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    aahh but then you could run into all sorts of anomalies... if you suspended the domain, but the client has already paid for hosting long past the domain's next due date, then you're effectively suspending the hosting too... I suppose if the domain was just parked, then you could manipulate it in some way, but generally i've always found it easier to have NDD the same, or close to, the expiry date. btw - domains enter a grace period after expiry, not straight to redemption... unless on the rare occasions where a TLD has a 0-day grace period.
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    @Craft Domains wont suspend, they will simply expire and enter the Domain Redemption Process dependant on the TLD
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    specific hooks automatically run on specific pages or triggered by specific events... you don't need to make them run. create your code, make sure you've chosen the correct hook that will be triggered for your purpose (E.g ClientAreaPage will run automatically on every page in the client area) perhaps do a search here for ClientAreaPage, or perhaps in your above example, ClientAreaPageHome (as that hook is triggered only on the homepages), and you should find many example hooks... examine them, take them apart, play with them and you should learn a lot by experimenting with them.
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