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    it seems to support mailto too, but not tel - the quick work around would be to add the link as a label rather than using URI - that allows you to add an a href link as you want to (including tel). <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar', 1, function (MenuItem $primaryNavbar) { $primaryNavbar->getChild('Home')->addChild('Telephone')->setLabel('<a href="tel:+12345678">Call Us</a>'); }); the same principle should work in sidebars too if that's where you want to add the link.
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    then you should report it as a bug to WHMCS because i've just tried it with invisible recaptcha enabled and it's redirecting me sometimes to the domain registration page too. 🙄 short-term fix is to untick the "Domain Checker" checkbox from the "Captcha for Select Forms" options on the security tab in general settings, or use one of the other two captcha options generally.
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    I believe (as software engineer I am). WHCMS should make this new SSL monitoring feature fully optional and allowing easy enable/disable settings in the configuration panel or in the configuration.php file in the simplest case. And that is because adding invasive new features must be done with quirurgical precision and always having in mind: maybe some customers does not want what we think they want. No mentioning that evidently the feature was not fully tested before released as stable. Recommending customer to edit files in your theme is not a smart move, since the new SSL monitoring bug is not only estetical problem, there are some backend processes involved... and also because mostly of your customers are not coders and expect a "working product". Next time guys you think in adding a new invasive feature, please consider giving us (your customers) the power to enable/disable as will any idea that maybe WHMCS think is good, but ends being a bad idea. I've been with WHMCS since almost 8 years ago.

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