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    Yes. Seems to be announcing a new version, but can't connect to the mothership for some reason. I assume that will clear itself at some point. Mine began today.
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    this module is Provisioning/Server module, you need to upload it inside /modules/servers/ directory instead of /modules/addons/
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    Reissuing - When and how to do it When should I reissue my WHMCS License Key? You should reissue your WHMCS License Key whenever you change any of the Valid Information (Domain, IP or Directory) or whenever you encounter an Invalid License Error. How do I reissue my WHMCS License Key? If you have a WHMCS License Key direct with ourselves, and you have an account with us, then you simply login to your WHMCS.com account here: https://www.whmcs.com/members/clientarea.php and navigate to your license key. Once you are on the page for your license you should see a Yellow Reissue button to the left of the page. Clicking this will reissue your license key. Please then login to your WHMCS Admin Area and the new information for your license will be updated appropriately within our system. If you have a WHMCS License Key from a Reseller, and you do not have an account with us, you will need to contact the Reseller you obtained your license key from and request they reissue your license key for you. Our Customer Services team cannot under any circumstances do this for you. Once your Reseller informs you the license has been reissued please login to your WHMCS Admin Area for the new details to be saved. NOTE: Development licenses cannot be reissued. You need to open a ticket with our Customer Services Team providing the new details for your license. Our team will then be able to update your license manually for you. I reissued my WHMCS License Key, but I still see an Invalid License Error. What should I do? Please ensure your license key is showing correctly in the configuration.php file found within the main WHMCS folder. If it is showing correctly, and you are still seeing this error, this suggests there may be an error in the servers PHP configuration. Could you please check if base64_decode is in the disabled_functions list of your server's PHP configuration as this would prevent WHMCS from storing the local license key file. It could also cause license errors when using a mobile app. If it is listed in the disabled_functions list please enable it. Additionally, WHMCS uses PHP's SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] function to detect the domain name for licensing purposes, so whatever your server returns will be used. Please ensure that the correct server_name value is being output to avoid any issues with an Invalid License. If you do not know how to do this please contact either your hosting provider or your server administrator for assistance.
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