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  3. The new 2021 theme looks empty, unfinished. Most of the companies will have to rely on a third-party theme or customize it themselves. Can we at least have a theme that looks like a production version and not like a boilerplate?
  4. Hi @Kian, The ticket was submitted a little over a week ago, and includes a breakdown of a minimum viable product outcome that would work, which I hope simplifies things enough to allow this to get sorted quickly and easily. In the ticket, I also highlighted a bit of my personal situation and how this issue impacts/relates to it. Your attention to this would be greatly appreciated. Ithiel
  5. Hello everyone! We have just joined the WHMCS community today. We are in the process of setting up our new web hosting/design business in the United Kingdom. After looking at (and comparing) several systems, WHMCS defiantly seems the right billing system for us. We have a little experience in PC and hosting platforms, and will help wherever we can. We hope everyone is keeping safe and well in the world. Rob The Swift Company
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hi Guys, I have updated to 8.1 and decided to move over to Twenty One theme. I've created a child theme for my front end templates, and almost everything works perfectly. The one problem I'm having is that script.js/script.min.js throw out a load of errors that seem to be preventing jquery from executing at all. I've checked and it only happens within the child theme. I have tried copying just the JS files across, and even tried copying across every theme file besides the template files I have edited but to no avail. The errors given are; main.js:501 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'addEventListener' of null at main.js:501 scripts.js?v=eafa76:21193 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'setInputError' of undefined at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (scripts.js?v=eafa76:21193) at fire (scripts.js?v=eafa76:3232) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (scripts.js?v=eafa76:3362) at Function.ready (scripts.js?v=eafa76:3582) at HTMLDocument.completed (scripts.js?v=eafa76:3617) A page that they can be found on for example is; https://host-gb.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=9&promocode=pennymonth Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Jon
  8. I woulkd like to have 3 or 4 domains per one install of WHMCS. I would like to have 4 different templates, one for each of my customer base. I.e. a domain of Smallvillage1.co.uk should point to a template designed about that village, then have smallvillage2.co.uk but this points to another template and so on. Can this be done. I have read a weeee bit about a geolocation hook, is this the answer or is there a better solution. Stuart
  9. How can we change the above code to show flags next to the language?
  10. Hello All, I'm trying to figure out when you go to a support ticket how to "hide" the clients services, in some cases it's only one line, but on a bigger client it may be 10 lines, which just takes up too much screen space when working on a ticket. Thanks!
  11. Perfect! Exactly what i needed. Thank you for your valuable information!
  12. if I use stargate (which I think should be the same as resellerclub), it's telling me the above usa domains are all unavailable.
  13. it was taken from the v8.1 version of standard_cart/domainregister.tpl, so it definitely works if you're inside the pricing table loop. you mean pricing within WHMCS? so does the above page... the problem I had was I didn't recognise where <span class="pricing"> is used (because it's not in v8.1 - or 8 or v7.10 I think - so I wasn't sure how far you were going back or whether you were talking about the pricing table, or when it returns a price after a search? just checked and $tldpricing doesn't exist... perhaps open a {debug} in the template to see what's available.
  14. have you tried resetting the template to Six to see if it's an issue with the Allure template ?
  15. Hi, has anyone changed the product image in version 8.0.x or 8.1? I don't understand how to do it. Thank you for the advice.
  16. One of the awesome features in WHMCS's support system is the ability to reply to and, if enabled, open support tickets through email. Tickets go to the correct department every time, and both WHMCS admins and your customers get to enjoy an easier support ticket experience. All of this is made possible through two similar features: email piping and email importing. Email Piping and Email ImportingIn WHMCS, email piping uses a system of email forwarders to direct, or "pipe," email sent to a...View the full blog post
  17. The custom.css solution was what I was looking for. Thank you very much, you help me more than support! Thank you brian!
  18. I would like to detect if client has any active product from hooks and inside the tpl files, How to do it?
  19. V 6.0.8 Updated Integrations with WHMCS v8 email moduleFixed Problems with twenty-one template for V8.1
  20. Hello, We can assist you with your issue, please contact us at https://whmcsglobalservices.com/whmcs-custom-development/
  21. thank you brian! it seems $price.register variable are ignored in .tpl file {((current($price.register)))} no output, I use own pricing - not connected to an external provider
  22. tried that already. Have two sets gives me the same issue
  23. Hi, We will be very happy to assist you with this project. Please contact us for any WHMCS development at https://www.whmcsservices.com/customwhmcs.php Hope to hear from your
  24. are you using Namespinning as the lookup provider? if so, you could argue this is a bug with eNom (which runs Namespinning) as usa.info is a reserved domain (so cannot be registered), and usa.online is premium ($12k per year) - WHMCS will just be responding to what it's receiving from the API. it might be worth opening a support ticket as they might have a greater influence if the error is with what eNom is returning. if you get your license directly from WHMCS (login required) - https://www.whmcs.com/support/ if you get your license from a reseller / host (no login required) - https://www.whmcs.com/reseller-support/
  25. I don't think that https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php?m=licensing has recaptcha enabled on it (so far!), so that might be an alternative form to try to access. though it might be worth opening a ticket in case WHMCS has an alternate way to do this.
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