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  2. brian!

    WHMCS Calendar Hook

    on the edit popup box ? it should work.
  3. declare the variable globally - then you can reference any element of it in the hook. so in the above example, i'm using a hook to effectively override a language string - in your case, declare $_LANG globally, then you can access it as you can with any other array.
  4. zitu4life

    This Pop up Add Products are hard coded

    I have submit a future request and also bring @WHMCS ChrisD to this post, perhaps WHMCS even did not realized that still Hard-coded TITLE BAR that can not be edited. If they do not known we will live with that forever, otherwise it could be changed in future. regards
  5. We have a module that does exactly what you said with a lot of additional features. The module automatically awards commissions to affiliates based on multiple attribution models (referral link, interactive, manual) and conversions (sales, signups, revenue). Commissions can be set as recurring, one-time, lifetime and based on fixed amounts and/or percentages. Moreover affiliates can compete with each other to unlock achievements that boost their income (eg. #1 Top Revenue +3% commission, #2 Top Revenue +2%, Top Sales #1 to #5 +2 EUR etc.). You can find all details here.
  6. Yes, but does exist any way to recover directly the variable? My previous example was not properly chosen, let's say I need to recover a language array, as: $_LANG['mylanguagevariable'] ['first']="aaaa"; $_LANG['mylanguagevariable'] ['second']="bbbbb"; It it somehow possible to recover the whole array $LANG['mylanguagevariable'] ? (a very dirty way, not tested by I guess it should works, would be a require, i,.e. require('lang/override/' . $language . '.php'); .... but it's a very dirty way to do it, and don't know if it may bring with some kind of issue with WHMCS core)
  7. Today
  8. There's an extremely boring way to remove that thing. Usually when I need to change an hard coded modal, I simply replace it with my own one with jQuery inside AdminAreaHeaderOutput hook point + onPageLoad event using the most specific selector available then I do the following: Override the event/trigger that opens the modal so that it opens mine instead of the one of WHMCS If there's just one modal in the page put my replacement somewhere in the body ready to fire otherwise I use an ajax POST to get the information I need from a custom script As I said earlier, it's boring and long to code ūü§Ę In fact you need JQuery to override, replace and fire the modal and also a custom .php script to retreive all the information you need. That's part of the game.
  9. the usual way would be Lang::trans('mylanguagevariable')
  10. Hello. Having defined some language variable, i.e. $_LANG['mylangvariable'] = "This is my language variable"; how can I recover the value of $_LANG['mylanguagevariable'] to use it in a php hook?!
  11. zitu4life

    This Pop up Add Products are hard coded

    Yes, possible you are right, but i will submit a future request, there is 2 pop up scenario I found this situation, We have a branded license, so would be nice WHMCS allow us to edit it to our company name in future, sure, future request can take years, but if no one requested it, chance to have it changed is ZERO%. On emails on client tab clientTab-11 we have some issue hard-coded Most customization are done on my Dev license and free license received from host provider, not production use, and some post are made in way to learn the limit of WHMCS regarding customization and also helping me understanding more related coding CSS, Hooks, and also I know you could not be here forever, and I know that some posts could not be answered if you are not here, and will never learn related to that...There is also WHMCS support Staff when we opened a ticked, but in my opinion they are also learning with my posts.ūüėÖ
  12. zitu4life

    WHMCS Calendar Hook

    Many Thanks Brian! I have also tried to applied CSS to change bellow print background but no success, can you please check what is wrong in my CSS code: #caledit { background-color: #000; border: 1px solid #ccc; } I have inspected it on web-browser and change color to black for example background-color: #000 This community would never be the same without you here @brian! regards
  13. is "A" your default currency in WHMCS ? if so, then what you're trying to do should work. if I create a fake currency, BRI, and set it to 10x the default currency (in my case GBP)... and then run "Update Product Prices" routine from the currencies page, the BRI price for a product is updated to 10x the GBP price... if I then change the currency rate to 12, run the product price updater again, the BRI prices are changed to 12x the GBP prices... if "A" wasn't your default currency, then I don't think what you're trying to do will work without a lot of effort - but if it is, then it should work out of the box as I describe above.
  14. brian!

