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  2. And only about 4 years in that queue to be "under consideration", if you're lucky. 😉
  3. Nah this seems to tidious just for a small promotion... Im just gonna code it... oh wait.. ioncube 😕 I can see why some pages would be okay to have ioncube on "because any real hosting company would steal the software", but all.. why? its just punishing us, not the hackers, as they seem to have no issues decoding it. I guess it will be a feature request then.
  4. Right, so something like "hosting.example.com", or "anotherService.example.com" is a service domain? Any other examples? Also, what do you mean by "if your domain has issues, client services are not affected"? Do you mean I can take my server elsewhere and after a migration, client services should be unaffected (except for those with A records w/ the old server IP)? For context, the only service I sell is web hosting for WordPress sites. I don't allow customers to order services, but I do allow them to login to their WHMCS account to update their preferred payment method. A bit strange, but my customers are 100% tech luddites who want someone to "just do it" for them -- so that means no cpanel access, and I'm OK with that. As for selling the "service domain", what do you mean by this? EDIT: Keeping in mind, the goal is to figure out the best approach to add VPS' or DEDI's in the future to offer a single service (web hosting).
  5. A service domain, as I term it at least, is a domain that is specific for providing services -- not selling them. Using a service domain instead of your business's domain isolates clients services from your own a bit further. If your domain has issues, client services are not affected. If you want to change something on the domain, like the nameservers, client services are not affected. It also helps if you want to offer white label type hosting but that only comes in to play with reseller accounts. Another usage could be if you want to sell the hosting part of business and keep the rest, you just sell the service domain and clients do not have to change nameservers -- until they are moved at least.
  6. Hey all, hi Brian! Yeah, upgraded to 8.1.4 -- and the Email Verification saga continues (since 7.1 if i remember). @vpsuniverse -- I can't help but think that the way the verification email is triggered in WHMCS generally may be your issue. On a new client account, the first Email Verification email goes out just fine for me. Then followed by a Welcome email, and both the reset password and the password has been reset emails also go out when requested. All good there. But changing the email address subsequently, either in the ClientArea OR in Admin, does not issue the Email Verification again. This is despite the log clearly showing that the email has been changed. Nothing triggers. Can't imagine why, goes out first time like a charm. Basically, one the email is verified once, there is ZERO chance to send another. I've done the voodoo things like ticking and unticking the Verify Email box in Settings. No clues. All other system and custom emails just fine, no smarty issues either that I can tell. Also, on changing email address for the account in either place, the "Resend Email" button does not appear anywhere. We would really like to have the security -- am I missing something? Thanks, David
  7. Today is a very special day at WHMCSServices, after a week of hard work we are happy to announce WS Donatiosn 1.0.0 for WHMCS more information you can go to https://whmcsservices.com/donations.php
  8. SaaS is the best form of protection. Move the logic of your software on your server. This way people can't do any harm to you as they can only see/use/crack a client that doesn't do anything special.
  9. You can win 100% of PayPal disputes by saying that your product is a software/service (no shipping involved) hence it's not refundable / covered by PayPal """protection""". In case you still lose the dispute (some PayPal staff members are lazy and don't read all messages), call PayPal by phone and they'll refund your money back. Here is the thing. PayPal doesn't care about tickets or how lame is the end-user. Don't waste your time attaching screenshots and describing what happened. You only need to say that you are not selling a physical product but a digital one therefore: Items not received 🖕 You don't ship a software Item not as described 🖕 Your website surely has many screenshots, descriptions and maybe even a demo Unauthorized transaction 🖕 You can show PayPal full client details and IP PayPal """protection""" doesn't cover digital products and services. As for me, as soon as I win the dispute I also move the customer to a group that is not allowed to submit tickets or contact requests. The reason is pretty simple. I don't want to waste my time with such people. Just give them a beatutiful sleep(rand(5,10)) and enjoy the show 🤭
  10. if you bought the addons direct from ModulesGarden, then you should contact their support for help.
