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  4. I rember that there's a bulk updater addon for prices in the addon section... eventually worth to check, if not done yet.
  5. Hi, After updating to v8.2.1 we are no longer receiving the daily cron results email titled: WHMCS Cron Job Activity It's the email that indicates how many invoices, late fees, domain sync, etc. It just gives results of all the crons run. The crons ARE running. It's just this daily Activity email that we no longer receive. I checked spam folders and settings. I can't find any erros in logs. I just can't figure this out - unless the feature was removed and I'm missing something in the notes? Any guidance would be appreciated. HSc
  6. That’s cause you have disabled the feature from Settings. - Try to enable it again, - Go to cron.php and add ‘skip’ and on your other cron add ‘do’.
  7. I always saw this behaviour.. I just checked on 8.1.3 and still get the oldest first.. drives me nuts to see 7 yr old tickets pop up first.
  8. Hello @Host KH Do you have the Pre-Sales Contact form set to forward to an email address? This notification looks to be that someone used your Pre-Sales Contact form to send you spam email. https://docs.whmcs.com/Spam_Control provides some steps for introducing SPAM Filtering into your system.
  9. Thank you for your participation in the WHMCS 8.2 Release Discussion board. Your contributions and questions are greatly appreciated. As version 8.2 has now been in a release status for over a month, we're starting the process to retire this board. No new threads can be added to this board, existing threads can be responded in. Shortly, we will commence the process of migrating all existing threads into our normal WHMCS.Community boards.
  10. Last week
  11. I just charge 400,- € p.h. 😇😄 Joking... Well, indeed, WHMCS is already providing good documentation: https://developers.whmcs.com/modules/ There they also link to: https://github.com/WHMCS/sample-gateway-module HTH
  12. Hi. No doubt, the feature of sync TLD from the register is helpful and time-saving. After sync, I found that some TLDs could be a legal issue for me to sell. Also, there are some TLDs that I do not want to ignore. That is why I need to delete many of them. But then, I got shocked that there is no option to "Bulk Delete"! Nothing more to say. I need to know which database tables get updated during the TLD sync process? As we do not have any other option, we have to do it manually. We found that deleting all the TLDs and then re-adding them is more efficient than deleting them one by one. So, in short, - I need the list of the tables that is updating during the TLD sync process. - If possible, please help me by providing the SQL to (SAFELY) delete TLDs from the WHMCS database. Thank you.
  13. Take care, ispconfig is good! We've been playing!
  14. Yes, that about sums up the situation. To be stuck on a version they know full well has more bugs than the kennels is just beyond all reasonable levels of comprehension. I have decided to go fully open source, I have been using ISPConfig for a while, its not a billing system, more akin to WHM or cPanel to be honest but, Its open source and that suits me just fine. I will be tinkering in the code and maybe making some pushes in the billing direction. Not too sure yet. Besides right now I don't host any customers sites so its all gravy. Add to that I am dumping Enom, I will no longer support WHMCS even with the measly rates they get for the renewals of my domain names. I am utterly done with them. I didn't want to be rude and not respond when quoted but now i'm unsubscribing so I will say fair well and I hope you all find something that's worth your hard earned money.
  15. I have upgraded to a dedicated server and I have been given a new IP. So I have to login to WHMCS to update. But I can't login. So I go for password reset. I resent the password but I have NEVER receive a single email from WHMCS for past one hour. Any help? I need to access my WHMCS dashboard now and I can't get it done! Can anyone message me directly to help?
  16. I dare not upgrade - But is that not sorted by status as opposed to age? That'd keep "Open" at the top and probably the more desired of the two! I do agree, regardless it's certainly a pattern! It's probably because they have a "New feature" coming to choose the sorting pattern....... if you pay enough! On a more serious note, It should be weighted differently to display more recent ones first! Although we do open/in progress or closed and use a 3rd part support system purely because the in-built one is awful. We only actually use it for billing - It doesn't look to be doing that well with some payment gateways anymore! Oh such a never ending path of destruction, At least they price reasonably.... oh wait...
  17. Lol, it could be genuine............ but alas it seems pretty suspicious! Hopefully the OP is a well behaved young man and all this inquisition is for nothing 😛
  18. I charge £499.95 per hour if that's something you're interested in? Alternatively, there are instructions on whmcs.com in the documentation 😁
  19. I need a teacher who tain me about creating whmcs module and payment gateways
  20. I have to admit this looks a bit shady, some sort of paid plugin with a license restriction unless the OP explains more..
  21. The automatic updates are a lottery! It works or bricks things 🙂 You can try increasing your timeout time, Or upload all the files to your web directory and do the upgrade process that way! From personal experience, I wait 6 months before updating because WHMCS breaks stuff on each update. Like not being able to accept card payments, Or do emails, or something minor like that for a billing system! They won't admit to any of this, but it's evident in peoples experience! 8.2 is buggy, I would stay there for a while personally, But if punishing yourself is something you enjoy then try the above steps! Remember with all this increased support money you pay, whmcs say they are around 24/7 via ticket/live chat (if you pay enough) 🙂
  22. Hey all, I am trying to update from 8.2 to 8.2.1 and when doing that I get a error message, so I tried updating again this time with devtools open and saw "500 internal server error" This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it should not be timed out, please contact administrator of this web site to increase 'Connection Timeout'.So I increased max_execution_time to 500 and tried increasing the memory_limit after trying again I still get the issue.
  23. 1. How to list out all free services or one time paid services.
  24. Hello, Thank you for your feedback, I'm looking for a way to be able to put the formatting of the text in the quotes, so that our customers can see the important elements, coloring of the text, in bold ... Thank you avane
  25. Can you please share the command or syntax
  26. Scraping is the way. Curl the page while posting the domain for verification, parse the response with dom and use xpath to retrieve the result.
  27. I thought about this... it can't be shipped with WHMCS itself as the validation happens somewhere at whmcs.com or another of their subsystems whenever you access a page in the WHMCS Software.
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