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  2. It seems you won't see this module in the marketplace because they require screenshots and more elaborate descriptions. Since this is such a simple module (overall) and because it displays sensitive data (our entire list of name servers), we would need to A) write a ton of marketing spin to make it sound fancy (not our thing: we like to tell it as it is), and B) take screenshots and blur the whole thing out, which is kind of useless anyway. It's also not worth our while to populate our test install of WHMCS with servers and dummy name servers purely for this purpose, when it's a free module. (If anyone from WHMCS sees this, you may wish to relax your requirements for free, or at least open source modules). But you can all enjoy it via GitHub!
  3. Hello, I want to make some corrections on the registration form, but i can't find where to start. We only sell B2B, that's why i want to modify the registration form so that the company name and tax ID is mandatory (instead of optional) Also i want to add a mandatory field where the customer can add their number of chambre of commerce. Can anyone point me to the right direction? where to start or which file a need to modify to make this happen. Thanks, Elias
  4. brian!

    Custom form in WHMCS

    in two parts really - firstly, it's either going to be a html form embedded into an existing page/template, or it's going to be a custom page... i'm assuming that you know how to do either of these? the second part is the PHP side, which basically accepts the data posted to it by the above form, does your checks and opens a ticket if conditions are applicable... that check is basically going to be a query to the database (via capsule, models or whatever) that sees if the email submitted exists - if it does, then sees if there's a phone number assigned to that client and if so, runs the Open Ticket API to generate the ticket. you might find this video interesting as a basic walk-though to most of what you're trying to do - specifically the API side of things... it's not mine, but thought it would be quicker than posting a long explanation myself. ūüôā when the client submits this email address, are they already logged in ? if so, you will already have access to that email address from existing available template variables - you'd also have access to their phone number (if they have one), so you could generate a hypertext link to submit a ticket in those circumstances without the need of a custom form. {if $clientsdetails.phonenumber}<a href="submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=1&subject={$clientsdetails.phonenumber}">{$LANG.navopenticket}</a>{/if} although maybe i'm missing the point of why you're trying to do this?
  5. Welcome to the entire WHMCS community! We are bringing even more great news today. We have compiled a short list of modules for WHMCS that we would like to develop in the near future. All of them are equally important to us so we thought you might help us with deciding on their release order. Be sure to stop by our Forums and vote for your favorite options! The poll is open to everyone and no account is required to join in. But of course, we will be delighted to have you in our ranks!
  6. BigGainz

    Email Form issue

    You are right! I saw No-Reply and assumed it was in fact no reply and did not have their email address. Thank you
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  8. Hi @Rhysweb by using Language Overrides, you can create new, or edit existing, language strings - in this case, the language string below contains the current link to the cart... $_LANG['clientHomePanels']['activeProductsServicesNone'] = "It appears you do not have any products/services with us yet. <a href=\"cart.php\">Place an order to get started</a>."; the docs page above will walk you through it, but basically you create an "overrides" folder within the /lang folder, and then create a new language .php file (if it doesn't already exist) for each language that your site uses, e.g English, French etc - do not edit the existing original language files as any changes you make will get overwritten during a WHMCS update.
  9. rahulkg

    About transfer payement

    But this seems like like a reconciliation module only not the actual payment method and when enquired about it with their module providers, no reply yet. And also It seems we need a borderless account for that module then we get the money to that virtual account balance in trnasferwise not directly to our bank then from transferwise balance not sure how we can transfer it to our bank , so I think that is not what we are looking for and I think we can only do it as an instruction from the invoice like the Bank transfer instuction. can you please advice in this case.
  10. DennisMidjord

    Custom form in WHMCS

    How would we go about creating a custom form in WHMCS? The form should only take one input (email address). When the client submits this, the value will be checked against the WHMCS database, and if a phone number is found, a ticket should be created containing the client's phone number. I can't seem to find a way for WHMCS to accept custom user input. Can't that be done?
  11. g.euloge

    EPP acces

    thank of your reply..but By the way, I want to sell .bj at home. the registrar of this domain gave me EPP access. Now, I want that when the customers come on my page for the purchase of a domain .bj for example, when it launches the search, they can find the list of the domain .bj available. I do not know how to integrate EPP accesses in whmcs
  12. DJ Radio Sound Station

    Help in securing files to a AWS server

    The problem with the domain error on my site had been corrected. It had something to do with the new Godaddy Mod that I installed. The Mod cannot be installed as Godaddy claims in their read me files. I also had the license reissued to a new domain. The old domain was djradiosoundstation.com and the new one is godsbible.org. Thanks, guys!
  13. I am now seeing another problem, not sure how others have dealt with this. I have set up a new WHMCS installation on a different domain targetting a different country. The problem is that Paypal only accepts 1 IPN, so I can't add a new IPN for the new website, what would be the best way to tackle this ? ūüôĄ
  14. Welcome to WHMCS.Community alexgarry773! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

