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    WHMCS was one of the companies which take average 6 - 8 hours to respond to our support requests. Even if the answer requires canned responses. But recently since this month precisely, WHMCS support staffs impress me by sending their responses in less than five minutes. Read me, the last response I received from WHMCS staff about is just after one minute of my post. ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ To all of their efforts.
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    There are a number of ways that you could achieve this. One of the ways this could be accomplished is with the ClientAreaProductDetails and ClientAreaPrimarySidebar hook points. You would be using the ClientAreaProductDetails hook point to get the Package ID, and then nest the ClientAreaPrimarySidebar hook point inside that to modify the sidebar. Information about these two hook points can be found at the following URLs: https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/client-area-interface/#clientareaproductdetails https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/client-area-interface/#clientareaprimarysidebar The ClientAreaProductDetails hook point returns the Service class which you can read more about at https://docs.whmcs.com/classes/7.1/WHMCS/Service/Service.html I have taken a moment to put together a basic example of such a hook. You can review this below: <?php $data['packages'] = array('1'); // Array of Package IDs to be affected $data['children'] = array('Login to cPanel', 'Login to Webmail', 'Change Password'); // Array of Children to be removed add_hook('ClientAreaProductDetails', 1, function ($vars) use ($data) { $packageId = $vars['service']->packageId; if (in_array($packageId, $data['packages'])) { add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function ($primarySidebar) use ($data) { $targetSidebar = $primarySidebar->getChild('Service Details Actions'); if ($targetSidebar) { foreach ($data['children'] as $child) { $targetSidebar->removeChild($child); } } }); } });
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    8 or 9 years ago I coded a WHMCS module that was pulling data from cPanel & CloudLinux. I can't remember all the parameters involved but for sure I had everything you see in LVE Manager (CPU, VMEM, PMEM, I/O, EP... min, avg, max, limit) and in the sidebar of WHM (FTP accounts, databases, emails, forwarders, disk, bandwidth...). At that time cloud was becoming the new trend to follow but there were still no softwares to bill hourly depending on resource usage so I coded one. I remember that few years later Modulesgarden coded a similar script. You could try to contact them. Considering what I did it so many years ago, I'd say that for sure it is still possible but I can't remember anything about INODES. Curiously my ancient module worked non-stop till 2 years ago when I killed the server. Before you ask, I have a backup but who knows where.
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    for other readers, it might be useful if you had included a link to the page that screenshot came from... ๐Ÿ™„ https://blog.cpanel.com/update-to-account-based-pricing/
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    really? for simplicity sake, I tend to keep my 7.7.1 dev in 5.6 - seems to work without issue, though maybe you have addons that require PHP7. well from your screenshots, you can tell that it fundamentally works with credit balances, or I assume, 0.00 discounted invoices..... i'd be tempted to try it with bank transfer/mail-in payment to see if this is purely a PayPal issue, or if it doesn't like gateways in general. in that thread from @VanguardOne others have stated that it works with PHP7, so i'm inclined to think it's more an issue with PayPal or its configuration at your end - but without testing this locally myself, I can't know for sure. if you want a commercial solution, Order Assistant from BusyRack is available from the Marketplace - it's $20 per year, or $80 to buy it. I doubt that any moderator here (who will all be staff I assume) would comment on that unless they have used it themselves - they probably wouldn't comment on the status of a live third-party project, let alone an archived one. but your screenshots show that it partially is, just not in your case for that PayPal order... so possibly something different with the variable values in the hook using PHP7 rather than 5.6 ? I would suggest that you do one of two things (or both)... post the issue on their GitHub site as that's where anyone familiar with this will see it and may already have a solution. perhaps it just needs to use OrderPaid or InvoicePaid instead of the current hook point - there's a post with updated code here, but I haven't tried it.
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    Welcome to WHMCS.Community ethar! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.
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    you have to love WHMCS using a new navigation system, but then releasing documentation that is so thin on detail, it's close to being useless. however, the solution finally clicked into place... <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar', 1, function(MenuItem $primaryNavbar) { if (!is_null($primaryNavbar->getChild('Home'))) { $primaryNavbar->getChild('Home') ->setIcon('fa-home'); } if (!is_null($primaryNavbar->getChild('Services'))) { $primaryNavbar->getChild('Services') ->setIcon('fa-bars'); } if (!is_null($primaryNavbar->getChild('Domains'))) { $primaryNavbar->getChild('Domains') ->setIcon('fa-globe'); } if (!is_null($primaryNavbar->getChild('Billing'))) { $primaryNavbar->getChild('Billing') ->setIcon('fa-usd'); } if (!is_null($primaryNavbar->getChild('Support'))) { $primaryNavbar->getChild('Support') ->setIcon('fa-support'); } }); the thing to always remember is that if you are modifying or removing an existing child, you *must* first check that it exists and then only if it does, can you modify it - if you try to modify something that doesn't exist, that's when you run into issues. btw - your code didn't work for me at all.

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