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    The most reliable cpanel alternatives I have used that are free are Ispcomfig and Virtualmin. Others that have free offerings are Centos Web Panel Cyberpanel Vestacp I am currently using Virtualmin, CWP, and Cyberpanel. Virtualmin is extremely complicated to use but by far the most feature rich for GUI use, CWP and Cyberpanel have much nicer interfaces (particularly for client/user dashboard). Cyberpanel uses Openlightspeed web server (it's the only one that natively does). For single use, Cyberpanel is a great alternative to whm cpanel. For webhosting use for clients shared hosting im fairly convinced that the paid version may be a necessary choice (due to the need to protect your server from client abuse by assigning user quota and limits in webhosting) If you want top notch support and reliability...definitely ISPConfig. However setting up a server to use it is a marathon...it's frustratingly slow to configure anything on Ispconfig...but once setup and fine tuned, a very reliable panel. Has no file manager! If you need file manager, maturity and stability, Virtualmin 100% (virtualmin docs and support aren't the best though...not terrible, but forums support for "virtualmin-gpl" free version could be a lot better than it is.) Virtualmin is a massive learning curve...its a very powerful control panel and its dashboard needs a street directory to find things! Centos Web Panel is a great looking control panel but absolutely full of little stupid mistakes that cause bugs in it...things like WordPress script installer stuffs up adding password to wp-config.php...hence a brand new user account WordPress install throws a "cannot connect to database" error.) If you did choose CWP, best option is the monthly lease...it's cheap as at like $5 per month for the main server panel "pro version"...so across 30 clients...That's miniscule At like 60cents per user(oops math terrible this morning...just over 16 cents) If you want free, stable, maturity and reliability, functionality, and provide shared hosting for clients, however have clients who are willing to put up with its somewhat disjointed interface design...out of all the free panels, virtualmin is "by far" the safest option. I cannot understate how big of a learning curve it is though. Also, if you start messing around with virtualmin defaults without 100% knowing what you are doing...you will destroy it and have to wipe the server and start again. I have been using it for 2 years and have done that many times.
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    This is how it's supposed to work. You can find more details here.
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    I'll always try to help if I can, in this case I'm at a bit of a loss but there are others on here who know the system better than me (not hard). I would point out that this is a community of WHMCS users and not the main support channel. That said, they do pop in every now and again but you should not expect a direct reply here from them. Although you could always tag either @WHMCS John or @WHMCS ChrisD as they are normally around and can help point you in the right direction.
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    Hello Stevea, We have developed HostX WHMCS Template You will find this template very unique and stunning, regarding its features there is nothing available in the market like this. Do get a watch on the HostX and share your views. Thanks
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    VestsaCP has its own module also I believe. Point is just find a control panel you like and see if they have a module for WHMCS of their own.
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    Hi, it is more than one 😉 Easy would be just to open the drop-down in the Products tab and just take one and search via google. One which is free and not in the List would be http://centos-webpanel.com so far you using CentOs as OS. Link is here with install Video --> http://wiki.centos-webpanel.com/whmcs-module-for-cwp-api Greetings Christian
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    HI as stated above the only other material you could use is ISPConfig other then that i dont believe there is. if you have any questions or queries feel free to send me a message
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    Hi Abdul, there are a number of ways - and really depends on what you want to replace it with, that you could do... add your Twitter username to setup -> general settings -> social and that would display a text version of your twitter feed in place of the announcements. delete the announcement itself via the admin area... and looking at your site, it looks like this is what you've chosen to do. use an action hook to null the $announcements array on the homepage using a small .php file. there are other options, but seeing as you've deleted the announcement, there's no point going into them.
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