  15. Craft

    Invoice Unpaid Reminder

    Got it, thank you :)
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  17. Hey All, We have launched our much awaited Hetzner Provisioning Module. Marketplace Link: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4924 With this module, Hosting owners can easily resell Hetzner Cloud Services to their clients. Not only owners can resell Hetzner services but they can allow their clients to easily manage their cloud servers from the WHMCS client area. Get Introductory Offer of 30% OFF, use coupon code: HETZ30 Clients Can manage following from WHMCS client area: Reboot server: You can enable your clients to reboot their servers within the WHMCS client area to attain the server access again. Shutdown server: Client has the ability to shut down their servers whenever in need with the WHMCS client area. Reset server: You can help your client making a fresh start on enabling the Reset Server within the WHMCS client area. Root password reset: From the WHMCS client area, your client can easily reset the root password of the server if he forgets in any case. Check bandwidth usage: Your clients can also keep the record of the bandwidth usage within the WHMCS client area. Check upload and download data: Your client can totally examine the upload and download data of the server within the WHMCS client area. Rescue server: Your client can also easily enable the rescue mode for the server within the WHMCS client area. Rebuild: Under this option, your client can rebuild the whole cloud server by specifying the operating system in the WHMCS client area. Graphical Representation: All the server usages can be easily checked by the clients with the help of graphical representation in the WHMCS client area. The data which you view is CPU usage, Disk IOPS usage, Disk throughput usage, Network PPS usage as well as Network traffic usage. Upgrade/Downgrade: With this option, your client can also upgrade their server in the WHMCS client area. When the client upgrades to the next level configuration, the whole server will get upgraded. If your client wants to downgrade the server, then he does that but the disk size will remain the same. Upgrade/Downgrade options: Your client can also upgrade the IP as well as a volume with these upgrade/downgrade options in the WHMCS client area via our module. Backup Server: With our module, you can easily take the server backup which will eventually help in making a snapshot of the current server configuration and the data. With the backup, your client can re-build the server easily. Snapshot: Your client can also use this snapshot option in the WHMCS client area which will take the snapshot of the current configuration as well as data of the server. Other Screenshots
  18. Hi community please help me use custom php function in whmcs hook please provide me any example for better understanding. Thanks
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  20. WHMCS ChrisD

    Email Form issue

    @BigGainz I've tested this on my demo installation which comes from a "No-Reply" email when you click reply, it pulls the clients email, could you please try this
  21. @BigGainz It depends on how the module interacts is the username and password the same? Could I suggest that you run a test account one that expires today (or 30 days ago if you set your termination like that) and anotehr subscription that goes for another month
  22. dear my friends.. thanks again for reading my post.. i dont know its very hard to find some whmcs developer.. i actually stuck here for a payment module. may be someone like to help me again.. What I need from you is... I want a manual payment gateway from you.. the plan is like after create the invoice when client will be click the button pay now it take them to a page where the page will be say thank you very much for your order. We will contact with you regarding the payment. And the module will send me a email that this client tried to pay me. But the invoice will remain unpaid. So after I will get the email I will edit the invoice and select the proper gateway for that invoice and I will contact with the client to pay the invoice by PayPal or stripe or whatever proper gateway. i know i can add some fake gateway from whmcs and i can see the unpaid invoice in my admin area.. but not everyone click on the pay now button. all i want who tried to pay me that person email address. so this is the only way i can find out who want to pay me.. so i can get notified in email and i will contact with the person.. i have made some layout of the gateway setting can someone really really help me with this.. i will be so pleased... thank you very much in advance
  23. WHMCS ChrisD

    About transfer payement

    @rahulkg It looks like a third party module already exists for TransferWise https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4711
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  25. WHMCS ChrisD

    Help in securing files to a AWS server

    @DJ Radio Sound Station Can you please provide more information on what is happening when you do a domain search, please include specifics such as who you are using to do the lookups (lookup provider) under Setup > Domains > Domain Pricing > Lookup Provider. What error messages you are receiving, what template you are using and a link to your site, with only a short message of "I cannot even get the domain search to work right" we don't have anything we can use to guide you as you have not expanded beyond the fact that you can't get it to run, we are here to help you but the more information you provide the quicker we can respond. In regards to your comments around moderation, every single member of the WHMCS.Community undertakes the same process regardless of when they join or if they have a license, the WHMCS.Community is a moderated community and you agree to this when you join. We use this to filter out spammers and also to ensure users understand the community guidelines and become a valued part of WHMCS.Community. There are a number of other communities that are not moderated which you are welcome to join however our community is one that has guidelines & moderations for the benefit of all users
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  27. The Banner Manager has become a valuable tool within the CMSE Framework. It will create multi-media and multi-object banners that will stimulate user action Set an image as a background and place a floating layer with text and other HTML elements. Set a video as the banner content and lay a button anywhere on the video. Add multiple banner content types and display randomly per page load to give the sensation of change. Display banners as slideshow. Stimulate user action by placing the contact form widget in a banner item. Banner Edit Banner List
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