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    I wouldn't disagree that ideally WHMCS should fix this "illegal" behaviour.... but i've seen how long it takes WHMCS to even acknowledge that something might be illegal (they're not invoicing legal experts), let alone get around to fixing it. if WHMCS were reactive, responsive, dynamic (none of those adjectives will ever apply to them!), then I wouldn't have spent 5+ years thinking of workarounds to resolve issues - and also to get around the pathetic slowness of WHMCS development. 🙄 it was bound to happen eventually. you could do in in the PDF template using (based on v7.6.1 Six template)... $pdf->Cell(0, 6, Lang::trans('invoicesdatedue') . ': ' . date('d/m/Y',strtotime('+15 days',strtotime($datecreated))), 0, 1, 'L', '1'); adjust the date format accordingly to suit your site..
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    couldn't you just edit the invoice templates to remove the due date if the invoice has been paid, or replace it with a date paid value instead ??
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    Naaaah, don't worry. Even though having WP and WHMCS on separate hosting accounts is more secure, they're not made of paper 🙂 You can plan to change this structure calmly later on but don't procrastinate too much.
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    Hello WHMCS, I came across a possible bug. Users that accepted a quote don't get an automated invoice related to the quote. Inside their email (Quote #6... Accepted) they get : There seems to be no invoice generation action. I'm running the latest stable release of WHMCS. Anyone else having this issue?

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