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  2. Oh, I know. I was so happy the problem was solved (or it seemd so). It's with every tld I have tried. So far I have tried .gr, .eu and .com. I also had one .de domain but that one worked (I don't know if it was because of the tld or it was just the 'lucky moment' the system worked.
  3. well that's annoying. which TLD is this occurring with? if multiple, just give me one of them.
  4. Hello again, Unfortunatelly the problem was not solved. The order placement worked for a few hours but this morning it stopped again - I did not make any changes to the system or php. I changed to php 7.1 but it did not work (now the system runs with php 7.2) Now, when I add the domain and the client, the Order Summary updates with the correct pricing but when I click Submit, I get the 'Invalid TLD/Registration Period Supplied for Domain Registration' error. The console has no errors and the the error log of the site is empty. I enabled all the errors log in General Settings but I see no errors.
  5. A workaround does exist. There's a module by Resellerclub-mods ( L.C.D.Registrar Module - https://www.resellerclub-mods.com/whmcs/logicboxes-registrar-module.php ) which does a lot of things ... if you use Resellerclub for domain registering. In the bulk of functions available, there's also a "TLDs which requires Additional Infos for Transfer" which makes the magic... for any TLD you set, even if it's managed by a different Registrar. Rather annoying install this module just to get this function, but it works fine.
  6. hardikjoshi(gujjuhost.com)

    Livehehelp Addon and CORS problem

    same problem but now i am using tawk.to it's easy and free and also best product i recommended use tawk.to
  7. hardikjoshi(gujjuhost.com)

    zoho smtp not working

    ok let me check it Thank you for your support
  8. DennisMidjord

    zoho smtp not working

    If you have SSH access to the server from where your WHMCS installation is, please try using the following command: telnet smtp.zoho.com 465 You should see something like this: Trying Connected to smtp.zoho.com. Escape character is '^]'. If you only see the first line, something is blocking you from making the connection - probably a firewall.
  9. We're working on a registrar module. I'm not really sure how to use multi-language support. I've created a folder called 'lang' inside of my addon folder, but I'm not sure how to use the language strings. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Will I also be able to use these strings outside of the addon (fx in a custom additionalfields.php that we include in the default additionalfields.php)?
  10. hardikjoshi(gujjuhost.com)

