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    not easily because you only get to the gateway choice stage at checkout - by which time, you've already added all your products to the cart. this wouldn't be achievable via any admin configuration, it would likely require the skills of a developer to write a custom solution - you could post a thread in Service Offers & Requests and any interested developers would reply, or you could get one of the moderators to move this thread there (by reporting the post of via Community Assistance).
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    I point out issues that I feel are issues, and I'm entitled to an opinion as much as the next forum member or user of this product. Forum search is not broken, some members use of it is incorrect/flawed. WHMCS is not hard to use and edit, some users want it totally adapted for their needs without needing to learn how. I suppose I'm personally fed up with those that complain when something doesn't work precisely as they need it out of the box and instead of learning how to correct that complain that the software is faulty. Attitude is important, as is the willingness to learn. What I see a lot of lately is people getting into this business because they feel it's easy money, and then taking a very flippant attitude towards the running of that business. People's livelihoods are at stake, and when "hosts" aren't taking their role in it seriously, these people get hurt. That annoys me, and I some times write about it. Feel free not to read it.
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    The following is directed at no one in particular, even though I quoted the above: [personal opinion] If you're in business and you don't know how to do something you either learn, hire someone to do so, or make do with what you have. I believe that the entire hosting/design industry would be better served if it were harder to get started, making it more of an investment in learning how to operate instead of simply buying a cheap reseller account, a "point and click" client manager (though WHMCS is much appreciated compared to previous products) and selling $1/month unlimited accounts they probably don't know how to support and repair either. If a "host" won't invest in learning how to manipulate the products he uses to do what he wants without being able to simply click buttons on and off, he needs to either conform to what's given or choose another occupation. [/personal opinion] Editing and altering WHMCS is quite simple compared to other products I've used such as M-bill and A-Pilot (plus several others). Even though it's mostly encoded, the templates are straightforward, variables are named intuitively and templates are as well. There is decent documentation, and quite a few selfless people on this forum that offer assistance to those that aren't as adept at edits. In addition to that, the folks behind the product are responsive and available to help with nearly anything that you can't figure out. What seems to be the issue here, that it's not spoon fed and one click fixes? See above.

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