHP file from Attachements to -> /WHMCS-Path/includes/hooks/ directory. WHMCS_SixTemplateCreditBalance.zip
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    Always good advice. That's one thing I learned over time, to be patient and not rush to update as tempting as it is.
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    Our issue was fixed in this hotfix:
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    hey it was a team effort - I couldn't have done it without your array. šŸ™‚ cool... but just for completeness (in case someone reads this in the future), if you ever needed to replace in text, using Smarty, it would be... {$appInfo|replace:'App Details':'<b><u>App Details</u></b>'|replace:'the following credentials':'a crowbar'|replace:'https://www.app.com/help/amazing-app':'<a href="https://docs.whmcs.com">https://docs.whmcs.com</a>'} with the above code, i've added bold & underline to the heading (use could use a css class for this too); i've replace the text on how to login to the admin panel(!) and i've changed their URL link and hyperlinked it to another URL. šŸ˜²
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    except the one I suggested - ClientAreaPageProductDetails ? šŸ™‚ but product details can be a tricky page for hooks as some content is generated after the above hook runs. you could try... {$appInfo|nl2br|strstr:"Read":true|cat:'</div>'} I don't think it would make any difference unless you find the correct one to use - but I suspect the Smarty code above would work.
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    Had you done basic testing yourself, you would have found the issue. After all it's not functional at all! I'm not paid to beta test your software. If your interested in an arrangement, by all means email me.
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    Still waiting for this stupidity to be removed or be optional. Just upgraded and now have to go back and re-apply the template edit to fix it.
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    @Dgital Essence It can be done manually from each client or by deactivating the PayPal gateway from Setup > Payments > Payments Gateways > Manage Existing this will remove PayPal from the clients, you can choose credit card when deactivating, you can then re-activate PayPal if you wish. As an alternative an SQL command would achieve this.
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    Hello, Iā€™m not aware of any issues with this module, we use it ourselves. If you have any problems with it we will be happy to give you a refund.
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    Welcome to WHMCS.Community Rafael Blanco! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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