    zoho smtp not working

    i check smtp details 5-6 times and zoho send me the smtp host and details you can check here and i check my smtp details 5-6 times but not working
  11. Hello Daniel, Please get in touch with us for the best quote: https://whmcsglobalservices.com//custom-development Thanks
  12. @brian! What is the problem when eNom is now owned by Tucows and two brands will merge under one name? I know that direct business is better than being a sub-reseller for a registrar. Would you mind to share us with your experience with the registrars? If we need a registrar to start our business with. At the same time, this registrar should support at the features, so I found these registrars https://docs.whmcs.com/NetEarthOne https://docs.whmcs.com/Stargate https://docs.whmcs.com/HexoNet https://docs.whmcs.com/ResellerCamp
  13. Yesterday
  14. Just as a quick follow up to this... Withholding 49% for persons in Australia that have not given their ABN only applies for payments/commission amounts over $75 Ex. GST. So if "John Smith" from Australia (who didn't give me an ABN) made a referral and earned $50 Ex. GST commission (10% of a product that sold for $550 Inc. GST as all commission needs to be calculated on the Ex. GST amounts), he could just get a credit note and be paid normally. However, if he earned a $100 Ex. GST commission (10% of a product that sold for $1100 Inc. GST), he'd either need to supply an ABN or a valid "Statement by Supplier" form, or we'd only be able to pay him $51 (instead of $100), with $49 handed over to the tax office (which would need to be recorded somewhere / somehow). If he supplied a valid "Statement by Supplier" form, even though he still doesn't have an ABN, we wouldn't need to withhold anything. To try and simplify, I've added a 'choose your own adventure' logic path below that should cover all situations :-) Questions: Q1. Seller have an ABN? Yes (go to Q2) / No (go to A2) Q2. Seller registered for GST? Yes (go to Q3) / No (go to Q5) Q3. Affiliate has ABN? Yes (go to Q4) / No (go to Q5) Q4. Affiliate is registered for GST? Yes (go to A1) / No (go to A2) Q5. Affiliate in Australia? Yes (go to Q6) / No (go to A2) Q6. Affiliate has provided a valid "Statement by Supplier" form or the commission amount is under $75 (Ex GST)? Yes (go to A2) / No (go to A3) Outcomes: A1. Issue RCTI and include GST A2. Issue Credit Note without GST A3. Issue a Credit Note without GST, withholding 49% as "no ABN withholding" If the "statement by supplier" and "no ABN withholding" just complicates things too much, then we can just make the ABN a required field if they're in Australia - which just eliminates those parts of the tree, but I wanted to include all the scenarios here to give you a complete picture.
  15. As far as I can tell.. as long as it meets the requirements of an RCTI - yeah, pretty much. However, the RCTI can only be issued in certain situations (i.e. I legally can't issue an RCTI if they don't have an ABN that is also registered for GST). For an affiliate in Australia who has an ABN and is registered for GST, they require an RCTI (with the necessary text and ABNs referenced) For an affiliate in Australia who has an ABN that is not registered for GST, a credit note would suffice (still needs to list our ABN though and should list theirs if supplied). For an affiliate in Australia who has not given their ABN (and hasn't provided a valid Statement by Supplier form - https://www.ato.gov.au/forms/statement-by-a-supplier-not-quoting-an-abn/), I believe that we have to withhold 49% of the amount as "no ABN withholding"/ tax (still needs to list our ABN though) which would need to be listed on the credit note. For an affiliate outside of Australia, who wouldn't have an ABN and isn't subject to this nonsense, I believe a credit note would suffice (still needs to list our ABN though). Thanks!
  16. V2.2.0 Added Amazon SNS - SMS gateway Updated BulkSMS API renewed Updated License code Fixed login whmcs Fixed Missing word Fixed Logam template Fixed Change verified number
  17. DennisMidjord

    zoho smtp not working

    Could very well be a firewall rule that rejects the connection. Are you able to telnet to the SMTP port?
  18. I was able to fix the issue. Just in case someone has a similar problem, what I added: Header always unset Access-Control-Allow-Origin Before setting the header in the .htaccess. Important the always or doesn't work in my case. Regards.
  19. WHMCS Marcus

    zoho smtp not working

    The connection refused error indicates that your SMTP server is either rejecting the connection or more likely cannot properly connect (either wrong Encryption Type, Hostname, Port Number, or combination of these). I would recommend reaching out to your sysadmin to ensure the server itself can communicate to the SMTP server via the configuration you have specified and double check the provided details.
  20. Welcome to WHMCS.Community SureWeb! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

  21. MJHost

    Additional Policy Agreement

    Me again 😕 Added the code into the additionalAgreement.php hook file. if ($vars['domainsinorder'] != 'true') { return false; It is currently just below: if ($vars['filename'] != 'cart') { return false; It hasn't worked (or atleast it doesn't appear to have done). The additional checkbox and text is not showing in the checkout process, whether a domain is in the cart or not. Have I entered it into the wrong place?
  22. You can create custom widgets, we have developer docs on this here: https://developers.whmcs.com/advanced/widgets/ The default widgets are also unencoded, so you can copy one of those and adapt it to your needs if desired.
  23. eNom might not be cheaper and i believe the same (haven't checked their prices), but it's ok for starters when you just need the ability to provide domain registration, not the best option business wise.
  24. Hi Is possible to edit or create new WHMCS widget to have something different default, if so is it hard to do that? Wanted widget print regards
  25. working fine with the latest WHMCS. Is it possible to insert the language code into a universal file so it works with all the languages?
  26. KuJoe

    Paypal Subscriptions Changes

    Can this be added to the PayPal page in the documents under the troubleshooting section? Thanks!
  27. @ModulesGarden I was provded a fix to be able to use the wordpress module with extended module but still need answers on this error. I posted it 3 times in the ticket and it gets ignored everytime. Message: No query results for model [ModulesGarden\WordpressManager\App\Models\Installation].
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