  11. it's not much of a security policy that at the first sign of an issue, Support effectively tells you to completely disable it! 🙄 all you should have needed to do was add the one (or more) specific tags that were causing the issue - not all of them! perhaps if I post an example from one of my devs... $smarty_security_policy = array( 'system' => array( 'enabled_special_smarty_vars' => array( 'cookies','session','server','this','capture','foreach','get','post', ), ), 'mail' => array( 'php_modifiers' => array( 'strstr', ), ), ); it's the way you've arranged the array output in the file that will be confusing - that's not necessarily your fault, I can see that's how it's now shown in the docs. 🙄
  12. is there an log entry wich invoice are modified?
  13. BTW: being just 10 users to be managed so, without annoying them with instructions on how to do the upgrade: on admin area, you can create the upgrade order, modify the price as required, and send them the proforma invoices. If they pay it, the service will upgrade and renew for lasting 11 months.
  14. I always do before posting (that screenshot wasn't Photoshopped!) - the hook returns the correct value for me on every client/service I tried... though as I said those values would be meaningless for terminated/one-time products etc. not for me. da-dahhhh! some, but not all, of the variables available to a hook point are shown on the dev pages.... https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/output/#adminareaheaderoutput Runs on every admin area page load. All template variables defined at the time the hook is invoked are made availble to this hook point. This can vary by page. The list below is not an exhaustive list. Parameters Variable Type Notes charset string System charset setting eg. UTF-8 template string The admin template being used pagetemplate string The template for the current page (if applicable) adminid int The currently logged in admin user ID admin_username string The username of the current admin user admin_notes string The private notes for the current admin user admin_perms array The permissions of the current admin user addon_modules array A list of add-on modules the current admin user has access to filename string The name of the file being called pagetitle string The title of the current page helplink string The documentation url for the current page sidebar string The sidebar output minsidebar bool Returns true if the sidebar is minimised jquerycode string jQuery code for the current page jscode string Javascript code for the current page datepickerformat string The format defined for dates in the admin area adminsonline string A list of currently online admin users Response Accepts HTML to be output within the body tag of the admin area output that's just the filename of the page in the admin area, e.g clientsservices.php
  15. Clone the service, do the new one only monthly and not renewable, price it 1/12 of yearly price, create a promo code for a 100% discount on it, and make it upgradable to full year service.
  16. I agree but I would like to make it so they dont have to use Credit card until first month complete, then start on the first annual 50% OFF discount then normal cycle 🙂
  17. if you're billing annually, and you wanted to use the promotional codes system, then creating a promo code with a 8.33% discount would effectively give them 1 month free, e.g they're paying for 11 months rather than 12.
  18. Hi, I have a annual billing system on mine, but as a startup, i want to make a promotion of first month free for 10 first users. How would this be possible, is it? i dont see a way to do it. Thanks 🙂
  19. Apart from the WHMCS "software licensing module" ( https://www.whmcs.com/software-licensing/ ) , what php code protection and license management system do you recommend for a commercial add-on module for WHMCS?
  20. @D9Hosting Let's say that GBP is currency with id 2. Then you can use in your template: Just found in footer.tpl that you can also use:
  21. anyone interested to make an offer ?
  22. Then the only that I can suggest you is to make a global search in your database with phpMyAdmin for the wrong domain, to see if it exists somewhere.
  23. Website payment preferences / Auto return for website payments = OFF (No URL added). I don't think its relevant for this issue, but thanks anyway.
  24. What do you have as "Return URL" at Website payment preferences at your PayPal account? Is the domain on that URL correct? Not in the page where you've activated IPN but at: My Profiles-> Account Settings-> PRODUCTS & SERVICES-> Website Payments
  25. Hi, thanks for the input but the URL in the email warning is totally different... something that we used several years ago. I will try the "new" PayPal gateway recommended by WHMCS, just worried that old subscriptions will not work properly.
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