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    I have had serious issues with their support. Indeed the do not respond. Total radio silence.
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    https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase/38/What-is-branding-removal.html in other words, you'll have to pay WHMCS to get that line removed by upgrading your license. 🙂
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    Hi @arika, You would add a language override file, the instructions are here: https://developers.whmcs.com/languages/overrides/ For me in the english.php (and also in the norwegian.php for some reason) they are at lines 2091 and 2095: $_LANG['orderForm']['addHosting'] = "Add Web Hosting"; $_LANG['orderForm']['transferToUs'] = "Transfer your domain to us";
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    We are not allowed to Skype in the office. Maybe we can utilize your ticketing service. Feel free to respond on our ticket or create another ticket for us to communicate concerns. I am receiving a very very low response rate from your team. It would take at least or more than 7 days before a response is made for a very simple question/requirement to answer. I have emailed the registry to get some of your requirements and when the registry responds and forwarded you their feedback, then again I have to wait in vain for a very unhelpful response from you. It would be much appreciated if you are able to expedite this one. The original timeline is 2w-1m and it is more than 3 months already. The delay is more than 3 times the estimated time of delivery. Our company initiatives are halted as this is the first and the most important step before we can move further. We have lost too much. Thank you for understanding this urgency. We trusted that you are able to deliver. You guys were suggested to us because someone trusted you. We expect that you live up to your reputation. Cheers!
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    .tk domains can be free... though I don't think there's a working WHMCS registrar module for their free domains, so you would have to register them manually using the Email registrar. http://www.dot.tk/en/index.html but as Chris says, you'd be better off using an account with a Registrar and selling domains from them.... you'll have to pay them for each domain registration / renewal costs etc, but if you want to sell the domains to your clients for free (e.g with a paid hosting account or just free on their own), then you can do so.
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    Hi raiyen I'm tired as hell got an open issue since : Standard phrase : So still open but it is important that they have released today another 3 new modules: So I deactivated the module and payed an freelancer creating a module under my control. Lesson learned better to have an direct partner to communicate. Greetings Christian
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    As long as you meet the System Requirements @pLayEasZ it should be fine
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    Here you can find System Requirements for WHMCS. Nowadays it can be installed almost everywhere.
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    Hi all, A hotfix has been published for this case. It can be downloaded from here: Thanks for your reports.
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    one option would be... <?php function custom($vars) { if ($vars['status'] == 'Unpaid') { return array("paymentbutton" => "BG"); } } add_hook('ClientAreaPageViewInvoice', 1, 'custom'); ?>

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