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    The largest issue will be the resellers, VPS and dedicated server licenses, not those having to do with plain shared accounts. Keeping track of plain shared accounts on a server is simple, as is charging to cover them. Where this runs into big problems is a reseller (for instance) jamming hundreds and hundreds of accounts onto a box, and suddenly having to pay per account rather than one known license fee. WHMCS tracks the reseller account, but not the accounts that account creates on a server. If you're charging $20/m (as an example) for a reseller account, and they have sold 400 accounts, that's an extra $80/m (assuming the server already has 100+ on it) to you, the server admin/owner. You're out that $60 unless you think you can tell them they owe it. If you'd been limiting accounts per reseller all along, less concerning, but still will require onerous billing changes.
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    You're right, but IMHO the new management overestimated its "dominant position". My own position about it: if they are not going to run back in a couple of weeks, I have a couple of month to find a fix (using only yearly cPanel licences, most of them going to expire between September and january 2020) I'm simply evaluating what other control panel use instead of cPanel (most probably DirectAdmin), and the same is doing a number of other hosters... It seems that we need: seven to 10 days to plan migration activity 4 hours each to migrate every single server Very little time to destroy a "dominant position" ... 😉
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    Welcome back in the 21st century hosting industry!!!! In what planet did you spend last 10 years? 🤣 Dedicated physical servers nowadays are used just as virtualization infrastructure. Our own hosting infrastructure is done by a dozen of physical servers (dual exa-core, 180 GB RAM, no local storage but four fibre-channel to a SAN); another third-party infrastructure we're using has physical nodes with 1 TB RAM each...) The typical VPS we realize for shared hosting has 24 GB of RAM, about 800 GB of storage, 12 vCPU. And about 400 users on each of these VPS. We had about 6 cubic meters of old servers, which have been substituted by the new infrastructure years ago. Since then, less issues, and better customer satisfaction. Competitors which remained on physical servers went to bankruptcy years ago.
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    I need more details. What number should I use for RCTI? "Dedicated" number (eg. Invoice #1, Invoice #2, RCTI #1, Invoice #3, RCTI #2) "Shared" number (eg. Invoice #1, Invoice #2, RCTI #3, Invoice #4, RCTI #5) At the moment I'm dealing the following document types in WHMCS: proformas, invoices and credit notes. Should I consider "RCTI" as a new document type? Is there a friendly-name to use in place of RCTI like "invoice", and "proforma"? What is a GST registered partner? Is it maybe just a company with a valid VAT number from Australia? What are the full requirements to meet in order to issue RCTI? I'm asking that because I want to see if I can automate the process. Is there a sort of registration number? If so, is it possible to validate it formally (eg. "AU" followed by 9 digits and a check digit) or via webservice (eg. directly from Revenue Agency)? Anyway it's doable. I'm already coding something similar for Italy. At the moment the module has a simple dropdown menu where all these "special" countries are listed. This way you can pick your country and automatically load your "special" rules. Let me know.
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    Yep, but WHMCS price structure IS way more intelligent than cPanel have been today. WHMCS license is something you definitely can pay, and you will continue to be able to pay. Imagine WHMCS charge you for every new customer after the first 1000 ones. Even if it is $0.01, THAT would be abussive, and THAT is what cPanel is trying to do. Plainly unfair.

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