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    1.094 released Added function to removed domain from local cache database Added new config option to allow to set fetchonload for admin panel individually to lessen load time Optimized DirectAdmin connection object for quicker connection
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    Yes. This is the pseudo-query. SELECT server, username, password FROM tblhosting WHERE id = {YOUR_ID} I also included server ID and don't forget to Decrypt($password) otherwise it will be encrypted. Maybe you should also join this table with tblservers like I did below. The reason is that probably you'll need the URL to Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin or whatever panel you're using. SELECT t1.server, t1.username, t1.password, t2.ipaddress, t2.hostname FROM tblhosting AS t1 LEFT JOIN tblservers AS t2 ON t1.server = t2.id WHERE t1.id = {YOUR_ID}
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    I'm not aware of any way of disabling just those emails. You can filter them via the mail server; that's what we've done. I'd suggest pushing them to a mailbox just for that, and check it weekly for problems, if you don't want to keep track daily. Alternately, you can just kill them (not recommended). Check this thread:
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    Offers & Requests Rules This section of the forums can be used to post offers and requests for services related to WHMCS. It is the perfect place to find someone who can meet your customisation or extension needs with WHMCS. The offers & requests can include, but are not limited to: advanced template customisations custom module developments hook development API work etc... However, please note we do not allow offering any of the core services we offer directly (except in the case of custom development work), ie. regular integration services, installation and/or configuration & upgrades. All threads created in this forum category will require moderator approval prior to display. Disclaimer: WHMCS does not recommend or endorse any of the third party developers who post in this forum. Any work undertaken is a private contract between the customer and developer and WHMCS will not be held responsible for any issues arising from work arranged via here.

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