    WHMCS Calendar Hook

    ooh it's been years since anyone asked a question about the calendar in WHMCS! you should be able to do it with css... #calendarcontrols label.checkbox-inline:nth-last-child(n+3) {display: none;} obviously, there's no custom.css in the admin templates by default, but as you've used a previous hook of mine to add one, so you could add the above code to that.
  15. brian!

    This Pop up Add Products are hard coded

    it's not a template, it's hardcoded and I doubt you could even tweak it with a hook. I think you will have to live with it. btw - as a general point, be very careful about trying to micromanage changes to WHMCS like this - especially in the admin area... it's fine now, and probably for the rest of the year, because you're doing these changes in the v7.8 beta, but there is no knowing what changes are going to be in v8 and if you've got multiple hooks, css changes and template edits tweaking the admin area in the most minute details, then you may run into a lot of issues when updating in the future.
  16. on your site, I can't get anywhere using the Lagom theme and orderform... even with six & standard_cart, I can't add a domain registration by itself; when I add a product, I can't choose a domain to register; if I use existing to get to the next stage, then ordersummary is blank and I can't continue... I can't even get anywhere using Modern and that's one of the most forgiving templates to issues like this... possibly there are too many alternate TLDs for it to look up, but that's not the cause of the downloads issue. is this applying to old attachments, new ones or both? have you moved the attachments folder from a previous installation ?? there's no point in me testing the site using Safari (as that hasn't been updated for Windows for 10+ years), but with Firefox and Edge, i'm getting nowhere... plus if the downloads are client only, then I can't test those links... maybe Safari Mac is more forgiving to whatever the issue is and Firefox/Chrome are stricter (assuming there isn't an extension in either causing this) possibly it's a server issue - perhaps how it's handling files types or json - because whilst testing i'm seeing the way it handles certain files as unusual and I don't know if that's impacting on the running of WHMCS or not... it's certainly worth asking your hosts about this to see if they have any idea. btw - in the last few weeks have you made any server changes, e.g changed PHP versions ?
  17. that should work (with or without the single quotes) - and looking at your site, I see that it now is. ūüôā I thinks styles.css is no longer used and is just a legacy file... https://docs.whmcs.com/WHMCS_7.1_Asset_Changes
  18. using a subdomain option already exists within WHMCS and you can add it on a per-product basis as a domain option (alongside registration, transfer or use existing domain)... https://docs.whmcs.com/Products_and_Services
  19. Creative Head

    Promotion/ coupons question

    Hi Chris Thanks for your help, in the end, I created individual voucher codes for each product and it works fine, thanks Kind regards Richard
  20. ModulesGarden

    Refer a friend module?

    Interested in a solution custom developed according to your specific requirements? Turn to our expert advisors using this short form and explain your expectations in greater detail. We look forward to hearing from you!
  21. Hello ROQ, We will happy to build a module for you. With more than 9 Years of experience in the industry we can develop this module in a more professional way. Kindly share detailed requirements at: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/custom-development Thanks WHMCS Global Services
  22. WHMCS ChrisD

    Invalid New Billing Cycle

    Do you have upgrade/downgrade options enabled on the product? Are there billing cycles enabled on the product
  23. @hostcupid if you pop into Utilites > Logs > Module Log enable this and then go back into the product and module settings let the screen load, return to the Module Log and check if any errors appear
  24. WHMCS ChrisD

    Custom Third Level Domain

    @YeapGuy yes you can on your products if you head into the "Other tab" there is a Subdomain Options here you could put .example.com and when your clients order they will have the ability to select a sub domain
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  26. Welcome to WHMCS.Community ielts1234! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

  27. Welcome to WHMCS.Community Kerohit! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

  28. Hello, Please contact us for any WHMCS development here Hope to hear from your
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